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Last update for (2)Ruins0.3b : 2010, 02, 18 09:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3282 (2)Ruins0.3b 128*96.Zeratul.0.1finalground

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Melee - version 0.3a
Observer - version 0.2b

0.2b - 2 exit from natural, 3 exp for player
0.3a - 1 exit form natural, 4 exp for player
mineral block are 16 minerals

helpful comment plz
modified by [P4P].Zeratul.
very nice map, i like it, gj
Way too tight. 3rd gas is too hard.

This map is just made cuz you wanted to try these "cools" things.
isn't this shoud be in experimental mode ? but i liked anyway
Nothing experimental here.

Most of the blends seem familiar to me; are you from SEN by any chance? I think I remeber a Zeratul posting there, but I haven't been on SEN in ages...

There are tankholes (spots between the cliffs where you can fit a tank but are unreachable by land) behind the bottom main's min line and less so behind the top main's. Block them please.
looks tight
The extended cliffs at the nat choke are extremely imbalanced. On one side the inside of the players base is siegable from the outside. On the other players base its siegable from the inside.

That means that one player can use it to defend but the other cant and its doubled so theres no chance of microing it. Very pretty but wasn't worth the time. Might as well make an RPG that people will actually play :P

Also, I don't know why people get upset about tighht maps. In my opinion that just makes it easy to contain a T player.

It's not like you have to attack the terrans main. You just starve them on tight maps. For example if I want to contain the T on this map there is only one lane. Vulture harrass is very hard for terran if I just plant 6 or 7 dragoons on that lane to the middle. Terran has no alternate vulture paths and so it makes harrassing difficult. The protoss could simply expo and stop every T attempt to send vultures. So in my opinion the tightness of the map favors P. If P can contain T vulture harrass all game there is no way for T to win. T must have the eco/food advantage!

Carriers also rape on this map :P
modified by XeLious

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