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Map preview12 of September 2007 10:51 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

For every map where there is a reasonably-sized picture file, there should be a 256*x-sized preview picture that is displayed in the map thread now. Some maps were that huge that the picture could not be generated because the PHP-Server was not willing to allocate that much memory for the image-processing. Re-upload the picture file if it does not show for your map atm.

If there are any cool new bugs because of that feature, let me know. I collect them like Pokémons.


but it looks strange how it is located now. best would be to center it and maybe make a frame so it pushes into the eye but doesnt seem misplaced (somehow feels like it right now).

as you have this space anyway now, you could also think of relocating the melee/obs/pic links, or even restructure the head layout of the threads...
make the pic a link to the full size image please, it's just easier.
Gotta catch 'em all!
I hope it is okay now. Even if it is not, you'll gotta live with it ;P
hm, it definetly is better now. but could you (as last effort, lol :D) move the Download/melee/obs thing to the center of this box? you know, there is no a blue empty square on the right of the picture, and in its corner the DL/melee/obs. could you move these 3 to the center of the square (horiz. AND vetic.)? and then make it larger; in my opinion it should be fortified some more for the eye, like bold and maybe even in some different color (the DOWNLOAD in large bold red letters and the rest in white, also bold, slightly larger size - but still larger than now - font.
i dont want to use red here;)

It stays the way it is now, consider this final. There won't be version 1.15.1 for this feature :P
It's beautiful!
love ya panschk! :D
gj.. is perfect
thx panschk <3

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