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iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
Scan; yOon vs babo; Dandy on (4)Charmander0.83
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BWM Weekly Tourny, October 22nd23 of October 2006 03:00 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Ok we had an 8 player double elimination bo3 with bo5 finals. The maps were advent, naz(i)ca, curtain call, and undying lands. As usual there were complaints about the maps. Please post comments here. I will try and gather the reps for one rep pack instead of a bunch of reps on the tourny site. The winner was GRC-Deathlink, author of Nazca. The second place person was lnept. This was a really long tourny, organized completely by Nightmarjoo, because all the other admins didn't show up.

Congratulations to Deathlink for his win, and praised be Nightmarjoo who ran the whole thing. And amid some confusion with the brackets, the tournament was a nice one.

Next week's tourny will be using the maps: (2)Zerg Canyon, (2)Bulle Baiikon, (4)Garden Of Aiur, and (2)Rocket
MOTW 42 two double-O-six21 of October 2006 01:21 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

You know what's the meaning of life? There is some story someone let a computer calculate it, and his result was: "42". So GriG should be really happy to win this week's MOTW with his map advent.

This week's MOTW was late and it was a hard decision, as four maps had a serious shot at winning, but someone's got to make the decision, and in that case it's me who does.

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20 of October 2006 10:43 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Nevermind, and sorry for the wasted space here.
Next Weekly Tourny16 of October 2006 09:51 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Ok guys for the next tourny the map pool will be Undying Lands, Advent, Curtain Call, and Naz(i)ca.
As sunday seems to be working we will do it then again I guess. Please leave comments as to what times would be best for you, or if in fact sunday is a bad day.
Bwm Weekly Tournament14 of October 2006 10:03 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Ok idk if it will be a weekly thing but w/e. As for the maps, make your pick in comp for tournament

Panschk said he's busy this sunday, the 15th, so I hope you other admins know how to handle the tournament scipts and stuff.

The tournament will be held at 20:30 GMT, which is like 19:30 CET, and 3:30 PM EST. Last time was an hour and half earlier, and several people missed it, so I pushed it ahead. It was only earlier last time for panschk, and he's not here this sunday -_-

The tourny will be held in op bwmn on the europe server.

The map pool, decided through a power play by ex admin NastyMarine is: Muse 1.5, Montsegur, and Desert Flower. More or less we will be selecting the maps from the list as they appear on the list. Not all maps on that list will be used however, as aserted through a power play by current admin Nightmarjoo, who is the most active on bwm.

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