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Last update for (2)Blue Blood : 2005, 12, 01 09:40
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
627 (2)Blue Blood 128*128SummerSky0.3final

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I think this map would benefit from not havign backdoors. also islands shou÷d be more neutrally placed since a fast expo siland is boring and hard to take.

The distances seems good, and unlike denial this map seems like more fun. great work.
yah, looks really cool. This map has got a great style, I am looking forward to play it. It really seems to be fun, because it's got definetly something original

I hope it will be balanced :)
hard to say from theory
fly-_-a = summersky?

Yeah, looks pretty great. The secound entry can be walled with a depot or a pylon (though not linge safe with the pylon probably, so it's much like on Bifrost.
second entry on bf is safe if you wall a bit down in the corridor
way too much doodads
fly-_-a=summersky :)
i set doodads not to disturb units. [..
Um... i'll remove many of these doodad....
I like it. Z and T can easily expand on the near "gas blocked island", P might have more trouble to do so. The backdoor is cool imo, but Z can't defend it, so he has to scout with a ling near a choke at the mapedge. God for fake attacks i bet. Still not imbalanced i'd say. Very cool map, the layout is great.
I did not see the gas block. Very bad idea imo. Every experienced player knows that workers come out of the gas at the bottom. So you could not use the gas at the bottom pos after building an expansion at the "island". Unless the gas is empty, then it would still be unusable, but at least not of significtant value anyway.
workers come out of the gas at the bottom no matter what you do?
this is new for me.
it depends on from where you put the workers into the gas.
*to me
i got mixed feeling from playing on it.. i dont know if i really can evaluate it..
I wonder how to beat a Terran here, there is only one main route, quite small, and the alternate route is easily blocked with some depots, so it might be Terran > all
Ok the gas block makes some problem:
-terran can easily get past it: build gas and stop then
- zerg can only on top pos
- protoss can't at all, even pylon jump did not work afaik.

So you need to find a solution... making it a mineral block might be the easiest one -_-
I did not see the gas block. Very bad idea imo. Every experienced player knows that workers come out of the gas at the bottom. So you could not use the gas at the bottom pos after building an expansion at the "island". Unless the gas is empty, then it would still be unusable, but at least not of significtant value anyway."

workers do not come out of refineries always from the bottom.

they can come out from essentially every direction.
yeah, I learned that too, now;)

On the other hand, see my recent post. There is some problem with this map.
i will add post about 'gas block' (add screenshot)
i added replay about 'gas block'

* 'me' is me [?]
ok, I did some tests too. It is possible with every race to get this expansion, but it is rather complicated:

terran can just build and cancel
toss can move past the gas as soon as the assimilator has been built
zerg: top position: build and cancel, the extractor-drone comes out on the other side. bottom pos: build gas, send drone mining in there, it will come out on top, so you can expand too.
seems kinda pointless to me :p
Hmm.. now i'd say just delete or move it. It really is somehow pointless.
I don't agree. Only with gas block you can have situations where a base is only accesible for workers, not for units.
Minerals do the same job... Take Wizzy Noise for an example. It's possible with every race to pass the wall, if you use two workers for the trick, and one passes.
read panschk's comment again...
well, LGI is really not that wrong. You need 2 workers though, for gasblock you only need 1 except for zerg on bottom pos. Plus it's something new and fresh, imo it is good to have that :]
eh, does gasblock cause pathfinding problems as minerals do?
Your Name
Exact same thing. Remember, units are buildings, minerals, gas and of courye units in the editor. so everything works the same way. no mater if you block a choke with a mineral/gas/unit/building, even if it's neutral, no matter what, units behave stupid.
Your Name
Here is a riddle to get to the name of the guy who posted this sentence above:

You have the name: Your Name

8 Letters, ok?

Now, if you rearrange it like that: Ynoauarme it almost sounds like "You know me".

Ok, after "you know me" it's easier to come closer to the solution.

next step is, he is talking about resources. minerals i.e. So, now, if you take the word "minerals" and rearrange the letters again, you get "meanrlis", which sounds like "Mean are Lis", which obviously does not make much sense, but after Lis is SO great, he has to be more than just one single human, because no single human can be that great.

So, know you have the solution, it was Lisoric.

Thank you.
but do they see gas as an obstacle?
Who is "Lisoric"(read cerful)? We don't have such guy in database.
well... i hate those riddles anyway... ^^

flo, that's what i.. i mean "Your Name" said, yes.


all of these are seen as an obstacle
all of these make the units turn crazy when in the path
but the block is only to an expansion that will have to be treated like an island (the whole game, unlike the expansions blocked with minerals), so it does not really matter. What sucks, though, is the mineral block at the backdoor. horrible thing. 40 minerals make it even more horrible.

--me vs computer(1on1, 1.13)

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