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Last update for (3)Power Bond 0.91 : 2019, 07, 03 21:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4936 (3)Power Bond 0.91 128*128Jungleterrain3.7betaground

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 227 points


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Good start.
Is this a remake of this map?
I don't quite like how small the centre is though. Can you reduce the huge holes between the mains and bridges a bit?
Newest 3 player map by yours truly.

Figured I'd start a new one since I'm about done with Uzi Sara. This one is actually inspired by LasTCursE's (3)Black Out. I ripped off his ramps :) but I will try and see if I can make better looking ones.

The main idea was to keep the main base/nat/third layout while turning the open third into a mineral only. This makes third gas a bit harder for terran. Also, I opened up the middle and created several paths. I will be putting up some overlord spots next to some bridges as well.

Details about the map I haven't implemented yet (or just information):
-Psi Disruptors stacked 2x at back door of third gas.
-I'm thinking about squeezing another gas base where those extra Starting Locations are, probably 6 patches.
-Middle will be more open than it currently is.
-More Clutter between mains and middle of map.
-Overlord spots around the middle of the map.

Wasn't sure about uploading it yet since it's so beta, but I figured why not. It's really rough, but wanted to get some input on 2 things. First, the concept itself, and second, the use of space.

Concept - I figured 2 open ramps into the third gas is a bit much, so I tried to mitigate by placing the 2x stacked Psi Disruptors on the back ramp. Reason I chose this is because I see it benefiting zerg and protoss more than terran.
I was planning on the extra gas bases out in the open since the beginning, but my execution and space management has made me kinda reconsider. I'm thinking it might be too free of a base for a terran though.

Space - The right hand side feels cramped, you can see it in the picture but the third gas area looks like it needs more room. Currently it looks like a town hall placed there is tankable from the low ground (if you have vision). Either I will have to make this a feature on the other 2 thirds, or change my use of space.

Just like LastCurse's map, I have a big chunk of space at the bottom left that is unused. I was thinking of shifting the bottom right quadrant of the map a bit clockwise and use this empty space to alleviate the problems on the right hand side of the map. Also I would probably shift the right side a bit down. Not sure yet.
beat me to it Freak lol

Edit: Also, Blue's natural is awkward as of right now.
modified by JungleTerrain
You can fix that by rotating everything counterclockwise.
Having your nats and midway thirds on an almost perfect hexagon (look at Frogstar for example) is almost always the best solution.
I would add those extra bases. It is always good to to have a closeby expansion in either direction. Consider using the Hazard Black resource distribution: close-by bases with reduced geysers (2000 or 2500 gas).
This would make the Psi Disruptors unneeded as well. I don't think they make for a good solution here. Where they are now they only make taking a third gas harder in counterclockwise direction, and if you put them on the other ramp instead it would be even worse for a player trying to expand clockwise.
Why don't you just rip off my ramps?
I meant to say I ripped off his bridges, not ramps. I took the ramps from my own maps.

I'll look into these suggestions and see what I can do.

I shifted things clockwise a bit, but I also shifted some things in other directions.

I don't remember everything I changed since I did it gradually over a long period of time.

Probably the biggest change from the first version is the middle and the location of the bridges. I tried to pull the nats on the right side of the map closer to the middle to mirror the nat on the left's distance from main to middle. Overall, the middle is larger than previous version's.

Still have to work out some symmetry things, I intend to make that low ground gas expo in the open untankable from the mains, just haven't gotten around to it.

Any input is appreciated.
modified by JungleTerrain
Can you space out the expansions a bit more? Seems very easy to get a 3rd, 4th and 5th.
This post is not displayed due to its content
I can bring the mineral onlies closer to the nat of the corresponding player I suppose.

I feel as if the low ground gas expo is vulnerable enough to not be so "free" though.

If i bring the low ground expo more counter clockwise and away from the high ground area it will be difficult to make it untankable from the mains, or I will have to change the setup.

I actually might have a possible solution, so I can post a picture of that to get thoughts
This post is not displayed due to its content

-Made the low ground gas expos untankable from the main.
-Tile editing.
-Overlord Spots around Mineral only area.
-Moved things around in general for slightly better symmetry.
-Played around with nats/chokes.
Since this is a space map:
Working on some extended ScmDraft brush files.
FEMMR = Freakling's Extended Map Making... Ramps?
Freakling's Extended Melee Mapping Resources.
modified by Freakling
Why is the map download a completely different map?!
Oh its the super old map with the same name i made back in like 2007 or something lol.

edit: download fixed
modified by JungleTerrain
I really like where this is heading so far. The middle reminds a bit of EC.

Only suggestion for a change you might want to try is to move the top left and bottom left high ground 3rds a bit more towards the corners and the right hand side one a bit down (the low ground path from the mineral only would have to be moved and differently angled accordingly). This way you could squeeze out the last bit of space usage optimization and gain a bit of distance between the expansions. Maybe shrink the bases a bit and move/extend the ramps and bridges so defending the ramps and low ground third at once is less easy. Not sure whether this would really cause a problem and make the map too turtly, but if you want to avoid that, this is how I would do it.
Yeah that was the idea that I was thinking about actually I just haven't implemented it. I'm going to make a backup version and probably play around with that. I was thinking of separating the ramp from the low ground gas expansion a bit. Idk we'll see.
Since I always like me some pretty hexagons... Well, I don't know if you already have definite plans for deco... Maybe you can use something like this:

Just a little doodle I've been having lying around since I don't know when. Always wanted to put something like that into some map, but never really had the map where it would have fit... Obviously just a rough idea, lots of veriations and additional details you can do with the the general theme. Just thought it would fit in perfectly here.
I don't have definite plans for the middle yet but I was planning on using solar array, so that is helpful. Thanks Freak!
Small update:

-Refined the ramps I was using a bit.
-Moved ramps from high ground gas expansion a bit away from the low ground gas expo.
-General symmetry addressed in some parts.

-Some decoration, making the area outside the nat and between it and the bridge mostly unbuildable.
-Minor terrain work in some areas.
-Slight reshaping of the nats, trying to make them comfortable for FEs, walls, etc.
-Made path from center to Teal's mineral only a bit slimmer for symmetry.
-Changed middle clutter to elevated catwalk with a neutral command center in the middle.

Nothing is really final, I'm trying to get a feel for the decoration and how I want it to look. I'm not liking the middle decoration too much right now.

I don't remember if I did any other changes...
Sorry, I have to say it: Your deco should really emphasize the hexagonal structure more. Sometimes more "random" textures don't fit a map's concept and layout that well. Look at Electric Circuit for example.

Some of the custom terrain could need some cleanup work... (Just my inner perfectionist rebelling).

Otherwise it's great, I think.
tile editing isn't done yet. I'm gonna try to work on the transitions around the bridges and I forgot to smooth out the left side high ground platform clutter.

As I said I'm not really liking the mid deco, but I'm not too comfortable with space tileset to begin with so I gotta play around with it first. Right now it just looks sloppy.

Just changed the decoration.

I also made the middle slightly wider on the right side.
Going in a good direction.

Is pathfinding/mining debugged yet?
Nope I haven't checked any of that yet. Most of the formations were just placeholders.

-Middle is unbuildable.
-More decoration.
-Adjusted Naturals for comfortability
---->Lengthened Blue's nat choke.
---->Moved Teal's nat resources 1 tile to the right.
-Moved Starting locations away from ramps for each location a bit (just 1-2 tiles in some instances).
-Made the low ground gas expos area a bit more snug (more enclosed with wall).
-Added some doodads at mineral onlies... in an effort to make them a bit safer (protoss can pylon wall, zerg simcity, etc.)
-Fixed the more obvious tile editing mistakes.
-Moved 7 o'clock expo placement a bit.

Upcoming fixes:

-Resource debugging/pathfinding
-Tank holes
-more deco
-more low ground unbuildability


Might still redo some deco.
modified by JungleTerrain
will there be obs versions?

Understand that obs versions usually are made when a mapmaker feels their map is finished. And also, SCR (SD 1.18+ too i think) has built-in observer features, so even with just the melee version you can play observer games.


I expect to finish this map within this next week coming up (10/7/2017) so that it may be used in the event. Observer version will be up.
modified by JungleTerrain
From Bonyth:
Power Bond map seems too open, and any other bases are very seperated from natural, a zerg heaven maybe.
Yes, that is the point

version 0.90

-Filled tank holes.
-Some deco changes.
-Added 1 mineral patch (749 value) at each main, now total of 10 patches.
-Mineral mining mostly done.
-Observer version added.
-UMS to play with fog of war exposed (both melee and obs versions).
-some terrain changes at nat choke (9 o'clock).
-added unbuildable tiles around big bridges.

-Presentation triggers not updated.
-Ramp vortex at top left.
-gas mining not entirely done, I eyeballed it a bit with some of the more terrible cases.
modified by JungleTerrain
You need some help/tips for mining/pathfinding debugging?

I don't like how your inverse ramps are so much tighter than the normal ones. For any unit type you need on one less to block them. Same problem as with those terrible Kespa map ramps (minus the terrain levels being completely nonsenical, of course).

Here's some idea how to make those custom bridges blend in better:
Well it was more that I started debugging and i forgot that i needed to plug up tank holes then i debugged again and then i forgot about the ramp vortex at the top left. lol
Well... Just removing one isom from the top left edge of that base seems to solve the problem without inducing too many changes, it seems. You'd only need to re-debug the two top mains after that. Mains are normally easy, many edges to play around with.
I wonder if you couldn't move the mineral only in the bottom right a bit down and to the side to open up the area in front of the natural more.
I'm sorry I've been kinda ugh. Good advice, just you know, life stuff, haven't been as motivated to edit maps, etc.

You think the bottom right is smaller compared to its counterparts? I can definitely do that.

edit: as to the ramps, I personally don't like the look of the ones you use in your maps, but I will try to come up with an alternative... If not I will switch over.
modified by JungleTerrain

Version 0.91

-Got rid of vortex at top left ramp.
-Some doodads.
-Played around with some pathfinding regions, might have to test it out.
-Forgot to add: All inverted ramps widened a bit.

modified by JungleTerrain
Are you nearing completion, finally ;P Or are there other plans for further extensive updates?
Yeah I'm gonna try to finish it up (whatever that means).

I was playing around with different tiles and stuff to come up with different ramps. The inverted ones here are a bit wider than the version before. I was trying to make some from scratch but it's hard to not make them look ugly/blocky.

You suggested moving the bottom right min-only down for better symmetry right?
Hmmm... Yes, that nat chokes looks a bit more restricitve, would probably be good to give it sme more space to the right and move the mineral only out of the way accordingly.
Hey Jungle, you still alive?
Looking forward to see the final 1.0 version of this map
Hey Jungle, I got word that people are searching for you from Blizz, unknown reason, but if you are around be sure to message me or Freakling as soon as you see this message

@kantuva <-twitter
kantuva [at]

take care duder!
Just checked my email

I told Matt he could use this map for the ladder or w/e but I'm not going to edit this further.

I thought I had a newer version with some edits improving symmetry a bit but I either updated it already or lost the file.
modified by JungleTerrain
Didn't have the chance to comment on this, but map looks very solid, good execution, cool unit/battle paths and sexy middle, I like it!

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