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SPs Random Map Competition #4

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 12, 05 (Year, month, day)

Woho! Just as you thought your life was over when travins Speedmap competition was over, guess what!?!? It time for:


S T A R P A R T Y S _ R A N D O M _ M A P _ C O M P E T I T I O N _ # 4

Been over two months (if not more) since the last competition! But he who waits for something good never waits too long... (as we say it in swedish) Ok. So wzup this time you ask yourselves. What shall we do??? The excitement is rising, the blood rushes to your head as i release the conditions:

Y O U _ W I L L _ M A K E:

A 4-PLAYER TEAMPLAY MAP (I know lis hates red color so here you go)


  • First of, the map must look super good. Anything else is ###"#

  • Secondly, The map is supposed to be a teamplay map, meaning that your objective is to create a map that, however you start you will always be stationared with your ally, like a shared bases map (not litterally) But like playing 12,3 vs 6,9 on LT for instance. I hope this is clear.
    _You are NOT_ supposed to make a shared bases map, making a team start at the same base with triggers,
    _ _BUT_ youre making a map that whereever you start you will feel connected with your ally.
    Yes this is hard, so think good on how to solve this issue with the terrain.

  • You do not have to consider 1on1 strategies on the map, this will be for teamplay only. Perfect balance is nice but the teamplay is the absolute most important here. With originality you will get far, just dont try weird thing just because you can. I will not be happy :P

  • Do make good mineralplacements though, gas issue etc, enough buildspace for all, check doodads so they dont interfeer and so on.










OK so the conditions are set, the rules are understood, and just for clarification - you are making a 2ON2-MAP, not a 4player map which you CAN play 2on2 on, but an actual 2ON2-MAP. If you are unsure about this, just make your map and ill look at it. Also post in the comments and il try to clarify a bit more.

Ready, set go!

Why are you still reading? Go make a map!

Edit: If you're scared i will give you a cookie. ( o <-- cookie)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)TeamworkListoricMelee Obs Picture0
(4)SnowHellNoNamedOneMelee Picture0
(4)AllegianceflothefreakMelee Picture0
(4)Deister MountainsPanschk[FP]Melee Picture0
(4)unfinishedListoricMelee Picture0
(4)Running CirclesScoutWBFMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Cookies scare me... they really do... _
Phew. I like fish... i have to... :/
Hm, is it ok to make it a 6 player map but still only suited for 2:2 (I I *think* I migiht have an idea, though chances are it will fall through =D).
Actually nevermind =P!!Making maps at 4:40 am leads to not seeing obvious flaws in your ideas ;(
Hmm... teammaps are really interesting. I'm already on it.
Done. Hope this is something you intended.

It really makes me wanna play 2on2. I wish i could... grr F*ck router...
SPRMC - if you try to say it sounds like "supremacy" ^^

should it be beautiful on image or ingame?
cause image beautifulness often needs strict symmetry
I think both. But if you're making a natural looking map, symmetry is not that important. As long as it's balanced.
Ok, i discuss my map here instead of the comment thing, after it's not about the map, it's about the competition.

I thought, we should make a map that "whereever you start, you have your ally nearby". Or said in other words, you always start next to your ally (i thought the one starting next to me will be my ally THEN).

So, my map obviously is not what you wanted ^^
Hmm... i already have something in mind again...
Hmm.. acutally no... only bs maps. Sorry, just impossible.
Look at silver machine. It is somewhat close to what i mean. However you start on silver machine you are connected with your ally in some way. Either by close position, or by the terrain layout.
I know you were thinking of that map, i also thought about it, and it's close, and also, the only thing i can think of, except of what i'm creating now :P
ok fuck it.

i was playing around and created a jngle map on 64x64 after you have a Ally feel on such a small map on every position. The barriers were made with raised jungle, and also i made the units walk through a labyrinth to increase "rushing distance".

Still it's definetely not what you want to have so i stopped it and didn't even save it. Maybe somthing else comes to my mind...
Experiment with startpositions. None of the symetrical maps are very fun to play in 2on2. LT is not symetrial.

about balance. In 2on2 there are so many units that strats like turbonoob doesnt work as good because it gets overpowered. That is why balance is secondary to fun gaming.

I think NvS or similar setups are actually much less fun anyway. If both players are together from the beginning, the game gets much more static (sieged tanks+ally troops nearby : pretty much undefeatable)
Imo maps like arena are great 2on2, I don't think startlocation experiments will improve that by any means.
iron curtain is interesting though...
Well i finish the map for this contest. I use the same main bases as in Grapes of Wrath, i was tryging something diffrent, but i realize that this type of main bases, are the best solution, for what i was trying to do, or i just can't think of something else... Anyway the backdoors patch, that they are stick to the map edges, are the connections of the main bases. I hope it feels for team play.

Starparty, this is a really hard task to complete. To make connections, good for team play at all start locations. I wish luck to all, who join this competition, but it's really hard...

Btw firstly i tought that i have to make a map like, Listorics map. That is for team play, something like NvS...
starparty what if the players started 1,3 and 2,4? They wouldnt feel connected then.
I think i have an idea to make a map where cross/north+south/east+west will all be connected some way. I'll get to it when i stop being lazy.
well how about you just go make some awesome 2on2 maps instead then :P

Try to think about what is funny in 2on2 and not in 1on1. Some strategies are not as effective in 2on2 etc.
Starparty, will you take a part of this competition? It's a little funny, but if you make such competition, then your map should be the best, with those positions, not to mention that you are very good in map making, and make them look very good and balanced...


And the winer is... Starparty :/
Nvm, it wasn't happening, i gave up on it.
LGI don't make this contest a "Starparty's ego push map contest"^^
No, i was just thinking while i was writing the comment, that i haven't see nobody to come up with an idea how to make the type of map that Starparty wants... But if he make such competition, then he might be the only one with the answer. So thats why in a funny way ofcourse i see, that he is the winner... :)
i am actually working on a map that definetly needs templay^^
cross pos has proven being the hardest problem
I already deleted 2 projects where I just wasn't able to get cross pos feeling connected
Hmm... i have only one thing left in mind... let's see.
lol, great, i have it.
wow... i feel really great now, think i really got it, mwahahaha ^^

Lol, just now i am working on another project, i draw it first on a paper, and in editor is not that easy, because of wide patches and etc, etc... Hope in the end it comes something good out of it :) .
actually im trying to make a map. Its getting very experimental though, but i think it will work however you start.. mabye iono...
I can't really see this working with a map that has a base in every corner or at 12, 3, 6, and 9 . The diagonol position would need some sort of high ground path across the map but then it would connect in the middle and just screw everything up
Im gonna try something where all the bases are near the center.
obs. there is no rule saying that the map cant be air map, or be some positions on air etc. as long as it is a fun map.
yah, i thought about making an airmap, but i was sure it wouldn't win then because everyone would say "too easy"
Too easy :P
Its not too easy -.- You still have cross positions, and you will have to think about how to fix them. I cant solve this problem without islands, but i already HAVE solved it with. But that was not a easy quest that either i tell u :P
lol i now readet this your posts sry, i made air map 4 days ago and wos only testing it to now....
panschk is closest by now i'd say. i hope i can finish my map. if not, i just post it here with a random password, so that you see the concept and can finish it ^^ - maybe :P
Well i was looking a lot Panschk[FP]s map, and i really can't get the idea. What if green and blue, are in one team? For me surly it doesn't look very ally.
yea, keep em coming, a few days left. Personally i think im closest so far :P

(ill show that map at deadline)
If Teal ANd Blue Are allied then they can double team Red and vise versa with Purple and Red vs Blue.
They are connected in the fact that the expansion to the left is their territory.
best concept but the map looks pretty crappy imo.
on every map you are supposed to double team at 1 opponent in 2on2...
and don't go for "but it's teamplay because 2on1 makes it strong"- at least one of the 2-team is again on the other hand "alone"
Tomorrow maps are also addable?

If then, maybe i get to finish my map... maybe not.
I can make it tomorrow if you need the time. Atleast my intensions are that tomorrow is ok too
if you add me in ICQ, i'll show you my concept, but i'm not in the mood for mapping atm. To busy with other stuff.
I submit my map tomorrow^^
Added mine, but the name says it all.
btw lis unifished is best idea
Yea List The 2nd Map looks like a winner, Finish it up.
If you extend this competition a bit, i think i have an idea i thought of today that i could make.
Just post it later.
I haven't had time to finish my map. Hopefully I can get home and do it later in the evening.
bah, another good idea that failed.
i will post my map soon and have a evaluation. Sorry that the competition was too hard, ill think of an easier concept next time. Ill get back to ya
Wasn't too hard for me^^
True, it was solvable, but i had the final idea while i was typing in a text that it is just impossible here ^^ while typing i had the idea for "unfinished" and thought... god... this is IT ^^
dont say that it wasnt hard since none of you completed it 100%.
Well, i had no time to create the missing terrain, but the concept fits the criteria. Every position feels connected to it's ally.

North vs South
Island vs Island
Low Center vs High Edges

Through the fact that edge positions have similar base and expansion concept, and cener ones also, the ally feel is also supported.

Tel me if i'm wrong. ^^
i dont get the low center vs high edges. I wouldnt feel very connected when my ally is in the faroposite corner with no way to go to him.
Maybe I should have sent in my first idea.8[
so you never feel connected to an ally on islands?

you do, as you prove it on your own map. also the inner ones feel connected after they are close together, while the outer ones have an ally feel troguh same startpositions and the fact that they "surrounded" the enemys.

The fact that you start next to someone doesn't create an instant ally feel. But if two people have the "same thing to go through" they feel like allys.
i know what you mean by the surounding, but that can work against them too, since center has easy time doubleteaming on a corner while ally have hard time defending.

On my map when that scenario occurs, the far away players have the ground path to walk and help which is fast.
Ok so who won?
Guess nobody is 100% finish...
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