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There are currently 3826 maps in the database.
There were 51413 comments posted and 3408 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -164,018.2 .
5 newest maps:
(4)Maw of the Deep 0.60
(4)Diamondback 1.1
5 newest replays:
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (3)Whiteout0
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (4)Haven_of_Winter_0.60
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (2)Autumn_to_Winter_0.6
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (4)Vitaath_0.6
SCRVN vs Alyosha... on (3)White Dragons Valley
title04/14/2021 08:30 PM
Posted by:Minerals
New Worlds Map Contest: All Submissions!

All Submissions can be found here:

How will this work?
- Judges, Mappers, & the Community will evaluate the entries and decide on the top eight maps to move forward.
- Mappers will then be given 2 weeks to fix any issues found by the judges/mappers/community and polish the maps up.
- Judges and the community will vote which 4 maps move into the "finals".
- Mappers will be given 1 week to de-bug the map and finalize it.
- The maps will then be played and broadcasted in a series of Map Test Tournaments, each tournament focusing only on one map.
- We will then host a public vote to decide the results of the contest.

SQL Injection 03/31/2021 08:17 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Hey everyone :-)

Thanks a lot to Crackling who pointed out to me that BWMN has been vulnerable to SQL injection because the inputs were not sanitized. I did not know better when I implemented it back in the day, but at least I tried to fix it now, using a regex search/replace. With this I replaced over 300 places in the code base in one go. This is not perfect and a really serious hacker might still be able to get through, but certainly an improvement. It could also potentially break something, although my tests looked good. If I broke something that previously worked, let me know in the comments.

When doing this on Tuesday, I accidently applied the connection settings to an older backup of the databse, which is used for the 'update project' started but abandoned by mmmk:

Update 2021-04-01: I added another fix that should hopefully fix SQL injection in all cases.

New Worlds Map Contest03/04/2021 03:55 AM
Posted by:Minerals
New Worlds Map Contest: 1st Edition

Submission information:

New Year Post (start of 2021)01/27/2021 08:35 PM
Posted by:Jukado
Brood War Mapping News through 2020.
Welcome to all the new mappers that have joined over the last year. We’ve had a lot of new people, new events and ofcourse new maps. I can only speak for myself but personally Ive been very impressed by what you guys have been making, and that goes for people who have only posted their first or second map. So keep one hand on your pencil and make sure its scribbling away in your notebook designing new layouts. The other hand on your mouse, and keep it rattling about in SCM Draft putting your concepts into reality!

Its been a very busy year for Brood War Mapping. Ive got to make a special mention for my Breakout Mapper Of The Year. This award goes to Minerals.

click Blindside

click Charmander

click Desert Dwellers

Next up is an award for Honourary Map Ambassador, and this special mention goes to ox. It seems to me ox has done a lot of map promoting this year, and put in the effort to unite and stimulate the scene.
If you use Discord chatrooms, you will be able to find a BW Mapping specific channel.

Also Qikz STPL Map Contest was a major event in the mapping scene and deserves a spotlight mention. Qikz wanted some awesome new maps for his team league, and thats exactly what we now have.

There were a lot of tournaments using foreign maps this year and I speak for all the mappers here when I say it is greatly appreciated. So thankyou very much goes to all you tour organisers and map promoters who have helped raise the profile to new heights.

Now that 2020 is over Im going to roundup some of the mapping news below.
But before we get into that, here are some links to The Cutting Room Floor. The site is an archive of axed game files. Click around to see everything in their StarCraft collection, for example:


You may have seen some before but still, fun to peruse.
Anyway, thats enough of the olds, lets get on with the news.


-BSL8 continued...
click BSL8 proleague ro16

-BWCL49 continued...
click BWCL season 49

-ASL9 map pool, Hitchhiker 1.2, Matchpoint 1.3, Sylphid 2.0, Inner Coven 1.05, Horizon Lunar Colony 1.0, Polypoid 1.2, Escalade 1.0
click ASL9 maps

Hitchhiker updated with some mining fixes etc.
Inner Coven later went through several updates culminating in a renaming of the map to “Core Breach”. For that reason I am linking straight to Core Breach here:

click Core Breach

-StarCastTV is Korean pro games cast by English, Russian and Spainish commentators. This youtube channel is run by Cruiser0929. Beginning with just Nyoken (who is living in South Korea), casting duties have expanded to a whole multilingual team. Foreign maps Bubbles, Clay Fields and Quintessence have featured in these showmatches.
click StarCastTV


-Blizzard Ladder Maps Season 6 announced, no foreign maps for the second time.
Bloody Ridge, Hitchhiker, Sylphid, Circuit Breaker, Escalade, Fighting Spirit, La Mancha
click Blizzard Ladder Maps Season 6

-BWCL King of Kings season 49 map pool has 5 Freakling maps and 2 Korean: Tar Basin, Incidence, Inner Coven, Hazard Black, Dies Iræ, Fatal Combat, Horizon Lunar Colony.
click BWCL King of Kings season 49


-BWCL50 used Dies Iræ and Hazard Black
click BWCL50

-BSL9 used Clay Fields
click BSL9

-CPL Apocalypse Showmatch Series used Clay Fields, Eddy and Overwatch
click CPL Apocalypse Showmatch Series

-Coach Pupil League season 5 used Clay Fields, Eddy and Overwatch
click CPL season 5


-STPL Season 3 used Core Breach.
click STPL Season 3

-BW 2v2 KOTH tournament by Silver used Eddy.

-Artosis Pylon Show guests Freakling, NegativeZero and Superouman. Episode 88:
Part 1:
Part 2:
These twitch links have expired.

-BSL9 Nation Wars
click BSL9 Nation Wars

-Qikz STPL Map Contest

click STPL Map Contest Announcement
click STPL Map Contest All Submissions

-ASL10 some potential maps shown. No map contest this time, and only korean maps.
click ASL10 potential maps


-North American Team Battle, PvZ event had Clay Fields in the map pool.
click North American Team Battle PvZ

-CasterMuse Star League Season 3 used Clay Fields.
click CMSL3
click CMSL3 youtube playlist

-Blizzard Ladder Maps Season 7
Eclipse, Match Point, Reap The Storm, Sylphid, Circuit Breaker, Fighting Spirit, Polypoid.
click Blizzard Ladder Maps Season 7

click Reap The Storm

-BWCL King of Kings season 50
Eclipse, Reap The Storm, Shakuras Temple, Polypoid, Tar Basin, Optimizer, Alternative.
click BWCL King of Kings season 50

-Jungle ramp palette by Jukado
click Jungle ramp palette by Jukado


-Afreeca Starcraft Team League
Map pool: Eclipse, Sylphid, Polypoid, Optimizer, Empire of the Sun, plus
Iron Curtain (for the 2v2 matches),
and a Fastest Map called "AfreecaTV1.0" which will be used for the 3v3 matches.
First time a Fastest map has been used.
click Afreeca Starcraft Team League

-Sanpao StarLeague CellGame Cup Season 1 has Overwatch in the mappool.
click Sanpao StarLeague CellGame Cup Season 1


-BWCL shortlisted maps: (4)Somersault by Excalibur, (4)Concord by Excalibur, Clay Fields.

click Concord

-BWCL 51 map pool: Tar Basin, Eclipse, Optimizer, Reap The Storm, Somersault, Dantes Peak, Electric Circuit, Iron Curtain
click BWCL 51

click Somersault

-27th July 2020 STPL announces the finalists from the map contest, these will have 1 month to edit then have playtesting, then see if any make it into the map pool.

(2)Desert Dwellers 0.2 by Minerals, (2)Paradise 1.6 by Gosomi, (4)Charmander 0.7 by Minerals, (4)Tear of Goddess 1.65 by Gosomi, (2)Gates Of Memphis, (2)Blindside 0.2 by Minerals, (4)Rosen Bridge 1.3 by Gosomi
(note “Minerals” was going by “MellOw” at this time)
click STPL Finalists


-BSL10 shortlisted maps: Somersault by Excalibur, Tear Of Goddess by Gosomi, Bubbles, Gates Of Memphis and Marshmallow Toast.

click Gates Of Memphis

click Marshmallow Toast

-BSL10 Map pool includes Bubbles and Reap The Storm
click BSL10

-CrystalDrag posts (2)Eurydice
click Eurydice


-ASL10 map pool: Benzene, Eclipse, Optimizer, Plasma, Polypoid, Ringing Bloom, Shakuras Temple.
click ASL10 maps

-BSL10 map pack released by Freakling.
click BSL10 map pack


-Blizzard Ladder Maps Season 8 announced, no foreign maps.
Benzene, Eclipse, Plasma, Circuit Breaker, Fighting Spirit, Ringing Bloom, Polypoid.
click Blizzard Ladder Maps Season 8

-Oct 31st During the BSL gosuleague cast with Zzzero, Bonyth says he likes Bubbles more than FS, pretty nice endorsement. Then again he is a Protoss player.
at 2:13:58
This twitch link has expired.


-STPL shinhan tank proleague season 4 announcement, November 1st. This is also announcing the map pack officially.
Blindside, Charmander, Desert Dwellers, Paradise, Rosen Bridge, Tear of Goddess, and then also Pathfinder and Neo Moon Glaive.
Congratulations to Gosomi and Minerals.
click STPL4

click Paradise

click Rosen Bridge

click Tear Of Goddess

-BSL start selling T-shirts, hoodies, socks, a cup etc. Also a T-shirt design contest.
click BSL Merchandise and T-shirt design contest

-Think Quick Map Contest
Looking for standard 2-4 player maps.
click Think Quick Map Contest (bwmn link)
click Think Quick Map Contest (teamliquid link)

-Think Quick Show Match Tournament map pool includes Demonio Azul and Dies Iræ.
click Think Quick Show Match Tournament


-RCG2020 used Reap The Storm (ro16 onwards).
click RCG2020
click RCG2020 ro16

-iRk show matches used STPL map pool
click iRk show matches

-CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4 (CMSL) shortlisted maps: Blindside 0.83, Beehive 2.02, Explosion 0.91a (new map by Waldstein), Apocalypse 1.31, Spider Monkey 1.3, Windbreak Ridge 1.7.
Waldstein submitted 3 new maps: (2)Hattusha, (4)Anubis, (4)Explosion
click CMSL4 map selection


click Spider Monkey

Windbreak Ridge and Blindside were selected.
click CMSL4

click Windbreak Ridge

-Team Think Quick Presents Battle For Aiur: Bonyth vs Dewalt
Best of 9. All 3 maps by Minerals: Blindside, Charmander, Desert Dwellers.
click Team Think Quick Presents Battle For Auir

-ASTL2 map pool: Eclipse, Benzene, Ringing Bloom SE, Shakuras Temple, Polypoid.
A new version of Third World was considered but didnt get selected.
click ASTL2 potential maps
click ASTL2 Maps

And that concludes the annual Brood War mapping news for 2020.
However there are a few more items to cover.

On January the 9th 2021, closed down. This venerable website has been a stalwart of the StarCraft scene forever. Theres no sugar coating this one, its a sad story. On behalf of bwmn I know I can say we are all unhappy to see this come to pass. Wishing you the best in your future projects.
click closing

Freakling posted a new creep spawner on Jan 10th 2021:
click Creep Beacon

Im going to continue doing map stuff and following the scene but I probably wont post another one of these next year, so if someone else wants to open a text file and start noting the mapping news and take up the mantle for 2021 that would be great to see.

Finally we reach the most important question:
Why does Charmander have a massive boner?

New Year Post (start of 2020)01/10/2020 12:49 PM
Posted by:Jukado
Brood War news through 2019:

-blizzard released a korean commentators voicepack.
click here voices of legend

-blizzard released a graphics pack (and korean voiceover) "Carbot Mod", "Cartooned" (part of patch 1.23.0).
click here carbot mod


-blizzard ladder adds (2)Tres Pass and (3)Power Bond (part of patch 1.23.0).
click here ladder season 4

click here for Tres Pass

click here for Power Bond


Patch 1.23.0 also included:
-64 bit compatibility
-simultaneous keyboard and mouse inputs register
-staredit removed from remastered, recommendation to use scm draft 2

Something else near this time:
-end of July music concert announced where attendants get 2 user interface skins (record player and tape deck hud skins)


-Panschk and new user mmmk discussing updating
click here bwmn forum post mmmk & panschk discussion


-Clay Fields used in NYC LAN #2
click here NYC LAN #2

-King of Kings 48 using all foreign map pool
Bubbles, Clay Fields, Tar Basin, Hazard Black, Atlantis, Beehive
click here King of Kings 48

-Brood War Clan League 49 using Bubbles, Clay Fields, Atlantis and Eddy.
click here Brood War Clan League 49

click here for Bubbles

click here for Clay Fields

click here for Atlantis


-ASL9 Map Contest, for the first time with prizes including keyboards, headphones, and a signed t shirt:
click here ASL map contest

-ASL9 shortlisted maps included (3)Flight Path and (3)Inner Coven.
click here asl9 shortlist

-ASL9 public vote results: (3)Inner Coven 1.03 by Freakling 1st place, (4)Polypoid 0.92 by KM 2nd place, (4)Karma_TF 0.61 by mAziciAn 3rd place
Freakling wins a keyboard, headset, sweater, lanyard, and an autographed Flash t shirt!
click here asl9 result
click here asl9 winners announced

click here for Inner Coven 1.03 (brood war 1.16 compatible)
click here for Inner Coven 1.04 (remastered only)

click here for Polypoid


-blizzard adds more player colours.
Also "string limits have been updated for map makers" and "arbitrary RGB color selection for map makers"
click here colours patch


-blizzard ladder season 5, 20th November 2019, not using any foreign maps this time (first season not to have any foreign); Destination, Heartbreak Ridge, Neo Sylphid, Whiteout, Circuit Breaker, Fighting Spirit, Gladiator
click here ladder season 5

-Those who pre-order warcraft 3 reforged get an Orc hud skin.


-The KSL4 finals (Rain vs Light) featured a live game de-sync. It occured during game 3 on Overwatch which starts at 1:02:10 in the vod:
click here KSL4 finals vod
click here KSL4 tl comments


-BSL8 using Clay Fields and (5)Quintessence.
click here BSL8 announcement

click here for Quintessence


-ASL9 tests 5 maps with Inner Coven and Polypoid included.
click here asl9 map test

click here for (4)Escalade 0.90 by EarthAttack

click here for (4)Horizon lunar colony 0.55 by WSH (Str 18-02)

click here for (4)Alpha Centauri 0.55 by WSH (Str 18-02)


I offer a warm welcome to all the new mappers that have joined the site over the last 12 months.
Welcome to the Korean and Chinese map makers who are sharing maps here. Long may it continue.

And welcome back goes to returning faces.
For example, having not been seen for several years, TkTkVrooM uploaded 17 finished maps in 2019!

Thankyou to all the tournament organisers who used foreign maps.

Did you know, Shakuras got its name from the phrase "Shake Your Ass".
Did you know, the SCV got its name from the word "Skivvy".
Did you know, korean commentators call zerglings "Sugarlings". This is especially appropriate when they have the adrenal gland upgrade.
Did you know, after the 0.91 update, Bubbles had been rated 17 times and got a total of -2,147,483,638 points. This gave it a rating of -126,322,566.9

Are we moving into another 'Roaring Twenties' decade?
Is 2020 going to be a year of Protoss dominance?

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