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There are currently 3686 maps in the database.
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Christmas is closing in!02 of December 2005 02:41 PM
Posted by:Starparty

And to celebrate that, has thrown toghether a christmas special with lots of tourneys and events, and amongst those is an event which might be even a little more interesting than the other events.

Map-making contest
Design a balanced (non-UMS) Christmas-themed map, and submit it by Christmas.
The top maps will be used in our grand final tournament, and the winners will
be able to join the fun at the Crew e-party.

The judging will be done by members of our Map Developer forum.

Well seeing as most of us are in this forum we might not be able to win, i dont know. I will atleast try to make a nice map, and i hope you will too :)

* - Link to the eventsite

MOTW 4828 of November 2005 10:20 PM
Posted by:Listoric

It`s monday evening here in germany and as promised, here is the newest state to the art Map of the Week on

The creator of our Random Map Competition, to all of you known as Starparty, has created another great map of his own - Sattarchasm.

As the MapID 666 indicates, Starparty made a deal with Satan to have a MotW every month... as it seems. Still, it's not a suprise why his latest work won.

The bases are made with the known and balanced basics we're all used to, to get into the game very fast, while the extra gas expansions, one per player, gives the extra shot to this awesome looking map. No islands to hide, no sneaky peaky deaky ways around the corner, just straight and fast fights. That's what we want and that's why this map is our new Map of the Week.


Ah, and while you're downloading (4)Satterchasm here, drop a comment on this map here and finally take a look at our running Random Map Competition.

Have a nice week,

SPs Random Map Competition 428 of November 2005 01:19 AM
Posted by:Starparty

Woho! Just as you thought your life was over when travins Speedmap competition was over, guess what!?!? It time for:


S T A R P A R T Y ´ S _ R A N D O M _ M A P _ C O M P E T I T I O N _ # 4

Been over two months (if not more) since the last competition! But he who waits for something good never waits too long... (as we say it in swedish) Ok. So wzup this time you ask yourselves. What shall we do??? The excitement is rising, the blood rushes to your head as i release the conditions:

Y O U _ W I L L _ M A K E:

A 4-PLAYER TEAMPLAY MAP (I know lis hates red color so here you go)


  • First of, the map must look super good. Anything else is #¤##¤"#¤

  • Secondly, The map is supposed to be a teamplay map, meaning that your objective is to create a map that, however you start you will always be stationared with your ally, like a shared bases map (not litterally) But like playing 12,3 vs 6,9 on LT for instance. I hope this is clear.
    _You are NOT_ supposed to make a shared bases map, making a team start at the same base with triggers,
    _ _BUT_ youre making a map that whereever you start you will feel connected with your ally.
    Yes this is hard, so think good on how to solve this issue with the terrain.

  • You do not have to consider 1on1 strategies on the map, this will be for teamplay only. Perfect balance is nice but the teamplay is the absolute most important here. With originality you will get far, just dont try weird thing just because you can. I will not be happy :P

  • Do make good mineralplacements though, gas issue etc, enough buildspace for all, check doodads so they dont interfeer and so on.










OK so the conditions are set, the rules are understood, and just for clarification - you are making a 2ON2-MAP, not a 4player map which you CAN play 2on2 on, but an actual 2ON2-MAP. If you are unsure about this, just make your map and ill look at it. Also post in the comments and il try to clarify a bit more.

Ready, set go!

Why are you still reading? Go make a map!

Edit: If you're scared i will give you a cookie. ( o <-- cookie)

BWMN - MapLogo27 of November 2005 02:03 PM
Posted by:Listoric

I've "released" our MapLogo once again, you can find it here in our FilesSection/Other. Also a very short description how to use it is added.

Also visit quite frequently, they wrote some articles about us and our mappack. As all articles on that page, ours are worth to read.

Also Entropy from is trying to help us achieve world domination as a mapmaking community whereever it's possible, so big Thank you from us to you here again.

Keep on mapping,

Map Developers forum25 of November 2005 11:15 PM
Posted by:Starparty

Entropy once again shows his great support for the mapmaking community. His last move is a dedicated forum at The objectives are as following:

1. To promote decent and balanced maps produced in our community without ignoring inovation and creativity.

2. To give a loud voice here at to promote all its maps and events directly.

3. To make the number 1 Melee Map Making community in the west.

4. To re-create Blizzards Map of the Month for our community.

I am greatly impressed with Entropys interest in our passion so lets make this forum a great one.
Edit: Entropy just made a forumpost in our forum too with a bit more info, check it out!

Map Developers Forum


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