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phase 1: Preparations13 of October 2005 09:58 AM
Posted by:Starparty

phase 1: Preparations
We pretty much have decided to make it a 4 player Jungle-tileset map, no difference in startpositions, classic expansion amount, possibly 2 islands or something that works similar somehow. Good use of all terrain. So, lets start posting pictures now then. No big images, just small paint scetches or something. Make sure to explain them good so everyone understands them. Also remember that the ideas should be EASY. Both to do and to understand. Be original, and standard at the same time.

:: Project: Mutual Dream ::

/Starparty 13 Oct 05 (17:06)
Starpartys rebirth12 of October 2005 06:56 PM
Posted by:Starparty

I - H A V E - I N T E R N E T - A T - H O M E.

imbalance contest: Update12 of October 2005 11:08 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

I changed the deadline to October 20th, so we have another week to send maps.
I also changed the rules, because most contestants did not really do maps like I wanted them to be:

I want all maps to be playable, I've already seen some maps where it is _impossible_ to win vs terran or vs zerg, but that's not really what I want. What I also don't want to see is: No scan in main possible, no building space at all, no expansions at all. A good example of what I want would be "Terran Brotherhood" by Listoric, even though you could do more imbalanced;)
The Maps should have a name that clearly shows that they are not supposed to be balanced, right now everyone did it though;)

Remember it is allowed to take existing maps and to "improve" their imbalanceness, so you might save you some time like that.

After the contest I would like to do some testgames of players on different skill level, to see how much is depending on skill, and how much depends on the map.
MOTW 41 & Project: Mutual Dream11 of October 2005 02:31 PM
Posted by:Starparty
edited by:Listoric


Maybe you were already concerned about our Map of the Week, but we did not forget it. Starpartys Random Map Competition just deserved to stay on top of our news longer. I'm glad that you were patient and here is the reward - The Map of the Week 41 !

This weeks winner was the hardest to decide ever. And somehow i doubt that it's getting easier in the near future... A lot of great maps were uploaded last weeks but we managed to come along. Here is Starpartys Ebullition.

... somehow spectacular, isn't it? Ebullition is an extraordinary 2 player jungle map with an absolutely awesome shape. While the first expansions look quite basic, the map includes fresh details like a hidden expansion on the mainbase plateau, various routes for groundunits and a great expansion layout in the whole. Take a look around and you will find plenty of possibilities.

What about a Zerg Fast Expansion?
- possible

Tankpush Area?
- right here

Flanking Room?
- just next to it

A skelleton?
- bottom left

Melee Download?
- just click here

And the comment page?
- guess what...

Everything should be made clear by now. So get yourself that map, show how to play, and maybe you even want to upload your replay on Ebullition here!

Despite the MOTW we also got other nice competitions & events running. Maybe you already wondered about the bunch of "crap maps" that are on the newest updates list by now. They are for a competition, that may be called "a bit different". Check out panschk[FP]s imbalance on purpose competition, and create a map that is pro Terra, Zerg or Protoss!

We got still something more to present, and it may keep you busy the next weeks. Check out Starpartys newest awesome idea:


:: The rEvolution of Mapmaking ::


Have a nice week,

/Starparty & Lis
Starpartys Random Map Competition #3 comes to an end10 of October 2005 08:36 AM
Posted by:Starparty

First of I will present the latest graphics:

Ok... Here we go.

The deadline for “Starparty’s Random Map Competition #3” has now ended and many more maps than expected were submitted this time, which of course is very fun. The fact that people believe that my competitions actually are worth spending time on is really flattering. The competition rules this time was to create a “superbalanced” 2 player map on desert or ice. The map also were supposed to be original, meaning that any map looking like my own (4)Arena would fail. The guidelines were quite clear to me (naturally) when I posted them, however they were interpreted quite differently, but since it brought out all kinds of different maps I felt there were no reason to explain the rules any more accurately until the competition was over. Which it is.

The rules (or at least my intentions) were:
- Dimensions were 96x128, 96 width and 128 height.
That was actually quite clear

- Allowed tilesets were Desert and Ice
That was also quite clear.

- The maps were supposed to be original and balanced.
Meaning that a map based on the generally recognized “8-8-6” concept as I just named it *cough* was not wanted this time. 8-8-6 standing for the amount of minerals in the first and second natural expansion and the term itself meaning a main base on a hill with a choke and an easy defendable expansion with a cliff. Some thought I meant that no high ground –at all- was allowed, which of course wasn’t the case. They managed to make good maps anyway though.

So here we are with a big bunch of maps, 13 actually, when this was written (my own map excluded). I’ll make a short description of every map to start with:

Golden Sunrise
This is a really beautifull map, but personally I consider it to be a little bit cramped. A big plus for the design though, but still this map does break one of the definite rules being 128x96 instead of 96x128 meaning that it is disqualified. - Kristoffer

Green Winter
This is very tight and the ramps feel very awkwardly placed. The center expansions are not equally placed for both positions and in general this map doesn’t really comply with being very balanced. I do like the green areas though, and with a bit of remodeling, this map could be really good, but that would probably also mean to burn the concept and build a new map from the ashes. - Kristoffer

Ice Macaques
I remember that this map was made by MuShu because I think it is very alike his BlizzCon submission Xeno Twisted. As I look at it I just realized that almost every gasnode is placed “incorrectly”. I don’t know if this was on purpose though. The map in general is very nice and absolutely playable, but as I said, it is very similar to Xeno Twisted. - Kristoffer

This map did try some different features, like turbo gasnodes and a very small mainbase. I have problems seeing the results of this though, and ramps made of tile do very very seldom appeal to me. But, it is a map that applies to the rules and it should definitely give some fun games. - Kristoffer

I like this one, I really do. Its original and it looks good. I don’t know if the neo forte block improves anything, but if it does – woho! Many ramps and cliffs with different opportunities. The only thing I miss would be a hill expansion with a ramp because they are usually just very fun to play with. - Kristoffer

Mineral Ring
Panschk’s own submission inspired me to make Tunnel Vision. This map would benefit from having 0 minerals in the side blockades since this would make them more useful. Without those extra paths the map is a little bit cramped in my opinion. - Kristoffer

Snow Job
A fast paced map which will require smart BO’s and a lot of micro. This can be both good and bad, and some playtesting is required to see the outcome of this concept. - Kristoffer

Unholy Gods
A solid map. I did react a bit to the strange design around the first natural, but other than that it looks ok. It might suffer from the hard-to-hold expansions on the sides though. - Kristoffer

I love the center of this map. The battlefield simply looks really fun to play on and that’s a effect that is hard to achieve. If the tight passages could be made without doodads it would be another big plus. Perhaps also make sure tanks cant reach mineral line from outside red’s base. - Kristoffer

This map lacks an area to battle it out on. Personaly id prefer the high ground decreased in the center, since most clashes will be on low ground anyway. Perhaps like a round shaped battlefield where the center ramps are would be more my style, I don’t know. - Kristoffer

Outlaw Anthem
This is “just” a good map, and would be better without the mineral blockades in my opinion. This map also has a very appealing center to fight on. - Kristoffer

Bunker 44
The most experimental map in the bunch. Will be a hard map to learn, but once that obstacle is overcome, I trust to see very cool strategies and moves on this map. - Kristoffer

Interesting first natural being positioned in the middle of the desert like that. A little too interesting perhaps. Personally I’d see a little bit tighter design around the first natural, but other than that it is solid, and the 3 and 9 expos look very strategically appealing. - Kristoffer

I just had to put my name everywhere. - Kristoffer

I didn’t really notice too much who made what map, and when I took all the jpeg’s home (I have i-net at school) and looked at them, I had no names to connect them with, and I think that helped me a bit in making a unbiased decision.

So what map won? Let’s see.


This map qualifies for third place because of the literally interpretation of the rules it reflects. With incomprehensible potential and very many possibilities the map is a good example of what I wanted to achieve with this competition. The only drawbacks from reaching higher position are the obvious pathing problems and the difficult layout.

.:[BUNKER 44 ]:.

Second place is taken by a desert map with a lot of potential. With several cliffs and harassing possibilities this map screams to be on the list and the detailed design doesn’t make it any worse.


The winner of “Starparty’s Random Map Competition #3” was a map I liked from the first glance at it. It combined a few new features with a few older and with that perfect blend it created a scent of originality. Of course there still is a few things I’d like to see corrected, but those are petty details. With that beautiful battlefield and the overall great blend of terrain, strategical possibilities and originality the winner is:


There you have it. The SP’s RMC#3 is over and many great maps were submitted. I will start the new competition RMC#4 as soon as possible and I hope it will be as popular as this one. We saw 13(+1) great maps in this competition and we can only hope to see many more as we go!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

The winning map (2)Evisceration by flothefreak.


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