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Last update for (2)Texas Tea : 2009, 08, 08 22:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3771 (2)Texas Tea 128*128Sleddog0.2finalground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 11 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Not much to say... High compound at mains for overlord scout, 16 stacked 0 value minerals on ramps.
Resize picture to 768x768 so I can give GMCS comments.
Done, and thanks in advance.
Who knows what you'll get hit with when you cross that bridge. I'm thinking some functional doodads in the open areas, places so they can be used strategically.

Currently the main2main is too long, so I put a place to add small unit only passages on the GMCS.
Yeah I thought the main to main was too long also, which is why I added the opening to the center bridge as noted in GMCS. I don't really like small opening because of the related pathing problems.

Speaking of which, I have never done the stacked minerals to block a ramp, and the units choose to try that way and fail. What's the trick to get them to not try it?
You have to make the other path the quickest way. Either that or do it Testbug style and put both ramps next to each other.
Try resizing the map to 128x96. A bit of space that could be used more ffectively here.
Ok I reworked the map substantially. I moved the mains towards the middle more, put the ramps next to each other exiting the mains, and much more.

Further suggestions?
Put deco and be honest I like it except the middle, doesn't look too appealing and it's too small won't be able to flank, the top and bottom have wide open space. Might want to shift the high cliffs down and up so the middle can be bigger and that space is taken.
Also have an expansion in with minerals only.
Next time don't make a 2 player map with 128x128...just makes it very spaced out. Use either 96x96 128x96 96x128
modified by coV
Yeah I thought the middle was messed up too, so I added a ramp to the high ground facing the mains and I made the center bridge a single big one.

I know what you're saying about 128x128 2 player maps. Usually I'm a fan of micro maps lol, but doing this allows you to waste map space and not worry about it as much.
Reminds me a little bit of all the Flush maps.
Make the ramps at middle the same size of the bridge in the middle.
yes, that would make it more visually appealing and will probably work better mechanically.
I made the ramps bigger after coV said so. More? I wanted the middle to be a bit of a small path to the other main...
There may be a problem with gas. Blue has easily tankable gas form low ground, while Red has not. Maybe it would be better to place gases diagonally to startpoints, or just move Blue gas at 9 o'clock from SL?

Seems that the games here will be focused around setting the contains on opponent's hills or abusing the backdoors. But from gameplay point of view it's a GJ.
Thanks levelzx, I hadn't thought about that before (fucking tanks make mapping such a bitch). I fixed it now.
This is your final version?
Yes it is. Is there something wrong?
This map is great but I have a few suggestions.

11 and 5 have so much unused space. I would add an elaborate high ground set up in those areas(like you have done in the middle).

As for terrain work and decoration, I'd add less square-like batches of land/tar. By square-like I mean areas of land that look like the iso tool was used to carve the terrain and was left without more (aesthetically appealing) terrain work.

The main ramp and secondary ramp should be parallel. It should also be wall-able.

good work so far
Like dis?

Also, if you're talking about tile editing the tar... yikes. I'll put you as an author if you want to tackle that one. :P

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