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Last update for (2)SpiderMonkey : 2020, 12, 05 18:32
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3997 (2)SpiderMonkey othersTY_leZerG-eX6.0finalground

The map has been rated 262 times and got a total of 1583 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok guys I know I promised to update and finish all my maps before doing a new one, but Its just that the Team Liquid competition was way to tempting.
Map of course is still very beta, but I posted It so that you guys could give me the feed back that I need on any issues, in addition I have to make the dead line of the competition on time!


About the map:
Its is actually the first map that I do withought using the standard 128 or 96.. sizes. The map Is 128* and 112* so there should be no problem playing it, and the mini map should be fine. The reason why I chose this size is because I think 128* 128* is ti big (sometimes) and I didn't choose 128* 96* because it is to small to fit this idea.
As for the theme, I wasn't sure which one of the 3 to pick 1)Zerg Invasion 2)Decimated earth or 3)Found temples, so I decided to put a little bit of all of them in my map :)

Well map is pretty standard, straight up and speaks for itself, things you should know are that there are no stacked temples ( Plz tell me if you guys think there should be ) and that I added something rather unique (IMO) to my map 5 storms in a line. This is done for basically 2 reasons 1)So that players have to go around the storms in order to drop each others mains, 2)and secondly because they look sexy ;} I really rather hope that those storms will catch some units maybe some by accident, maybe some pimp play by a player luring the units over there for example some M&M tricking some Mutas.
Finally the last thing I want to say before I end my first post Is that even tho map looks symmetrical, no symmetry tool was used, so its not as easy to make like ur average (2) map.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
modified by crystaldrag
my chances of winning are over XD

anyways i dont think the top part is going to be use for some reason..
nat choke too small
kind of favors terran i think if you leave that space behind nat
actually i opened ur map and your nat looks big

so i dont no if it's going to be a good thing, make it interesting, or just be imbalanced.
modified by coV
The nats are kinda awkward imo, with an oddly tight choke. I think the nats are too open with too tight chokes, should even things out a bit imo.
Should imo give the main mineral formations proper symmetry, probably means 6 should get a horizontal formation, or 3.
Think you need a more interesting middle. It's just a big wasteland with no strategical aspects at all. Could even try an asymmetrical middle.

The center min only will never be used. It's too far away and has zero economic value. It's too easy to attack and too hard to defend. The min onlys in python were only ever used because there situations where the min only was farther from your opponent than the corner expo and you didn't want to take a main or nat as your third. Since this is a 2 player map, that will never ever be the case here, though I also realize it's not intended to be taken as a 3rd base.

Very awkward that there is no land-based 4th gas imo. The islands are too annoying to use except by a protoss with reavers really.

The entire top left is just bad imo. Those xel nagas will never be cleared, so wasting space by placing them is just silly. The large temple plateau is useless as they lead to no expos. Those stairs are really awkward. If you can't find nonbuggy large stairs, use high dirt instead. Sacrificing gameplay for visuals is probably the worst thing you could ever consciously do in mapping. I guess I'd reccomend removing the raised jungle and pull the island's minerals against the cliff edge. Then, remove the middle staircase, enlarge the other two staircases, and put a relatively safe by land gas expo where the center staircase was. Either remove or replace with lower hp neutrals the xel nagas.

Those storms don't work.
First off lol coV, I'm sure that you will come up with a good idea for the competition, I have really liked your latest map (Even If I helped with the latest you still did a good job) I have a question, I haven't seen all the posted maps 4 the competition, and my question 2 you is have you already entered one of your own?

Nightmarjoo lol you address so many issues, I feel overdosed and over whelmed but Il try to explain my self.
The nats: The nats where no accident, they where done like that 4 a reason, the reason is:
As you probably noticed there are 2 island expos, mains are very close to each other(Good Drop distance), there is a large dirt space next to the nat only accessible by air (Where you can put gay lurkers, tanks or Storm HT) which means that going 4 air and/or drop is probably a good idea. Now that small choke at the nat is the perfect size to place a barrack, gateway, or hatchery, if you place any building this size at that location you can seal the door ling prove (Or so is meant to be il test it later) That way being able to commit to drops or air easier.
Of course there is an catch, and thats where the large and wide nat comes in. Reason for the nat 2 be large at first Is so that players can do some type of rush, for instance M&M sunken break, ling run by, zealot run by, Hydra cannon break... I want all in rushes to also be a viable option(Even if a player locks himself in the door can fall, and thats what i'm going 4.
Now lol about the mains minerals, its probably about the 4th time you have toled me this in different maps, and I thought I had done a better job on this one :) lol, il probably just open a good pro map and copy there mains mineral positioning, just 2 make you happy :)

On the middle I am obviously not going to leave it like that, I was planing to make some ruins around the temple in the shape of a sexy circle, but I'm open 4 suggestions, and I'l consider the ones you have suggested.

The center mineral only Is hard to defend but I want to keep it, Id like it to be a good prize 4 who ever can secure it. At the moment it has 8 mineral patches, how many do you think should be a good number so that It has + value, maybe 10? I do however want to keep it a mineral only.

Now the reason why there is no walkable 4th gas base is because I want to encourage Island play like I have mentioned be4.
But A suggestion to the solution of the boring middle and the hard to keep middle min only, would be to remove the venter min only, and the middle temple, and instead put a 2ble gas 11 or 12 min patch expo. What you guys think?

Question: Why wont the Xel Nagas be cleared ? IMO seams like a good idea to clear them so that you can attack the expo from the high ground ( Placing tanks, lurkers, storms, goons, hydras, M&M.. and cliffing you opponent ) Or another option of a good idea 2 clear the Xel nagas, say that 2 tanks where drooped and you are getting harassed (Xel nagas R still there so you cant reach them by land), you can clear the neutrals and then get rid of that harras, because now you can reach tanks by land.
Finally why wont storms work? I added them because IMO they do works, and they are original, and I think its never done be4.

P.S. Im just defending my point of view, it doesn't mean I wont do anything about it, I'm just spreading my view of things and asking questions in return.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Very nice and interesting map, i like thoose temple ramps btw =}

P.S. I'm not gonna read the giant comments tho xD

P.S.#2 when i opened the map i saw thoose storms between the mains what the fuck are they for xD o.O
modified by LasTCursE
lol LasTCurse, I usually never reed giant posts either :), but since its my map I have no choice. Yeah temple ramps are cool eh? Yeah and they are still not done yet, when deco comes I'l put some sprite doodad jungle tress, in the middle of where the separation start between ramp and ramp, they will look incredibly sexy when there done.
About the storms, If you reed my first comment I explain what there for, but nvm that because I'm going to have to remove them because they don't work, it appears that only dwebs and swarms will do the job :( So I'm a little disappointed.
Small up date:
I removed the Storms, and I also have incised the strategic value of the center mineral only expo. It now has 12 mineral patches, one of them has 498, 2 of them have 748, and 9 have the regular amount of 1500.

I do have a question about my mains positioning, Im under the impression that nightarjoo doesn't like my mains because he has seen them from "far away" so Im going to put my theory 2 the test.

Here are the ChupungRyeong mineral formations:

And here are my mains:

And the question is: Is it really a whole lot of a difference ?
oh marjo.. xD
Thoose type of mineral formations (sty_lezerg_ex's) are getting more and more popular nowadays.. ; examples (outsider,el nin'I'o)

There's nothing bad in liking the old school.. but there are some new things coming up every day ;) ;d

P.S. Lezerg i just now realize that both mains have exactly the same mineral formation and i'm kinda disapointed whit that :( can't you change one of them a little bit just to be different from one another

P.S.#2 natural choke looks kinda small.. ;
modified by LasTCursE
The xel nagas won't be cleared because they have 1 or 2 armour and 5000 hp. If you are able to sit a strong enough force to kill that in any reasonable amount of time for long enough to kill it, you won the game a while ago. You have a wanna-be-semi-island map, players are going to drop there to attack, not go by land. Just means, you can't respond by land now if they drop it. Thanks.

Accident or not, the nats still suck.

If you want to encourage island play, why not just make it a real island map or a real semi-island map, instead of making a land-based map that is annoying to play? There are no safe islands, so players have no wish to play it island-like. In pvz you'll get p who reaver/sair and take island, pvt p who fast reaver and double expo to nat/island, and in tvt whoever is winning will win harder by taking the island. That's about all the island will be used in a conventional game. Safer to take, easier to hold islands are what can potentially encourage players to take them actively. As they are, they will function like normal islands in land maps; they're a gamble players can be willing to take if they're willing to commit to that style and hope their opponent isn't as good as them at worrying about the island. That's not island-based play, it's land-based play that happens to involve an island. Thus, you either have a very shitty semi-island map, or a land map with not enough gas on the mainland.
LasTCursE: Sure I can mix it up. I just had it like that so that its balanced.

Nightmarjoo: Ok so no Xel nagas, what neutral do u recommend then? Only problem is that I need Temples to keep the maps theme...
Now the island at 11 o'clock, what about adding an inverted temple ramp leading to that expo, and I also want a neutral blocking that passage to it, will a Xel Naga work there or do you recommend something else?
If I add that ramp, there will be enough gas reachable by land. right?

Ok il also highly consider working on the nat (even if I like it that way)

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
This post is not displayed due to its content
Wtf don't spam.
is there a way we can kick Xelious or ipban?
Hopefully at least a day or 2.
there is a way i know for sure i was banned like 4 or 5 times already xD
Lol yeah ik and I actually have proof of one of your spams in one of my maps :)
Its on my map (3)MongOOse you wrote: "I need someone that can unlock maps. pls" my map wasn't the only one, there where like at least 5 + with the sam msg.
I assume that since you stopped spamming you can un block maps now right?
yup ^^ =}
Up date!
Finished most of the deco (Still not done tho but I wanted to give you guys an idea)
I placed a few doodads but I'm still far from done.
Changed the neutral buildings at the 3rd gas: 1 Toss temple and 2 stacked power generators.
I also added an inverted temple ramp leading to the expo at 11 o'clock, and that ramp Is blocked by a Xel naga. This way will encourage the usage of the top left part of the map. People had complained that there was no 4th gas reachable by land, now there is. I also re arranged yellows main mineral formation, for LastCurse's petition.

Finally check this part of the map, int it sexy?

yup very sexy i'm inlove with thoose ramps :} xD
wow very nice blend and good looking too, but dont think theyll use that too often unless you remove that temple for the expo.
this is just a thought but its gonna be krap hard to get a lurker or HT on that place next to the nat. its surrounded by ur closest expoes which will be taken
Sick blending, nice concept and the deco looks sexy now. I want to watch some games on this.
Thnx glad you guys like it.
Cov the temple has to stay its part of the concept, remember its for the team liquid competition.
Swagu, yeah true but It can be done in the relative orly game and that also means less advantage 4 terrans (Which are the ones that can profit + of this.
Dyren, yeah cool blend and deco eh?(not done yet tho) And I also wana see games here, If maps gets in top 3 maps 4 the comp, and I think there is a good chance.

Ok Up date!

- Added rocky ground, to make the middle bit + unbuildable ( There still is turret space )

- The decoration is now 100 % done

- All the doodads are now in place

- There are no + unintentional tank holes

- All sprites have been double checked, they work fine and are all ling proof.

- Lurkers can hit 3 mineral patches in range of the nat from the low ground outside the nat.

Ok there.
This post is not displayed due to its content
Wow those look cool, I wana use them, but not on this map :( Dont get me wrong tho they look awesome!
I looked at the map picture and i got pregnant
This post is not displayed due to its content
Lol, this map will no doubt win the contest.
Im gonna submit my entry soon, im in the final stages of finishing it.
since it is the most eyecandy, it has all chances
Thnx ;)

But that cant be all that my map has going for itself ? ..
well, the map has a good potential for harassability
however, nat entrance is really to small you can block it too easily, it's the same if you put the nat in the main
Lastcurse, I'm tired of resizing your images! Start setting width='650', it's annoying!
fuck you -.- i'll make my pictures what ever size i want..
modified by LasTCursE
And I'll censor every too-big image you post from now on.
And i'll will call your momma a whore every time you do that =]
lastcurse, there is a rule here
798*798 picture size
i thought it was 768 not 798 ?
lol Last resizing images isn't that hard, you must really like ur big pics lol.
Cool I really like this map, very nice deco, concept, and execution.
I haven't read the hole comment post so I might be repeating, but the only thing I dont like is the islands block with a zerg neutral building instead of a standard mineral patch. Whats the point of that? It just becomes more of a pain to take the expo because u have 2 destroy the neutral...
Map pictures are 768x768, but images you're posting in a thread should have a width no larger than 650.
This is not that great. Python wasn't ment to be a 1v1 map. It's a 2v2 map. Too many unexpoable expo's
Hi guys long time, I am retired now :( unfortunately I dont do video games any +.
Il swing by every now and then 2 see whats up tho..
Huummm "Python wasn't ment to be a 1v1 map" humm lol not sure of that, look at the great and epic 1 v 1 games it provided in the proleague any 1 agree?
Anyhow,hi guys, whats new?

Not much is going on here, the site is kinda inactive as always with a few maps now and then :P
how did this get a bump?
Oh! The replay! U guys used the map? How was it? Oh replay is broken btw or it doesn't have the players names lol
I did update on the obs covering your many tank holes. :)
sexy :o
New updated version post Team Think QUick testing


--G_oUSt[aK] vs Centrius7(1on1, 1.15)
-- vs (, )
--TastyLobster vs rOyCe_GrAcle(1on1, 1.15)
--G_oUSt[aK] vs nMn(1on1, 1.15)
--TrytoTyPetHIs vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)
--The SonY vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)
--voddy vs stryker(1on1, 1.15)
--voddy vs stryker(1on1, 1.15)

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