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There are currently 3686 maps in the database.
There were 52215 comments posted and 3283 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -165,568.4 .
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Fast & Slow15 of October 2007 01:18 AM
Posted by:PsychoTEMPlar

Well, you've had about three days to vote (someone decided to invisible the competition), and it looks like we have a pretty clear winner:

Congratulations, StarParty! Your map, BlodGrape has won!

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A very interesting and unusual map, StarParty's Blodgrape will provide many exciting and unique games. It perfectly incorporates the Fast & Slow concept by placing two fast resource nodes in the centre of the map. This allows any player willing to defend the highly contested middle an economic boost which should produce some intriguing game dynamics.

Other innovative features of this map include cliffs everywhere that are blocked off by neutral buildings, creep on the natural cliffs, and a comstat inside the in-base expansion for Terrans.

So congratulations again StarParty, and thanks to everyone who participated. Now let's upload some great replays for this map :)

PsychoTemplar out.
The Long awaited MOTM 7 - 908 of October 2007 04:47 AM
Posted by:NastyMarine

I'm only going to indulge you fellow BWMNers with short summaries of the next three maps that i am presenting to you all.

I'll start off with MOTM 7 with (2)Silver Flush by Crackling, Testbug, and flothefreak! Now this map still has a few ramp blends that need to be addressed but never the less, the map does play nicely and those blends do not affect gameplay.

The map not only has a great and fun layout, but it is executed with great precision. The concept is 'peaks of baekduish' and 'Fantasy-like' which is complex to the eye at first but easily learned. Congratulations to Crackling, Testbug, flothefreak for making a great map for the community.

MOTM 8 is taken again but the co-author of (2)IronFlush, Testbug, with (3)EndlessFields. This map is definently awesome by concept and execution which is something many of us are happy see at BWMN.

Although the tile blends are not all perfect, I wouldn't expect them to be with a concept and design like this. The layout is very nice though fairly basic; almost longinus like besides the backdoor at the nats and different natural elevations. Congratz to Testbug on another MOTM!

MOTM 9 is a sexy island map ProTosS4EveR named (4)Erebos. The execution is magnificent and the flow is very nice as well as far as ground units go on this map.

The map features 4 creep colonies where Zergs can use the creep to expand/move it's forces (the nydus canal). The rest of the map is very basic and would fit well into any four player map. Great expansion placement and terrain variety in this map as well. Congratulations to ProTosS4EveR!
Map preview12 of September 2007 10:51 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

For every map where there is a reasonably-sized picture file, there should be a 256*x-sized preview picture that is displayed in the map thread now. Some maps were that huge that the picture could not be generated because the PHP-Server was not willing to allocate that much memory for the image-processing. Re-upload the picture file if it does not show for your map atm.

If there are any cool new bugs because of that feature, let me know. I collect them like Pokémons.
Sorry, kept forgetting12 of September 2007 03:49 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

btw guys is back in case you haven't noticed. I got a tip from someone to post a newspost about it a while ago and then forgot.

Thanks to Deathman101 for the tip.

Nightmarjoo's Random Competition #228 of July 2007 12:50 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Ok, while I'm working on testing and reviewing the first competition's maps, you guys can work on this competition, and I'm allowing more time.

128x128, 128x96, 96x128 are acceptable sizes.
Ice, Desert, Badlands, and I guess space, are acceptable tilesets.
(3), (4), (5), (6) are acceptable player positions. Preferably not 3 or 4, because 3 is impossible to balance perfectly, and 4 is overused. But I know that 1. Testbug only makes (3)maps, and 2. Not everyone is up for a (5) or (6)map.

Theme this time is make a world which appears to be perfectly natural, but definitely inhabited and or colonized by um people, whether that be zerg people, protoss people, or people people :)
This is pretty easy to do in ice and desert, as they have nice doodads for both natural and people stuff. Badlands also has both natural and people doodads, as well as more city-like asphault and then natural dirt and whatnot. Badlands would be pretty easy to make a city in the middle of a dirt or grassy plains kinda thing. Space will be harder to get a natural look, but basicly a natural space setting would be a space colony, so making it have like jagged edges and space on the outskirts of the map with a founded colony in the middle would work well I think.
Now, since I want a natural looking setting people would actually consider founding cities and colonizing, you have to consider what about a place is attractive. Basicly, a space setting had better be rich in resources (does not mean 3490590540 expos), an ice/badlands setting had better have a substantial amount of water and trees and grass and maybe critters. Desert should use critters too to indicate a habitable climate lol. Mud would work I think to indicate presence of water or some liquid. Tar does not necessarily indicate a habitable place :)
I haven't really touched half of what should make a place look colonized, but bridges and tunnels and stuff are probably good terraformed-geography-indicaters.

Up to three maps per person. If you make two maps they must be of different tilesets, if you make three two must be of different tilsets and two of different player position numbers.

In this case, theme >/= positional balance > racial balance, to an extent. I don't require perfect symetrical balance so long as you hit the theme well, and create a nice playable concept.

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