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Last update for (4)The Great Phase : 2022, 03, 12 14:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2309 (4)The Great Phase 128*128Tuy (Pimped by Testbug)2.5final

The map has been rated 90 times and got a total of 224 points

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Comments:   GMCS (9 elements)

pimping maps for the iM
this map was original made by 'Tuy'
it was named '(4)The Great Divide(n).scx' and see that only use 2 ground levels.
there are no bridges in this map, and looks like it will need some inverted ramps.

a 2 ground level with no bridges+inverted ramps
only means ASHLAND!



modified by Testbug
You put the ash may as before... but I think you meant the other way around. Ash one looks very nice IMO.
oh thank you mayhem xD
i writed "after" in the twilight one and "before" in my pimped version.

it's fixed now.
new feedback before i start decoration!
should it be 8mineral + 7minonly natural and a 6 mieral gass in the hig ground?

should i get back the side expos? (i placed shake in the sides so i can't place the expos that where in the original version)

i'll finish this thing this week.
is any MatchUp bad in this map?
I think it would be a sick 2v2 map. You could maybe even just put one expo inbetween the ramps where that valley is at top right and bottom left. You'd have to add new ramp though, and I dunno if you want to do that.
absolutley magnificent terrain layout :)

ok well i opened the map up in the editor and there clearly isnt enuff room in the mains for Terran and Protoss. You may want to reposition the cliffs by the nats closer to the corners so u can make more room for the mains, or take out the lava corner areas at 11 and 5 either 100% or enuff to keep a small island expo at those corners, cuz there really isnt any room there. :/

modified by NastyMarine
i'll see what can i do
those corridors are because the mirror tool
i definitly need to make the mains some bigger.
thanks for your unconditional help.

and Mayhem, i'll try your low ground expo.
but did not understand what you meant about the new ramp.

maybe a low ground expo (tankable because of that high ground)?
Just like, maybe coming from the nat so that there's two ways up that cliff, so that it sort of leads into that 3rd expo. I don't know if it's a good idea or not, so please don't follow my suggestion just because. Do it if you think it's a good idea, I'm just throwing the idea out there (which I think would work better for a 2v2 map that 2 extra expos).
Looks good so far :)
will you have sex with me testbug
What is this mirror tool?
Finish this up, I'm very pleased with the sex =).
I likeses it...
Changed low Shale to Broken rock
added mineral fields.

mains are bigger now.
i forgot gass xD
there are 12 pylons from main to nat.

this is some how the final version will look like.
(i forgot to remove those player 12 hatchery, don't worry)

where should the gass be?
nat or high ground?
the center expos will need some more buildable space...

NW and SE need serious help xD
should i add an xel naga expo NE and SW?
i put a gmcs suggestion on how to make natural distance more reasonable. i tried to make a T-like terrain-wall-formation, unfortunately the gmcs points are a bit weird. the 3 blue dots in a row are the short horizontal line of the "T", then connect the middle point of those 3 to he outmost blue dot.

this wont work for 100% (you could easily deaddrop the natural) but it's a start for thoughts about the close natural problem.
huumm.. yeah. 'll have to do something with that nat to nat distance..

is not this a 2v2 map?
modified by Testbug
this really looks awesome. great work. need gas at nat :) and center, and then ofc resources at the corner (11 and 5) expos.
what does "ofc" means?
and what's that corner(11 and 5) about???
i couldn't understand you NastyMarine.

ok here is my update:
i don't want to place doodads today!
so i just clicked on some of the 90 dirt doodads and placed somether i don't know where (i'll remove/add some soon)

the distance from nat to nat sux. so i wantesd to make that way horrible, and players will prefer the ramps way.

i'll finish doodads in main mains, so don't worry about ir.

now, should NE and SW be XelNaged?
natural and high ground gass have 2500 gass.
so if oposite positions, zerg gets 6 gasses 2 oe 3 will be already empty.

i posted it here so i canr read your funny feedback before finishing it.
i think this is more a 2v2 map so what can i do to make it nice?
ofc means of course. Nasty meant the island expos with 11 and 5. Are all the geysers full of gas? Maybe put the 8 and 2 o'clock expos in the highground middle.
modified by ptar
Woa testbug you really are godly in terraining your maps :) unique design and you can shut the mouth of anyone whos saying ashworld is ugly tileset :P
oh nono this was oroginal made by Tuy, i'm only pimping it.

no bridges+inverted ramps in a 2 levels terrain only means Ashland.
don't think it's an unly set.
you know that Requiem thing is

and because no1 is telling me to fix some problems in the map, this thing is finished for me.

i'll add the doodads now. but my StarDat is broken and id doesn't allows me to play AshWorld tileset.

but i can test it with my 1.13!
i will thank you if u guy test this map for me (but not now. i'll finish doodads today)
what do you think? :D
what exactly is all that stuff on the natural-divider?
Tuy's map has been pimped!
it's final version now, can some1 go and test it? (my StarDat is borken, i can't play ashland maps)

i wonder if Tuy likes this new version of hes map :(

fucking Ashworld! there are some unwalkable doodads that are buildable!!!

well, natural and high ground have 2000 gass.
double geysers 2500.

shouldn't NE and SW be Xel Naged?

damn picture, i usualy use Macromedia Fireworks but this PC has that fucking photoshop...

because the center is that big i added some unwalkable terrain (as ptar did in Battle Marshes)

LOL just added the map description :$
modified by Testbug

Very sexy layout and done with great execution.

The problems: Too much gas, even for a 2;2 match. So you need to make those highground expos near the nats all mineral only.

Also you added an extra expo at 1 and 7; a big mistake - and they are gas! This is a Zerg heaven atm (at the moment) and you need to remove those expos. I see alot of problems for Terran on this map. Protoss can expo like mad since all the expos are close and it will really hurt terrans if the mains are far away from eachother. As it is now, once you take one expo, you can grab like 2 others easily. And that would hurt Protoss and Zerg vs Terran on close positions. So just remove thsoe 7 and 1 expos.

But this map is very SEX.
Im going to GMCS two areas that need alot of attention!
natural and high ground only got 2000 gass.
it's not really zerg heaven, because when you colonize a 3rd expo the others will be almost empty.

(i would remove the natural geyser but not the high ground.)

if you colonize the high ground, you will have to protect that entrance, and the oter (wide ramp to the center area)
wich are too far from each other.

protect your choke (wide ramp) and that expo will be hard enpugh

and because terran is too strong in that lowground, you'll need to use the high ground.

low ground only be used in one of the 3 posible starts.

what's wrong about that Xel Naga?
should it be a Xel Naga minonly?

tell me if this points are ok:
-getting out the gass from the minonly
-making the xel naga minonly
-removing some doodads in the lowground

will that be ok?
(remember that in the current version, natural and igh ground have only 2k gass)

i understand your gas concept. But there just is way too much gas on this map. You have to understand taht.
ok, so removing the geyser from natural and Xel naga will be ok?

and making the high ground back to 5k
wow tanks where red lines are, some mines where blue is and green some turrets and terran got 5 expo all with gas GO BATTLECRUISER TVP KEKEKEKKE ^___^
dude, this cant be real xd

Free Image Hosting at
modified by Crackling
this was suppose to be a 2v2 map.
if i reduce the wass 1v1 will be better but not 2v2.

what about making natural and high grouind only 1500 gass.

mains, islands and xel Naged 5k

double geyser 2k

will that be ok?

The other way it will be:
main: 5k
natural: 5k
high ground: minonly

this won't be ok in a 1v1 a player taking 2 bases at the same side, 4 geysers with 5k? but the atention will be concentrated in the center double 2500 gass.

ok changes have been done.
natural expo have 4k gass
double geyser have 2k gass
others: 5k
modified by Testbug
ZOMG! It's the most beautiful map ever i seen! O_O
Testbug, your corner Xel-Naga temples don't show, you have an unbuildable doodad (shrub-like thing) in your SW corner gas expo and I think you have a gas issue in the mains.
This post is not displayed due to its content
u should maybe remove those unwalkable doodads between red/blue purp/teal, think about PvT ;)

middle ramps should maybe be alittle wider

this is a good map and would be played different than python i think
and btw nice pimp :)
Yeah, the central high ground makes a big difference for gameplay.
okay i edited it!!!!!!!
it looks like python!!!! xD
i'll edit tank spots with FIREHOLE's doodads soon
modified by Testbug
still didnt remove unwalkable doodads between neighbour players -.-
sol oriens
Wow good map! I want to remake this to 6p.version!

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