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Last update for (4)Double Edge : 2008, 02, 06 19:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2806 (4)Double Edge 128*128LostTampon0.6betaground

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 32 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

okay some explanation needed here

- corner expos have 1000m/3500g
- chokefields have 24mins
- minfields blocking the chokes behind cornerexpo have 200 each (to slow down pushing through)

for mains too small and pathing issues-crier:
and NO the mains are not too small (tested)
and if you cant control your units play another game ;)
modified by LostTampon
I love your style :)

hopefully it will turn balanced.
i'ms sure wide ramps should be in the other side (but nats will be near bridges) so path issue will dissapear.

if you move the ramps (that ar in the center of the main, with an expo in one side and an empty space in the other side) if you move the wide ramps, where the nats are. units won't use the blocked route never

i really like this map, can you make one of the double dirges wider?
double-edge is a physical normal-type move that causes 120 base power but hurts user with 30% of the dmage inflicted.
a stabed user will make a 180 base power :O
he could just be referring to a double-edged sword, and not pokemon
very cool idea but its not balanced well for fundamental gameplay imo. I feel it isnt structured well but it has a pretty damn cool feel to it.
almost impossible to flank at pvt, less "temple" in middle please. smore grass in reds main would look better^^
Nice map with interesting placement of the bases although pathing issue will discourage some players. There is lots of room to flank but for some reason the map appears much smaller than it really is. Those 200 minerals will effectively block the use of those plateaus by attacking land units, maybe you should lower their value.
i think there gonna be the same problem as on shakras or katrina, you have a total of __16__ expansions, and also 16(!!!!!!!!!!) gas :D
just imagine in a 1v1 T_t thats a loooooooooooot....
watch the replay of nightmarjoo vs me n shakras, you gonna see whats wrong with so may expansions in a 1v1 >.<
4 easy gass for protoss :S
remove the gas at backdoor expand.
Thx for comments guys. Helped a lot :)


- moved chokes a bit to counter the pathing problems
- removed gas at side-expos
- lowered amount of blocking mins to 100/150
- opened middle (dark swarm mostly for eye candy)

(Note: The pathing issue still exists, but it matters only when you try to move units from within the mainbase to the according minonly. I tested it and it doesnt really affect the flow of the game.)

There are several maps with 16 expos (like katrina, r-point, persona, forte, etc.) that are offering nice gameplay. Keep in mind that in this map the backdoor nats have reduced amount of mins/gas and that the other expos have only 6 1/2 mineralblocks.
modified by LostTampon
ussualy says "nah i won't make the changes, my map is special" :)

you moved the choke clock wise so the path issue literally disapeared!
terran was too strong with 3 early gass. your nat minonly is good but it's still too easy for protoss to expo vs zerg :(

niceee you removed the tempel walls!!!
NastyMarine what's wrong with this map?

oh i problem i found is that ramp mineral fields are mined when gathering at the nat :(
20 zealots will get in really easy and kill spowning pool or spire :(

i love this map!!!!!!
i'm sure crackling was talking about 4 gass to each 4 players. R-point is special, it's heavy on gass but lots of geysers are only 2500. also the nat doesn't protects the nat.

what you have done here is godly! you only make me love you more and more each time!
Losttampon, katrina is infamously a p map, r-point a t map, no one plays persona because it sucks and is infamously a z map, and forte is just a weird map; I think the small mineral numbers (besides the main) on all the expos along with the gigantic middle makes it ok, but I never really met anyone who enjoyed playing forte.

Map definitely feels very turtly to me. The mains are pretty big too.
I dunno exactly what it is, but I just really dislike the feel of the map. Just, weird expo layout, harassability, and seemingly the emphasis on the sides, not the middle.
Overall imo it's pretty ugly too :(

- moved minonly expos (thx testbug <3); lowered their amount to 1000
- made mains smaller -> side expos are no more tankable from the mains
- largened bridges
- removed some doodads in the middle
nononoo now units stack witht he minonly workers when trying to move clockwise.

protoss won't defend the bridged expos so easy with photon cannons because of your wider bridge :D

why did you say "thanks to testbug" i never sayd to move MORE the minonlies.

workers don't gather fields in the ramps anymore, but path issue is very heavy now. maybe you can block the ramops with something else? like ungoro's pylons.

it'll be nice if you move back the minonlies to the old place. path issue is too heavy in this way.

the larger bridges are very good!
just get rid of those wide ramps with minerals on it, i completly dont understand what they are supposed to do >.<
just use normal ramps, they are so much better... this wide ramps with minerals on it have also been in Hillfire, but they were just confusing and useless at all-.-
so moving the minonly so units don't met workers at nat. and changin hellfire ramps with normal sized ramps?
small edit:
- moved minonlies back again
- used now normal chokes
can you test your own map? pla vs computer, your nats cause path issue. specially red and brown.
i found path issue at northern expo too.

southern exo has no path issue.
why are bakcdoor mienral fields 150? have you tested why? or you just decided 150 will be great for gameplay and strategies?
yep i have tested it already with a cpu, the point is that these things are not testable with a cpu - they dont abuse the backdoor in any way; i have set these minerals to 150 mainly to prevent terran or toss to get trough it too easily. Also, you cant test timings with the cpu - meaning "how long will it take to harvest those mins until my enemy has built <...>".
nononoo, build 4 hatcheries, one in each minonlie and spown about 20 drones on each minonly.
then sen a lot of zerglings from main to main, they'll stack with the working drones.

now imagine a vulture+tank army
again an update:

- moved chokes at sideexpos a bit
- decreased blocking min count to 75/100
- fixed some mining issues

i've tested unit pathing @minonlies, and it's on all sides fine, no pathing through workerline is existent (even at south where you can attach a comsat)

oops upped wrong pic :)
modified by LostTampon
map is really cool now :)

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