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Last update for (4)Atlantis : 2017, 08, 08 05:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4663 (4)Atlantis 128*128Freakling; concept: ProTosS4EveR1.0betaground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 50 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I remember this map. Really nice update.

Honestly Freaky I think you could make the jungle to ruins transitions much smoother and more natural looking. All the straight lines of ruin to grass look super ugly. :c
Sorry, the Atlanteans couldn't finish up that part before their becoming busy drowning distracted them...
I'll finish it up for them later.
Yeah, once this is finished it should be great. Not too sure on balance but it seems fair enough. Just get dat deco done. maybe expand the center bridges just a little bit so that tanks don't just shell any huge fights to death
Wow, nice decoration
modified by CardinalAllin
- finished low ground deco
- debugged resources
- adjusted all cliffs to block vision correctly
Magic thing.

But why 1504?
modified by outscar
Because 188 trips...
I'M NOT EXPERT ON THIS MATTER. There is nothing much there written than what I've done. Don't flame me for errors.

I counted 1504 mineral field with a probe using Cheat Engine program to speed up 20x game progress and found out that 202 trips needed to drain one field. Am I true or I didn't catch and adding unnecessary trips?

Sometimes (I'm not really sure) I found out that in one trip 8 minerals aren't draining but stat shows adding. Weird. Maybe that's why it took 202 trips?
modified by outscar
Either your drones gather 7. 4455 per trip or you did something wrong... My drones always gather 8, though.
I don't really have any time for map making at the moment, but this site seem desperate for some activity right now...

So I thought I'd show this WIP update to show where the final steps of this are going aesthetically.
Looking good.
This is really attractive map, I'm saying it by coming back after a long time but something isn't right there. I think the problem is middle: what about making water even more narrow? There is really less platform for battle.

EDIT: Oh I watched 1st post of image and realized you already narrowed it well. What about even a little more or you think it gonna destroy attractiveness?
modified by CognacLover
some updates
  • finalized custom cliffs

  • middle bridges widened by 1 iso

  • narrowed canals to make for wider ground areas

  • all terrain optimized (vision and terrain level bugs fixed)

  • more deco (still missing some of the mains and around the canals)

modified by Freakling
Hey is this intentional? Is it covered by the HUD?

Atlantis Bottom Main photo Atlantis_zpsk5ukzian.jpg

Looks blocky
modified by JungleTerrain
This map is actually not 100% finalized yet.
My to-do list currently includes:
- Deco for N, E & S mains.
- maybe add a bit more buildable space on the low ground around the mains.

Everything else is done, though, including terrain level debugging with chkdraft.
Actually, I am not sure whether I uploaded the newest WIP version here, gonna do it now, just to make sure.
modified by Freakling
Put 6 o clock pink main gas on top rather than on the left (according to picture, not sure if map file is the same). This will make factory placement much more comfortable.

Id consider submitting this mother hubbard to ASL.

But also do think about submitting something 'simpler' than Frogstar World B even though you arent planning on promoting your older maps as much.

Send in Eddy in my opinion.
Yeah I like Eddy too!
Also let me know if you need any help submitting
This post is not displayed due to its content
You sure are a pro huh... how about you show us your map and how it is supposed to be done boregard??... I mean you are an expert mapmaker if you can make a better map than those of Freakling Crystaldrag JungleTerrain and the other map makers here, then your opinion will be taken into account. *shrug* until the day you show your perfect map then you have no value here simply.
This post is not displayed due to its content
Update: Version 1.00

Finally done!
  • Deco, more deco, better deco
  • All terrain optimized for balanced vision
  • changed main formations for N/s spawns to face the edge
  • some more buildable ground on the low ground
Nice update. How's the main-base space?

It's also a four player map, so both players can secure another main that gives them more macro space.
small update: Version 1.01
Fixed a ramp vortex on the bottom main ramp.

Turns out to be quite instructive:


in ScmDraft:

Mark how the region node is on a partially unwalkable tile.

The fix:

Note how I had to change only one tile next to the cliff. The new tile, unlike the old one, has five unwalkable minitiles, which makes the engine flag it "mostly unwalkable", so it is considered unwalkable for region calculations. This suffices to merge the two adjacent regions into one, moving the node away from the problematic spot.

The best thing: This small change has not upset anything else on the map:

So this proves that at least in some cases small, targeted changes to fix one specific issue are possible...
modified by Freakling
I may have found the reason for about all of those pesky mining bugs... Need some more testing to confirm...
modified by Freakling
Wow you need an oscar, no Nobel prize for being such meticulous. Sad that korean mapmakers doesnt give a shit about such things.
They should get a rather hefty hint that there is something to worry about now... I mean, now that terrain attributes and pathfinding are in ScmDraft, ignorance of it would have to be of the willful kind...

I may have been a bit over-enthusiastic there, though. It's probably not all mining bugs ever, but a singnificant portion of them seem ti boil down to units simply not "liking" to go along a region border while crossing another border perpendicular to it.
modified by Freakling
that's interesting af
Did some cleanup work, removing duplicate sprites.

I'll have to give this at least another complete overhaul at some point to fix some remaining mining issues (though fairly minor ones)...
modified by Freakling
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This post is not displayed due to its content
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This post is not displayed due to its content

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