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Last update for (4)Mirage : 2007, 06, 11 19:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1270 (4)Mirage 128*128flothefreak1.0final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 64 points


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Comments:   GMCS (18 elements)

an island map.
i basically tried to balance out island maps for zerg slightly. to do so, i put very few minerals to the starting location but gave another - unsafe - expo in the base. i kept the gas of it very exposed, so this should help with muta harass or lurkerdrop or whatever.

i couldn't keep the gasissue for the starting locations, so i gave one bad and one good gas in each base. the 2nd base is very likely to be taken fast, so i think it should not have a too big effect.

i expect a very aggressive game due to the big distance between the two bases (start-pos. and main-expo). there should be some hard dropping

map is for 2on2 only. in 1on1, there'd be some imbalance i guess, concerning the start locations the players happen to get.

its a really good and original map, I like it a lot.
ignore the tank comment plz.
Whoa it has a great layout for FFAs and for 2v2 air games. looks pretty well thought out. I see no problems at this time gj
i have a couple problems.

1. Zerg is actually overpowering on an island map!
There fast expo will rake in 8 additional minerals, while terran and protoss, will be left with a measily 5 minerals, forcing them to play a linear fast expo build if they dont want to get whooped. (fast expo on islands tends to lead to turtling with protoss and terran as they won't have units as fast)

2. Mineral onlies on the side, why so high count?

3. pretty much all buildable middle ;;
king of 8 plr maps
Pretty good mineral placement, design good too.
Only problem is your main you cant have starting with 5, then have the natural in base which is fine, but with gas and more minerals then main.
Zerg in lead rigt now on this map, while toss and terran holding a short stick.

to fix this you need up main minerals to at least 7, then inbase natural minerals down to 5 with gas or not if you wanna make it even more balanced.

The other thing I would only remove gas at far top mid and bottom mid , and make same 8 patches to far 3 and 9, far 12 and 6.
People playing this map wont know which expo got more resources by just looking at it, if they choose lesser one they will be behind little, so even it out. In other words, Eather make 3,9,6,12 all with gas or not, but it needs be same. so that if its 1 on 1 its fair game.

Some expos you cant build command center, the desert doodads you cant build over them, almost all them in desert, theres only few small ones you can build over. Start removing them around expos in center the 5 patches expos check them, youl see them.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
the sidepaths on left and right are not as large as the bottom and top ones. so i didn't want it too attractive for terran players. if it was a gas expansion, it would be quite a good move for terran to take and hold it, because then he'll be able to shoot the enemy's natural. at least, that was the deliberation before i widened the left and right sidepath :P. as there are many "cliffable" minerals, i wanted to cut terran down a bit. i will see what to do with the expos.

i want to keep the minerals in main as they are. the approach is to enable a balanced zerg on airmaps. take into consideration that, if zerg goes FE, he has 2 far away bases so he is very vulnerable. P and T are likely to expo fast against zerg anyway. only if someone proves me (like, in a bo7 against a same-skilled player) that it causes _Z>p/t_, then i will see to up it to 6 or 7.

i wanted some doodads in the mainbases because those are very empty and boring anyway (for style :O). i don't like it with, nor without doodads. not sure about this, i will see how it is ingame - the doodads in mains are all pushed to the edges.

the ring-shaped path was connected in an ealier version, but i didn't like it that you could walk literally around the whole map then. it is an airmap, so it shall be used with shuttles :O
semi-airmaps with all connected ground exist enough out there, so i wanted to have a different gamefeeling. actually, the connected path looked much better, but i prefer different gamestyle and different game-feeling over look of the pic :P
well the problem is, the less minerals , the longer it takes to gather cash. So the gap between zerg's 300 and protoss's 400 will be overwhelming..
King of 8 plr Maps
that works too

Hey did you remove those doodads in mineral in middle part around sides, there some doodads that doesnt allow you to make a command center, check the 5 minerals expo in middle 1:00 and 7:00 needs bit cleaning up or re-arange doodads so you can build comand center.

modified by King of 8 plr Maps
wtf? since when aren't those grass-doodads non-buildable?

i just send this map to TANL contest :S
king of 8 plr maps
On dark dirt ground you can build on grass but dunes grass isnt buildible just check it place a comand center there, doesnt hurt to check, I did check this, cause I knew already about the difference of grass, the dunes grass is a blizzard bug guess they forgot to make it buildble like dirt one.

why would you send in a beta to be in contest

check 7:00 and 1:00 before you forget to do it later

modified by king of 8 plr maps
I have a theory for an island proffesional map. And this map is not one of them...

When i make my island map (and i should make one really soon, because the online bulgarian WCG tourney wants me to make the forth map, and it has to be island), i will point what do i mean by my first sentence above.

Anyway it looks good on the picture, and i really like the idea whith the "sunken cliff" near the first natural expand.
king of 8 plr maps
I also got good idea for semi island map, I never seen it been done on map, think I'll make it next.
i usually place doodads at the very end, when the map itself is finished. so i didn't check again for CC/nex/hatch. I rarely make desert maps and well, shit happens.

i sent this to the TANL contest because of the concept (balanced zerg airmap). if they like the idea, the map will be tested by players anyway before publishing.
it isnt balanced at all btw :)

zerg actually overpowers here.

and people jsut complain about that zerg thing. If you have the micro , Zerg just OWNS on islands.
3 wrong statements in one post. besides the lack of any argumentation of course.

to prove it, ill do it the old fashioned way. Flo, go find anyone that will play this map ( a Protoss or a Terran) and i will be zerg and submit the replay.
modified by lnept
king of 8 plr maps
chill inept, floth wants it like this, its his map, if theres any problem he hear it from the testers.

I see toss is in worst pos on this map, at least terran can fly in a command center everywhere, but I think zerg got head start on time and resources, but its not that bad cause toss n terran would have to fast expo too but would be a catch up game for them.

Zerg already has upper hand on island maps, dont know if main resources way it is can balance this.

Ill like to see a replay on this map to be sure
uploaded the fixed version in which i got rid of those grass doodads. totally forgot about it although it's on my PC for long now :o

I'll get to testing after i finished school.
I always hate air maps because when I play them with my even skilled friend, pvz, i ALWAYS lose. From what i have experienced zerg often overpowers on air maps. And this would just make it worse.. I dont know how you will take this since you bash every comment against your map =D

If I were T I would lift my CC to nat. haha
if your mate owns you in ZvP on airmap, then you're even with him on ground, but not on airmaps. he then just has more clue of what he's got to do. in other words, on airmaps he is stronger than you.
the dentist
no one even knows how to play air maps, let alone make them. a bunch of people who don't know how to play melee maps but try to make them shouldn't even start making air maps.
flo, i wouldnt make that comment without being in my position if i were you. You are assuming. If we happened to switch races per say...
Im really not criticizing the map harshly, im just saying, that this seems like zerg will overpower like stated earlier. I would move a patch from nat to the main. But thats just me. What do I know?
yea im still awaiting a challenge on this map, ill see how fast i can get mutas as z , while your still saving up for your forge
that is just _bad_ theorycrafting. if you do it, do it properly. if you say "mass muta", i say "Fe and mass HT/storm/arch". I win!

yenku: i am just referring to what is shown in pro-leagues. zerg players switch to random or P/T on airmaps. and as they have superior knowledge of the game - and they're the better ones to judge balance - I won't be convinced by some people telling me otherwise.
thats because you still haven't got some1 for me to play, im waiting
king of 8 plr maps
I suck in starcraft, I dont play much anymore
so get a good player, and lets see zerg in action vs terran or toss, all my money is on zerg to own if they are good at zerg race vs good toss, terran.

Even with my bad ass I could probly own whole middle with all my cannons so ill won zergy mabe.
modified by king of 8 plr maps
Did anyone notice the gas issue yet?
sure king, any zerg player > cannons. and anyone witha bit of sc brain knows that. the map looks good
Fix gas and add doodads.
doodads are fixed, only the pic wasnt updated

gas placement isnt the best, but tactical value had to replace the gas issue. but as you notice, every mainbase has 1 "bad" and one "good" gas, so i aint as hard as on normal maps, players are likely to expand fastly anyway

I'll see to change syndromes GMCS suggestion, it's right what he poinbted out
modified by flothefreak
I don't see that many reasons against all-top-gas...

Ok, it probably is not as much of a difference as usually, but I'm still wondering what tactical value you spoke of...
ehm how cant you see it?

maingas always safe from attacks from below, while the natural gas is at the VERY edge to the dropzone, so even lurkers can attack it, or goons, or whatever. 1 safe gas, but as the gas is important, a fast 2nd gas is also kinda exposed
Sure thing. But since the second gas is so vulnerable, it is potentially less effective than a main gas. So the player with bad main gas and good exp gas still has some disadvantage.

But if you place all main gas on top positions, they still shouldn't be vulnerable to tanks from the bottom.

Do you get what I want to explain? ;)
yes i know. but even if "the better gas instead of the weaker one" is more vulnerable, this difference is still smaller than having all gases on top - because on some positions it would be REALLY imbalanced (bottom right and maybe left main's gas - tankable from outside, but not on top, referring to the sand-dunes-inner-circle. both bottom naturals' gases tankable, while none on top) etc.

those differences would REALLY hurt balance MUCH more than the small little discrepancy of having the "better gas" more exposed. if you lose a gas, it aint such a difference if it is slightly worth more or not - the loss itself is so large anyway.
Hm, I though you couldn't hit the mains gas from below on bottom pos if it was placed on top. But if you say it can, I'll believe you; you made the map ;)

But you should at least put 11's gas to the left imo:
a) for the looks
b) equalizing unit movement/buildable room
ye, kinda...right you are^^
wow you fkin retarded? its an island map, who cares about tanks hitting you...

well that was harsh but you get my point!
modified by lnept
little update. i may move the 6h/12h gas somewhere to a more symmetric place. we'll see.

i also think it's ready for FINAL now :)
and i look forward to play it
modified by flothefreak
gosh i love this has a very cool flow, awesome. and i think it IS usable for 1on1, although i didnt think so in the first place. i wanna play it against terran, too the next days
Ok, now i haven't play the map yet. Atm it seems like a 2v2 map mainly, because of the two seperate parts in the center. I would be really happy to see those two parts and the center connected. Then i think the map will have some of the both: new ideas + basic standart staff.

The written above is about that this is the only reason why i never gave a vote for this map, but i like it anyway.
hm, if i erase those walls in the center, it will be semi-airmap overall :/ and there are enough of those...i dont really wanna do that. other opinions on that?
Well, still aboutone half of the expansions would be on seperate islands... But I am neither for nor against removing those walls, just dunno.
another replay, longer than the other one, and showing much use of the map. i wont change anything, the map is great as it is - just play it, it flows perfectly.
NastyNickD223 (12:13:18 AM): panschk wrote teh motw already
The64man (12:13:28 AM): there's 6
The64man (12:13:30 AM): ah
The64man (12:13:33 AM): he did!?
NastyNickD223 (12:13:28 AM): yea
The64man (12:14:01 AM): oh
The64man (12:14:03 AM): well
The64man (12:14:07 AM): I expected that to be it
The64man (12:14:09 AM): but
The64man (12:14:18 AM): I wish flo would fix the racial imba in it
The64man (12:14:23 AM): as well as decorate the rest of it
The64man (12:14:34 AM): it's so plain...
The64man (12:14:40 AM): and flo is good at decorating maps
NastyNickD223 (12:14:32 AM): i really dont know much about the imbas in island maps
The64man (12:14:44 AM): he was lazy with this one
NastyNickD223 (12:14:36 AM): explain
The64man (12:15:00 AM): well island maps tend to be anti z because z air takes time to get
The64man (12:15:02 AM): time and money
The64man (12:15:06 AM): but
The64man (12:15:13 AM): the other races can get drop or air tech much faster
The64man (12:15:22 AM): so by adding a geyser, or even a whole nat
The64man (12:15:26 AM): you allow z to play normall
The64man (12:15:27 AM): y
The64man (12:15:44 AM): instead of forcing insane 9gas before pool builds and stuff
NastyNickD223 (12:15:41 AM): o aight
The64man (12:16:11 AM): then a map can either favour drops, air, or be semi island, and allow tons of ground warfare
The64man (12:16:24 AM): estrella is probably the best known semi island map I know of
The64man (12:16:33 AM): forbidden zone being up there
The64man (12:16:41 AM): but forbidden zone is said to be imba
The64man (12:16:49 AM): but I don't know what they say is wrong with it
The64man (12:16:54 AM): and haven't taken the time to think about it on my own
The64man (12:17:00 AM): because no one plays that map anymore
The64man (12:17:09 AM): so look at flo's map
NastyNickD223 (12:17:03 AM): lol
The64man (12:17:14 AM): every base t can lift to
The64man (12:17:17 AM): clearly helps t
The64man (12:17:23 AM): low minerals and high gas is just insane
The64man (12:17:34 AM): t can mass gols and turtle
The64man (12:17:41 AM): lift ccs and facts elsewhere
The64man (12:17:48 AM): don't have to touch air for a while
The64man (12:17:59 AM): also tanks decimate the N/S/W/E expos
The64man (12:18:03 AM): since they are on islands
The64man (12:18:11 AM): with islands behind the minerals
The64man (12:18:16 AM): the map clearly favours t
The64man (12:18:20 AM): but look at zerg
The64man (12:18:24 AM): there is tons of gas
The64man (12:18:26 AM): and low minerals
The64man (12:18:31 AM): this means z can mass scourge
The64man (12:18:37 AM): and prevent p from doing anything
The64man (12:18:40 AM): as well as mutas
The64man (12:18:47 AM): for harass and eventually destruction
The64man (12:18:57 AM): t can get cloaked wraiths or gols to prevent this
The64man (12:19:18 AM): p can't touch t because t tanks their mainland expos, and turltes to prevent p from doing anything
The64man (12:19:25 AM): the map disfavours p heavily
The64man (12:19:44 AM): flo's replays are pvp and pvz
The64man (12:19:52 AM): the pvp shows nothing about racial imba lol
The64man (12:19:56 AM): and the z sucked ass
The64man (12:20:04 AM): went for hydra drop with shit macro
The64man (12:20:07 AM): had 3k minerals
The64man (12:20:15 AM): in a map where you have tons of gas and low minerals
The64man (12:20:30 AM): I played scout tvt and realized everything I just said
The64man (12:20:58 AM): flo hasn't tested or shown reps for tvp, tvz, or a decent zvp
The64man (12:21:06 AM): tvz should be fine
The64man (12:21:16 AM): but
The64man (12:21:20 AM): one thing that hurts z
The64man (12:21:28 AM): is that the mainland is actually several islands
The64man (12:21:36 AM): this means that true ground force is useless
The64man (12:21:44 AM): which removes most of z's units
The64man (12:21:56 AM): you're not gonna ling drop a gas heavy p lmao
The64man (12:22:03 AM): nor hydra drop for that matter
NastyNickD223 (12:21:54 AM): lol
The64man (12:22:10 AM): storm everywhere omfg lol
The64man (12:22:18 AM): you'd lose all your ovys at once ><
The64man (12:22:23 AM): 2 storms and you lose the game
The64man (12:22:25 AM): lol
The64man (12:22:32 AM): so p would half to storm turtle
The64man (12:22:46 AM): z would have mutas and scourge to prevent p from doing anything
The64man (12:22:53 AM): but would be hard for z to attack
The64man (12:22:55 AM): cuz of storm
The64man (12:23:02 AM): game would be war of atrition z would win
The64man (12:23:07 AM): because z would have the map
The64man (12:23:11 AM): and p lacks siege tanks
The64man (12:23:13 AM): lol
NastyNickD223 (12:23:09 AM): haha
The64man (12:23:42 AM): so by connected the various lower land islands
The64man (12:23:49 AM): t's tanks would not be almighty
The64man (12:23:57 AM): p could use ground force effectively
The64man (12:24:00 AM): as well as z
The64man (12:24:06 AM): the map would play like estrella
The64man (12:24:14 AM): except that the middle expo is super valuable
The64man (12:24:23 AM): and that all races will have a free nat
The64man (12:24:35 AM): low minerals ensures z early start
The64man (12:24:43 AM): few drones to mine optimally
The64man (12:24:51 AM): and they get 300 before 400 lol
The64man (12:25:10 AM): lol
The64man (12:25:17 AM): ima copy this convo into bwm
For the present this site reached a new,unknown low level.This should be a MOTW?This map has nothing and I mean really nothing that would make her worthy to be played.

Let's see,a "good" begin,the playstyle. Drop,drop,drop until the bitter(or happy)end.
But's ok, the maker want her so and anyway it's subjectiv some like that drop intensiv style others not.So let us look to the map itself.

And what we find here?Giants monster plateaus as mains,whitout any terrain deco.But who the heck really need this stuff?

The middle of the map is the crown of stupidity.It's designed for 2 players but sadly just one player can really play the boss here because the min lines are too close.God be with you when you will play this map and a terran would be here before.In that case he will control also the expos from the sand arrea,with his tanks.Not to mention what a strategic advantage in map controling and also in ressource controling that would be.But who cares?

Overall from top to the bottom,from from left to the right the terrain is empty and plain,love for detail,no thanks.Just a example;the goosefoote execution of the tar elements.

Positive:the map is symetric,not 100% but so what?

And obvious this is quite enough to became a MOTW.All of you who have voted for this map, please take my congatulations.You guys have opened my eyes.Now I understand what a good map is.


Compared with this map are Estrella or Luna juwels,I hope you don't have anyy doubts about this fact.

But for some "reasons" it seems someone wanna keep
the old(-er)mapper fancy.
well its clearly not the best of the motws. but gameplay flow is not bad so. and you can keep land-style playing at some places there are big dropping areas. maybe im just too lame to discvo those racial imbalances you spoke of, but i think gameplay is good.
i have played it. 9 hatch 9 pool 9 gas 2 hatch 2 muta is ridiculously strong.
Have you tested the BO against a 14CC Terran? I think 14CC should keep up or beat your build order.
gameplay is awful Antares as the map is in its current way, I believe I, lnept, and scout have explained the problems with the map.
why the hell would you 14CC when theres 5 minerals in main? of course it wouldnt keep up. Maybe a 10CC...
It's not that slow because you actually only build the depot and got enough SCVs for the expansion when it's finished. 10CC should be pretty dumb because 10SCVs are barely enough for the main base.
awesome map. I've played like 20 1on1's and 5 2on2's on it and really enjoyed it.

My only suggestion would be to put 4 minerals from on nat.expo and 8 to location.
modified by illskillz
yap, replays would be great :) gimme all u have!
lol awful map. First of all, obs map allows ups past 3-3, apparently p>z hugely, p can 4port sairs and z can't win. t>z cuz t can mass vessels easy. P seems to = t from the games I obed. zvz is gay, but that's nothing new.
DeA says you should make the nat gas in the corner, so z can take it with 3hatch. This doesn't hurt p or t too much actually. It would play like most island maps, only they'd get extra minerals from nat, so they could easily take gas expo.

Also people recomend making the mainland connected so z can win via land force like estrella. This would also make pvt more interesting.
Z can win vs T, but it's hard. I didn't play well couse i was tired.


The map has bugs yes. It was funny when LostTampon had 4-4 upgs and going for 5-5 :(((

The path finding on some of the star locations is alful. Many players had the same problem. I mean the path finding to Hatch/CC and gaz or hatch/CC - mineral blocks. The workers AI is really bad.

P>Z for balacing i would OPEN THE MAP, FLO!

Connect all the expands so Z can have a god damn chance. If i was Z vs P and the map was connected, i would try to takeover all the ground map and it's not even sure that i will make it.

Dubble gas for P is just way too strong. Every game P goes on mass cors from 2-3 EVEN 4 StarGates and have more air army then your muta/scorje. EVERYTIME!

Flo you are gay! >:E

P.S. Tomorow i will upload reps. Now i am really really tired. I don't even know why i type this now...
modified by LGI
ye i also think that the mid needs to be redone (open it a bit more plz)
+ the mineral placement in the main should be redone, also

5/5 rines ftw!
you should decorate it too. It's ugly as hell, and I know you can decorate maps well -.-
It's ok, imo.
no it's not, you're wrong!
I am right, now go to sleep.
the question i ask is how the game got far enough for the guy to get 4 starports
lol I only like this map cuz i won on it with sairs & reavers =P
I have a rep pvz where I went straight sair and he left when he saw my 3 stargates and getting 4th, his spire had just finished. It doesn't take long to get them =/
no you didn't nighmar XD
This is where Night was going for 4 ports...

Free Image Hosting at

And this is where in a 25 minutes long game ZvP again...

Free Image Hosting at
well i dont take into account suckage. who the heck cant finish a spire before a guy has 3 ports?
hm, how is that upgrade thing possible? i usually dont touch any option that is beyond needed obs stuff...

i will see to all your suggestions. connecting the expands seems necessary. i also may make one gas empty, preferably the main gas
should have 9 minerals at sl & 5-6 at in base nat
terrrrrrible map for t/p. add 2 more patches to main and reduce expo to like 7 or 6. too many expos also. i like the side gas thing though, it works well.

3hatch muta is the best imo.
modified by effecthypnotize
you dont get the point less minerals should favor zerg on this airmap because t/p cant use it's usual economy advantage. this is a feature whcih clearly helps zerg
mayb im wrong, but i think that this is the first airmap ive seen that favours a zz team in 2on2
what do you think of the 2nd gas to be sperated from the natural expand?
lol that would further favour zerg, who can make a 3rd hatch easily to compensate for the distance.
which is what, positive or negativ in your eyes?
lol if it's a z favouring map making it favour z more does not help balance
if it is z favouring on an airmap...
my god people really need to learn how to play zvp on air maps. It is just the lack of practice because they always dodge it. so of course you suck at it retards.

making the gas longer just helped zerg more, nice job.(negative)

this map just gets worst and worst
Interesting map. I saw all the replays, there were wins and losses for zerg. Island maps in general tend not to favor zerg. In this one Toss and Terran just have to prepare for mass mutas early on, but I still feel that they will have an edge over zerg except at the gosu level where they will be equal. I don't think the alleged weakness of the expossed gas on the nat was evident in these replays. Pehaps giving full land access to the area next to it (axing the semicircle of hills) would help.
updated deco and expos. got rid of the single gas, moved it back to the natural.
the only thing i will eventually change on that gas now is the value...and until none proves this gas/min setup in mains is imba for whatever race, i wont touch anything. you are all only theorycrafting...and lnept knowing it better than most of the (korean) gosus is the best of it.
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The map is good, just for me, it feels unconfortable to play. The main concept with only 5 minblocks feels awful, though it might be balanced. I heard flo tried to make z balanced here, but I think now zerg is just overwhelming... Imho this map is Z>T>P...
WTF are all these deleted comments???
It wasn't related to the map itself so he censored them. Just a quabble between mappers is all^^


--flothefreak vs sagfjhtnzh(1on1, 1.14)
--wut)flow vs wut)galilei(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs BuLdoZerG[S.A](1on1, 1.14)
-- vs (, )
--LostTampon vs gosuInDaHouse(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs HypNosis[FUZZ](1on1, 1.14)
--HypNosis[FUZZ] vs LGI(1on1, 1.14)
--MaxSiMal[S.A] vs LGI(1on1, 1.14)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs GosuIndaHouse(1on1, 1.14)
--wut)flow vs nightmarjoo[ba](1on1, 1.14)
--flothefreak vs ptzoss2(1on1, 1.14)
--flothefreak vs nungonung(1on1, 1.14)
--flothefreak vs GNQ(1on1, 1.14)
--flothefreak vs Radix(1on1, 1.14)

Upload replay for this map
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