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NaeGongT vs WiCo`ge3salja on (3)Turbine 1.01
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MOTM 01.0809 of February 2008 04:33 PM
Posted by:Lancet

Well, he's done it again!

Of the past 7 MOTM Tesbug has won 3 by himself, shared first place with another map in one and won 2 more as part of teams with either Crackling or Crackling and Flo. In this MOTM Testbug's "reign of terror" continues with his map "Odyssey".

This visually stunning map is a 2vs2 player map where each main has access to 2 low ground gas-expo/nats, one with an exit to the high center through a wide ramp and the other being landlocked on sunken ground. The twist is that these two expos are right next to the expos of the adjacent mains with the mineral lines almost "kissing" each other. So while one expo is on the sunken ground the adjoinig expo is on higher ground. The idea is that in 2/3 of the match-ups you will be able to have an expo right next to that of your partner's and be able to support each other without zerg's creep interfering with the warping or building of your partner if he's Protoss or Terran, respectively. If on the other hand the partners end up across from each other, well, shit happens. The gameplay then will be micro oriented as taking a nat will be a risky endeavor although each main has an additional expo in front of it with a mineral block that the players can take once they have air transport capacity plus there are minonlies in the center.

This is not to say that the map is perfect. As of this post it still remains untested and several posters in the map thread have raised concerns about the possible predominance of Terran by virtue of the long range of siege tanks as well as the uneven space of the E/W vs the N/S mains. However, just out of sheer "brilliance" and "sexyness" our mappers have selected it as the winner with 33 points.

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

The second place goes to a map that had previosly attained third place in MOTM-10, and was played in one of the Avaton tournaments. It's the map Rise of Teotihuacan by ProTosS4EveR who must have been inspired by the ancient God Quetzalcoatl to make this map as it has all the underpinnings of a place of worship and sacrificial slaughter!

It has what I guess we will call 4 "corner" mains but displaced towards the center which, of course, means shorter main-to-main distances. However, this also leaves a large amount of space behind the main where the gas nat resides easily reachable by a back door and sheltered by the hulk of the main's landmass in front of it. But alas, all is not peaches and cream. This nat area has several vulnerabilities. It is connected to the rest of the map by two lateral chokes on the edges of the mains that are blocked by Xel-Naga temples and in addition to this it has high ground right behind it.

So, although players can still engage in the good old "ramp to ramp" attacks they have the option of destroying a neutral and invading their enemy's nat from the side or dropping behind the nat or both! Adding to this is the fact that the other gas expos in the map are relatively far away from the main's entrances in the N/S/E and W positions between the XelNaga temples on the borders of the map. This assures the map won't just turn into a macro-fest and will give rise to many interesting battles.

Our mappers gave this map 25 points qualifying it for 2nd place.

Read the map thread here. Obtain the map here.

And last but most definitely not least and trailing just 3 points behind "The Rise of Teotihuacan" the third place goes to the lavishly decorated map "Hillfire" by our very own Reichfuehrer flothefreak who authored it under the pseudonym "JustGuess". Needless to say the author's name was irrelevant as his mapmaking talents shone right through!

A salient feature of the map like the name indicates is the hill next to the nat. It is connected to the nat by a backdoor and to a gas-expo just off the center of the map by a ramp blocked by a protoss temple. A fight for the control of this very important strategic point can literally set the hill "on fire"! The high-ground center which contains 2 gas expos is surrounded by two dirt-mud semicircle corridors with 1 minonly each as well as 2 low ground to high jungle transitions toward the center on each that can lend themselves to interesting ambush and roundabout gameplay. The corridors connect to the gas expo that leads to the hill next to the nat by two bridges. All in all a map with many interesting strategic possibilities.

Read the map thread here. Obtain the map here.

Congratulations to Testbug, ProTosS4EveR and Flo and thanks to all of you that participated and voted in this competition.

King of the Hill 0110 of January 2008 04:47 AM
Posted by:Starparty

Click here
200705 of January 2008 10:03 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

The month and year ends and here we have our 12th MOTM for 2007. This MOTM is a tag-team map, in fact with the very same tag-team as before: Crackling and Testbug. However, the tables are turned for this map, and it is Testbug's very unique map which is given a make-over by Crackling into the solid, playable, and very standard map you see before you now.

The map is fairly simple with mains in the corners, regular 9 block main, gas expo nat, min only, then another expo with gas. However the execution of this familiar theme is unique. The mains are on lowground with the nats on highground, something rarely seen in maps like Requiem or Reverse LT. The mineral only is on the main layer of the middle of the map, are large lowground plain which encircles a large highground plateau with ramps for easy mobile-access, like the middle of longinus. The mineral only expo is close to the nat, but is certainly not a "free" expansion site. Past the mineral onlys are highground plateau expos, lead-to by 2 seperate large ramps, one larger than the other.
The smooth expo layout of the map is fairly standard and supportive of the common macro-oriented play. The expo layout favours a push or creeping style expansion, taking one base at a time as you head towards your opponent, but fluidly allows players to pick one expo over another. While perhaps not the most exciting and strategically oriented expo layout ever, it certainly is player-friendly, and makes scouting quite imperative, with expos so easy to "hide" in.
A smooth transition from open to tight exists in this map, with the open not being too large, and the tight not being too constricting. Many chokes and ramps allow for strategic play without disrupting unit movement in any manner. Your armies can easily march around, with players flanking eachother and cornering eachother, without getting lost in space.
With a very for-the-player expo layout, large but not vacuous mains which allow players to comfortably fit their buildings in the space without feeling as though they have to be master architects to fit everything and still have room to breathe but without making the players feel agoraphobic, and a familiar but still unique execution of the map's placement and altitude variation, Crackling and Testbug's Shakras is a great map, well worthy of the title: Map of the Month.
Spam the map's thread here.
Grab the map itself to pwn your pals here, and observe and be observed on the map's observer version here.

Almost all of the votes this month went either toward Shakras, or Ptar's Lost Soul.

This older map of ptar's was one of ptar's early small-big-hit maps. The map itself might be described as being fairly standard and "macroish", but the map's unique size and proportions keep it from being "just another map". The map has a lowground main, standard lowground nat, not far from the nat lies a lowgruond mineral only, and a riskier but with-gas-expo on the map's large middle highground plateau, and farther from the linear action lies a lowground expo with gas.
The expo layout is comfortable and easy to grasp for players. There are a lot of expos, especially for a small, 2 player map, but Ptar counters this with fewer mineral blocks at each expo, and with many blocks modified with lower values. The main features 8 blocks, the other expos have 6 blocks each.
Though the map's size limits it somewhat, the lower monetary value of the expos, and the spread between the map's gas along with a fairly open middle allow players to feel comfortable and not terribly cramped as they try to macro their way through a smaller, more micro oriented map.
Spam its thread here, download it here, and get the obs version here.

The two maps tied for third have relatively few votes each; if you combine the two third place maps' votes the resulting sum is still less than both second and first place maps; in the past we have had some very close third place maps. The maps were Titanwing/Moebius' Orpheus, and flothefreak's Frosty Fortress, a map I am so god-damned tired of seeing it'll drive me insane if I see it again, a map which has failed to get MOTM but managed its way into the top three a fourth of a dozen times, and you can read about it in recent MOTM threads below this one.

Also to note: 2007 is over, Happy New Years! I hope 2008 brings sc some great maps before sc2 comes out (whenever that may be (cough ghost cough)).
With the holidays ending, I hope the site will see some more activity, it's been a little slow as of late. Hopefully we'll see many new great maps, and a lot of testing of maps by various people. Remember to bring your friends to op bwmn to test maps. I've seen basically no one in the channel through the bot since I started hosting the bot again.

With the year having ended, the 12th MOTM doesn't quite conclude the year, but MOTY does. Please bring your votes to the (2)MOTY, (4)MOTY, and Experimental(E)MOTY. You'll find these competitions near MOTM in the lower right side of the site's page.

...Next time on Newsposts with Nightmarjoo: Nightmarjoo meets the paragraph break! (just kidding -.-).

Happy New Years/2008!
Congratulations to Crackling/Testbug and Ptar.
MOTM-11 200710 of December 2007 05:44 PM
Posted by:Lancet

This MOTM was a race between 3 maps, Seven Sins by Tesbug, Frosty Fortress by Flo and Morris Plains by Nasty. At several times during the voting the switching of votes placed one ahead of the other. These 3 were clearly the top maps and the admins picked MOTM among them. Ladies and gentleman, this is a historic occasion for Broodwarmaps, we present to you our first ever 7 player MOTM, Seven Sins!

Seven Sins is a 128x128 seven player map intended for FFA or team play. It is not intended for 1 vs 1 games as it has the potential for positional imbalances although it is still fun to play then as a challenge. Each position is quite different with unique advantages and vulnerabilities to exploit: high ground mains, low ground mains, in-base nats, nats with two chokes, mains with 2 chokes, island expos, expos with 2 chokes, expos with entrances blocked by neutrals, you name it, and all made with Testbug's characteristic artistic flair. This map was exciting enough to be chosen by the folks of as the map to be played on their "Fun Night". Congratulations testbug, but be careful, winning MOTM can become addictive!

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

The second place goes to Frosty Fortress made by Flothefreak.

This map that had already won second place in the past MOTM still has enough "oomph" to put up a fight. As has been remarked before this is a 128x64 map that blends a macro-map expo layout with a micro-map design. Do not be misled by the 6 gas expos and 2 minonlies into thinking you can "take it easy" here, the short main to main distance makes the margin for error very small creating intense battles that test your skill at micromanaging units. There is some concern that the map may have some degree of race imbalance but the map concept and its execution make the second of our top 3.

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

And last but not least, the third place goes to Morris Plains by Nastymarine.

This beautifully laid out map has low ground mains connected to a high ground gas nat from which two ramps, left and right, lead down to the battlefield. One is a large wide open ramp, which promotes a "ramp-to-ramp" gameplay that will proceed in a diagonal fashion across the wide middle. The other is a small ramp blocked by low-value minerals. The "unblocking" of this smaller ramp has the potential to dramatically change the flow of the battle as a player can gain quick access to the "other" side of the battlefield allowing vertical gameplay or, alternatively, a foe can gain quick access to the opponent's main. The two high-ground side corridors lend themselves to "circle-and -attack-from-the-rear" strategies and also make the expo down from the larger ramp more vulnerable. This map received third place due to some balance concerns but it was the map that at the end received the most votes so it ended clearly as the most popular among our voters.

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

And that is all. Congratulations Testbug, Flo and Nasty and also thanks to everyone else who participated and voted in this competition!

PsiStorm Fun Night - The Begining!!!29 of November 2007 12:26 AM
Posted by:LGI with kind support from and , present you:

At last! A gaming night, where nothing special is needed for a brood war game, except your good mood!!!

What is "PsiStorm Fun Night"?

Every week we will have one of those nights, where people from all around the globe, will gather to play every type of mode like: Free For All, Team Melee, Capture the Flag, Use Map Settings and more, also with some other special nights where we will play some fresh MODs for SC: BW, present it by community. We are also thinking of some other ideas, which we will reveled in near future. As for now we are thinking of making a concept for each night, where we will play a specific map/mode/MOD. First few weeks, admins will make the concepts for those nights. After that a pool will be made, and users will vote for their favorite map/mode/MOD.

At the moment we are working on PsiStorm TV, so hopefully we will be happy to see the most interesting games live in near future :) .

So lets don't waste more time... Here is the information for our first night!

Date: 01.12.2007
Start: 21:00 CET
End: Last man standing in front of his monitor :)
Server: Europe
Channel: Psi
Mode: Free For All
Map: (7)Seven Sins

An incredible map made by Testbug from! It's hard to give a comment for a 7 players map, and in this case it's even harder, because everything seems random, but... Not really... A lot of people will say "IMBA", but for a map like this, it surly needs a lot of testing to be able to say what is imba, and what not. In our case, we don't really care if it's imba. The most important is that every game on this map should give us really different, intresting and fun games! And thats what we need! I am really looking forward for this one! We already played it in FFA mode, and I REALLY CAN'T WAIT any longer for a mass gaming on this baby :D . Special extra thanks to Testbug, for his kind support by making an observer mode version of the map, where when you are eliminated, you will be given vision of all players!

You also might like to see the map threat and comments here.
You can download the melee version here, the observer version here and please give a credit to Testbug by uploading some of your own replays for this map here.

See you all soon!

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