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There are currently 3826 maps in the database.
There were 51412 comments posted and 3408 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -164,048.0 .
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SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (3)White Dragons Valley
Nightmarjoo's Random Competition #228 of July 2007 12:50 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Ok, while I'm working on testing and reviewing the first competition's maps, you guys can work on this competition, and I'm allowing more time.

128x128, 128x96, 96x128 are acceptable sizes.
Ice, Desert, Badlands, and I guess space, are acceptable tilesets.
(3), (4), (5), (6) are acceptable player positions. Preferably not 3 or 4, because 3 is impossible to balance perfectly, and 4 is overused. But I know that 1. Testbug only makes (3)maps, and 2. Not everyone is up for a (5) or (6)map.

Theme this time is make a world which appears to be perfectly natural, but definitely inhabited and or colonized by um people, whether that be zerg people, protoss people, or people people :)
This is pretty easy to do in ice and desert, as they have nice doodads for both natural and people stuff. Badlands also has both natural and people doodads, as well as more city-like asphault and then natural dirt and whatnot. Badlands would be pretty easy to make a city in the middle of a dirt or grassy plains kinda thing. Space will be harder to get a natural look, but basicly a natural space setting would be a space colony, so making it have like jagged edges and space on the outskirts of the map with a founded colony in the middle would work well I think.
Now, since I want a natural looking setting people would actually consider founding cities and colonizing, you have to consider what about a place is attractive. Basicly, a space setting had better be rich in resources (does not mean 3490590540 expos), an ice/badlands setting had better have a substantial amount of water and trees and grass and maybe critters. Desert should use critters too to indicate a habitable climate lol. Mud would work I think to indicate presence of water or some liquid. Tar does not necessarily indicate a habitable place :)
I haven't really touched half of what should make a place look colonized, but bridges and tunnels and stuff are probably good terraformed-geography-indicaters.

Up to three maps per person. If you make two maps they must be of different tilesets, if you make three two must be of different tilsets and two of different player position numbers.

In this case, theme >/= positional balance > racial balance, to an extent. I don't require perfect symetrical balance so long as you hit the theme well, and create a nice playable concept.
MOTM 6.200713 of July 2007 10:39 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

The year's more than half over already, and we have our third Map of the Month Competition come to a close!
Here we have a relatively new mapper, Testbug, and his map (3)Moon's Tear, aka Metapod! With a record high vote count, this map certainly impressed many mappers here at bwm.
So, what makes Moon's Tear a map worthy of the MOTM title? Although its layout of having a mineral only natural, and expo with gas as backdoor is by no means unique, the rest of the expo layout certainly is. The map features a very wide middle to compensate for the turtletasticness of having a nat and backdoor. Having the nat have no gas further hurts turtling, making the map less macroish. The middle boasts neutral blocked expos with gas, making the middle useful and creating hotspots between the players, but since the neutral is so hp heavy, it will take a while to open the expo for use, again keeping down the macro tendencies. A little ways behind these center expos are important islands also between the players. These islands feature two geysers, making them important places to fight over, as two geysers can easily turn the tide in a game. With important key locations to fight over all over the map, and boasting of the great decoration styles Testbug is known for, the Moon must be crying in joy for having this map MOTM. Congratulations, Testbug!
The map's comment thread, where you can spam comments or upload and download replays, is here
Download the map here

The second place, runner up map, is Mirage II by flothefreak, which features a unique attempt at balancing island maps, involving a neutral dark templar!
This map's original version won MOTW a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away), so this is definitely worth checking out.
Comment Thread
Map Download
Observer Version
Map Picture

And the third place, honourable mention map, is Aiko[11]Blue's Triceratops, which has a very unique but balance-questionable layout.
Comment Thread

So congratulations, Testbug, and better luck next time flo.
Nightmarjoo's Random Map Competition #109 of July 2007 05:08 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Ok for any of you old enough members to remember any of Starparty's "Random Map Competitions", this is the same thing. I make a small theme, and I'm gonna give you guys a week to make them.
Why have this competition? To encourage mapping, after all, it's funner to compete than to do something for fun usually.
What do you win? Well a bwm front page newspost and threads on other sites atleast, and some pride^^ I haven't talked to Nasty about it, but perhaps we can get some news coverage on the winner? If you can't arrange that, Nasty, we'll understand you tried your absolute best and didn't purposely fail bwm^^

Size: largest dimension is 128, the other dimension must be smaller. Basicly, 128x128 is a no, 128x96 is fine, 64x128 is also fine. 192x64 is a no.
Tileset: Ice, Desert, or Twilight.
Players: 2, 3, or 5 players.
Map should include: The best decoration you can do. If you don't spend atleast 2 hours on decoration, it's probably not good enough. I want to see a great tile blend, no need for fancy scmdraft shit though, intelligent doodad placement, including both doodads you can and cannot walk on (if it's twilight you get a pass on ones you can walk on), and a very natural feel to the map. Don't worry about what the jpg will look like, decorate locally. Make it appear as natural as possible; that's not to say there can't be man-made features, as long as they fit in intelligently and rationally. Please use all the map's space. The map is smaller than most of you are acustomed to, there's no excuse for not being able to fill it all in a meaningful manner. Balance is the most important part, but please attempt an interesting concept. I'd rather for a more standard approach for a solid map, but if you can pull off some experimental stuff, then be my guest. Island or semi-island are both fine, as well as ground map. Please try and avoid avoidable pathing issues. Test your maps to make sure the mineral formations aren't buggy at all. Make sure atleast the main/nat formation have atleast one hole for scarabs to pass through. Allow atleast a little room for static defense, ie turrets or cannons or sunks or spores or whatever near formations. Try to make a concept which both doesn't need inverted ramps and doesn't need fucked distances. If you want to use inverts, that's fine, but remember that these tilesets don't all have the greatest inverts in the world. Positional balance is necessary. If it's not perfect, it had better be damned near.
One map per person, if you finish early, that leaves more time for testing/editing before the deadline.
The winning map is the one which both follows all the rules and that I like the best. You can sure bet I'll look at comments and the vote, but I make the final decision. Remember, positional balance, interesting if not unique concept, racial balance, beautiful and natural decoration.
One last thing, maps must include critters. Intelligently placed critters for a natural feel. Look at my map, Pale Horse, or either of the Angband maps. That is critter spam, not what I want here. Rationally placed critters. If they are close enough to get in the way of an expo, that's fine, so long as there is such a positioned critter for every player of the expo.

Good luck guys, and seriously, have fun while making these. This is a competition, map competively, do your absolute best. Consider everything about mapping you've ever had. Use a concept that doesn't make yourself even yawn. Execute it flawlessly so it's elegant and not at all awkward.
BWMN-Broodwarmaps.net24 of June 2007 05:32 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Based purely on the votes in the TeamBWMN Tag competition, the tag for's team's tag is BWMN-*Name*.

36 votes - BWMN-Name
35 votes - Name[BWMN]
35 votes - Name)BWM(

op TeamBWMN is our channel, on Europe. If no one's online when you are, 1. Wait a little longer, maybe go afk in the channel and come back later. 2. Why not check out clan iM on east, which often has tourneys daily, and will be including bwm maps in their tourneys as soon as we work out which maps are good enough.
So far myself and Testbug have been going through the database, looking for maps with salvagable concepts for either modification or pimpage, ie redoing, or for maps which are nearly or already are perfect. I'll be releasing a list of map ids which I believe are acceptable, and present them to you guys to see if you agree with the list, and to find people to modify/pimp the maps which need it.

MOTM 6 needs your contributions! Look at the maps, vote on your top three favourites, then go play a game or two on the maps. Hopefully after the vote filters out some maps we can choose some for another Avaton, or perhaps we can use iM's support, though at the moment Avaton is a much larger event than their daily tourneys. fighting!~
"wtf is a symmetry tool?" - tk12 of June 2007 11:47 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Op TeamBWMN (Europe) is up and running currently. Hang out here, play games, test maps, become better players, discuss maps, bring friends, flame random people, get banned, etc. C'mon let's get the channel full of activity! Too many people whine "I want to test my maps but there's never anyone to test with!" Or the fact that not everyone has msn kills the concept of testing. Well no more, Come to Op TeamBWMN.

Also there have been talks about creating a serious team BWMN, if you're interested, vote for a tag or throw in a comment in the competition "TeamBWMN Tag". If this team does actually get started, the channel would of course be open to anyone. Site admins will get heavy access to the bot, and active site members can share the wealth of access too.

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