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Last update for (6)Twin Headed Snake : 2009, 08, 08 02:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3767 (6)Twin Headed Snake 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX1.2betaisland

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 74 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok did the map 4 Nightmarjos competiton.
About the map:

It is islands the ramps wont work il put un walkable titles on them.

There will be mines blocking the min only 2 give zergs an adavntage.

Much of the land will be un buildable.

And yes its a bit crazy ;)

Deco doodas tank holes .. will come later
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
I'm speaking as a mapper here, not as the judge of the competition:

Conceptually I'm inclined to like it, but there are some aspects of the map that really bug me.

A lot of wasted space, basically all highground outside of the mains is wasted space here, your entire center serves no purpose at all, it can't even cliff the other expos and has no expos of its own, and it lacks some kind of neutral/mineral-blocked path running through it, it's just useless.
A little too much water imo, but obviously using it would require a massive amount of warping the rest of the map.

What's with the map and gas? No nat gas, and the 2nd source of gas is very hard to take and defend, it seems to me that gas is too hard to get. The ground based positions would be too short imo, no space, no expos, no gas. Players couldn't safely take any islands because they have no gas to spare; with nothing to hope for in the future, every game in these positions would be based on timed all-ins.

The islands might be a little too positionally imbalanced :O

Xel nagas are too high hp imo, basically every game will end before they can be taken down. I reccomend using a lower hp building. If you don't want them taken down til a little longer, you can try stacked neutrals like in Medusa.

Gas issue is not acceptable even in asymmetrical positionally varied maps :(
Your mineral formations and starting location position could use some work.

I'm worried that the two full island positions are too strong. They have the absolute best chance to be able to use those double gas expos and shouldn't have trouble defending them since their opponent is using island tactics initially as well.

The positional variety is very nice, but I'm worried it might go too far, that in some positions one player is definitely better off than the other.
For example, protoss green vs orange, green can open quick reaver and play normally while expoing on the island which he can pretty easily reinforce/defend through normal island means.
Or yellow vs blue. Yellow basically gets the island for free, has a double gas expo and a main he can fairly easily take while blue only has the double gas expo.

This map has a lot of really nice elements, but I think some more thought can go into other aspects of the map. Conceptually it's pretty good: I think you have a good grasp of what I meant by asymmetry, but I'd like to see more thought into gameplay and the execution of the map.
Yes ik map has a lot of work still, I'm not happy with it yet.i can see what u mean and a couple other problems.

I'm happy tho that it fits in to the competition perfectly tho ;)

Now reason why map is not so good yet is:

I have been working on this map for like 2 weeks, and i did, re-did, delete.... like 5 maps it was crazy u have no idea, finally came to this one.

But i have posted this version because I'm going on vacation and i have no Internet there !!!
sO i wanted to post the map as fast as i could so that i could here what u guys think.

i promise IL get the map in a better situation next up date.

Can u guys see the Snakes :) ????
looks nice don't know about the balance
whens deco coming? >.<
Z player on one of those 'lone' spots (10 and 4 o'clock) will own with 3-gas mutas. And IMO, this map would be much more fun if it was remade on bigger size and have rearranged centre.
Yeah, it seems like topleft and bottomright positions have their own middle expansion while the others have to share theirs.
Le Zerg your on! Are you updating?
Ok the + i tried fixing things, rotating the map, get + things to it....
The + I got reminded of Nightmarjos comment.

So I finally bumped in this idea and I really liked it, its almost a new map ;)

Much has changed, but much of my original final view of my concept is there.

About the new map:

-I fitted a island 4 every player

-Decreased positional imbalance as much as possible

-Minerals and gas of islands r not tankable

-All sprites have been tested (everything is ling prove)

-The mains ramps are now successfully blocked, so 2 make this an island map(Ling prove 2!)

-Reminder 3mines per main at the min only

Rest is pretty direct IMG

Tell me what u think ;)

PS No one can tell me wasted space noW! I'm using every inch :P
Looks great but blue and orange's mineral position is very harassable. Like a guy can go vultures and go in the main and kill a couple of workers.
High ground middle ugly as donald trumps face.
Still ballance issue with the corner starts 2nd gas is easly tankable from over the generaters, middles are much safer. Also blue and oj move the min only expo and the start location expo just swap it because its really gay and close to ramp.
Dude there is nothing tankable in the map, except of course all those 6 expos(From the high dirt)Which where planed 2 be tankeble since the beginning.

I love the high dirt that u consider ugly that one will remain the same.

And R u aware that the main ramps don't work ???
Ur main is an island the ramps are just deco basically, they don't work, wont let units through.
Oh I see.
Can't say much because I'm not on my computer, but map seems way too symmetrical and positionally equal now, there's almost nothing asymmetrical about the map now aside from the distance from main2main changing slightly based on who spawns where, but this is much less important than in a normal map since it's an island map. Also, the map seems incredibly tight, you can only move your armies through a small path around the large and mostly useless center plateau.
If the ramps don't work, please remove them, that's confusing lol.
The bottom most horiz pos and top most horiz pos seem too close to me.
But i like it so much T_T
Yeah it's nice but for the contest, looks too symmetric.

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