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Last update for (4)Deep Inheritance : 2010, 01, 06 13:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1269 (4)Deep Inheritance 128*128Arden(WoF)0.8final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 47 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Cool, I like the hand in the middle, and the first expo concept is nice.
I had a whole long description written down, but for some reason it was erased during the submition. I'm not going to right it all again, so I'll just say a few short things.

-I know there will be pathing issues between horizontal position, I'll ask you to please deal with it. It's not hard to click the middle before attacking. And besides, the barrier will be mined out eventually.
-Min blocks at those min only exps are 250 each, and I have not yet tested how effective the barrier is.
-Bases are completely buildable, don't stress over the crags.
-Still needs doodads, misc decoration

Anything else you can pretty much figure out on your own...

modified by Arden(WoF)
of course it is possible to click into the middle before attacking - but you will forget it from time to time, and, most important, it is just annoying :/

on RoV, those two small minblocks also fuck up pathing, and that is the only thing i really hate about it.

just in general: you can decide to keep those - but i can tell you, players won't be happy about it and may refuse the map due to this pathing problem. another thing i see with them: terran could do what nada (?) did on king of the abyss. that would screw every FE-zerg. the fe is very far away from the base anyway.

to your map:
center: talk to the hand! ;D
i, for my part, don't really like maps that close the vertical positions so far until the mapcenter.
however, that is personal.
there are some nice ideas integrated, like the backdoor expo. though, I'd make a minblock there actually. terran is already quite strong i'd say. gas-natural, minonly, backdoor-island...those are 4 bases together with the main, and it is not too hard to get them all covered. even the minonly is safest for T due to tankrange.

overall quite a macromap. but it has some sweet ideas and style. it will play quite different. still, there is some tweaking necessary :(
Oh right, I forgot to put the min block on that semi island. I was going to put a nuetral building there because it require 3 min blocks (maybe 4??) to completely cover the area.
How can I convert the bmp that SCMdraft gives me into a jpeg?


Nvm, I got it.
modified by Arden(WoF)
check ingame: how many hitpoints do the buildings you placed have? :P
Hm... zero?

I guess I placed them wrong in the editor... They just didn't show up. I'll fix that.


modified by Arden(WoF)
Turns out that lings can pass through the 3 mins, but drones can't so all is well.
nice map layout. looks good gj
ya it looks really good and is ready for doodads
maybe replace the mineral wall that screws with pathing with neutral buildings
modified by maximumdan
its alright, a lot of minerals compared to gas ratio though

Center seems pretty useless.
@Inept Why is the center uselss? Battle area? Flanking space?

@Max Nuetral buildings would still cause pathing problems, andthey would be taken down too fast...
modified by Arden(WoF)
useless in value. its just a hand, and paths to get to enemy, its kinda like luna except it isnt all unbuildable so its kinda just...useless :P
I don't know why you would even point that out... You don't hear anybody saying "Center is useless" on other maps with open centers (other than luna). It's just implied.
because on this map it sticks out in the way that the center is very wide, and could fit expos,

and get rid of those dumb mineral onlies and put high ground wall instead of having pathfinding problems
Arden(WoF), that ruins 50% of the map

And theres no way I could fit in expos without screwing up pathing even more, and creating a big loss of movement room.
modified by Arden(WoF)
Acutally, if I take out the tar on the left and right sides, I may be able to fit an expansion without screwing up pathing. Do you think I should do that? It may interfere with those min only exps on highground a bit...
Added mid expos and took out the min only wall...

Happy now?

Any other problems before I add doodads?
y less original but better :D
Yeah, it solves most of the problems, but it's border line standard...but I guess it still has some interesting elements.
King of 8 plr Maps
good map Wolf, I like mineral placement very balanced I would keep it like it is but I would remove those min blocks.
From that Cliff from the min only should be a drop zone players can use that to drop in units for nice attack, this alone makes this map unique and play different.

Also would tar the rest going all way to back from that mid left and right behind the expo this would make more symmetrical to top and bottom tar.

Your maps are getting better, I see you took one my ideas of placing neutral building right in middle of that expo.
Well it makes for differant play.

Neutral building you need add as sprites to show up in game, mabe you already did this, temple I think its 1000 or 2000.

modified by King of 8 plr Maps
did you use a symmetry tool for this, and if you did what program is it in?
That space needs to be left open for a drop zone.
Did I use a symetry tool for this map? I didn't even know they existed. To answer your question, no, I did not.
king of 8 plr maps
Good map makers dont use that tool, they want all control of what they make.

yeah drop zone there, that can work good too.

hey wof you know the neutral building, for you to pull that off good, you need to put 2 or more unbuildble doodads around it so you cant build a command center right beside the temple, Thats What I did with White Dwarf, you need encourage players to shoot it down, other wise theres no use to have that temple there.

Ive updated K-Reator, I moved the bases, now more easer to play, you have only build 1 defence on exits you can fit 1 barracks with depo, the way I had it before you had to build defence on platform then at bottom.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
The whole point of the nuetral building is to force a drop. If you are Terran and you land a cc next to the temple, that means you will have to use a few scvs (5 dmg each - slow) to eliminate 1500 or so hitpoints, which takes wayy too long. So they are forced to drop an attacking unit to destroy the temple first.

-By the way, WoF is not synonymous with Wolf =/.
modified by Arden(WoF)
king of 8 plr maps
yeah but if they can fit a cammand center there, you can save time and just build one if it fits right beside it, think about it.

there 2 spots you can put doodads to block, one is front of temple on right and left other below the temple just outside the crags.

its not big deal to do this but there some player like me that want head start specialy if your terran, you shoot temple while you earn extra money till its destroyed, then move cammand center after its destroyed.
having doodads there makes it more diffacult to mine since its too far away.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
Yes, but nobody would bother doing that, it would be very alkward.

We'll see what I do, I haven't even placed doodads yet anyway...
modified by Arden(WoF)
king of 8 plr maps
That tool I heard is in SCMdraft2, but dont ask me how to use it, I read it in doc somewhere, I dont know how it is done though.
I could save alot of time if I did

modified by king of 8 plr maps
Looks very similar to Travin's Aarklash map :D
It does now, after I was forced to get rid of the mineral barrier -.-
Added doodads, obs version, blah, blah. I kept most doodads away from the main/nats. I hate doodad interferance.


Test games while it's still fresh?
modified by Arden(WoF)
king of 8 plr maps
Get rid of those grass doodads on mains you cant build on those grass thats on dune tile, also some mineral only you cant build command center on there cause of same grass doodads, check blues and purples mineral only thats where they are.

Desert doodads are really annoying theres like only 2 or 3 you can use thats buildible, then you got those doodads your units cant walk over & other units can walk over but not buildible, stuff like that.

Floths got same problem on his desert map too

modified by king of 8 plr maps
The "gras" doodads king is referring to, on the sanddunes are, as he saiys, not walkable, so delete all of them. better take the "green data disk" and the "destroyed data disk" doodads, both about 33% height on the doodad scale, they are walkable and buildable, iirc.

also check that terran can build his cc everywhere, and also check if terran can build a comsat everywhere! Which isn't possible at bottom right atm i think.

The building block there is a very good idea imo, as wel as the blocking mineral line, just well made and fits perfect.

What i'd change is the "3in1" dropzone at 3 and 9. Split this into two smaller ones via tar sea. Why?
because Terran _could_ take this as an easy push route. I did "quite the same" on Temple of Eden also, and i think it's not a good idea anymore. I'm going to update my map also by time.

It's just very hard to stop just a couple of tanks toing there work there, especially as protoss. Terran doesn't have to focus on what is going on there and can simply attack with one dropship, a tank, 3 rines, 1 medic, 2 wbfs and 3 vultures and secure everythig while killing your mineral only without real problem. or said in a different way.

As soon as Terran takes his mineral only, yours is dead ^^ To make it harder for T, make the dropspots smaller and seperated.

Also there are more than enough good dropspots on this map already, so you don't lose a tactical value when doing this.

The naturals seem quite off the main, harder for Z to get a fast expansion, but with the mineral only in the back, and 4 zerglings doing their work on the building, i think it's ok.

I really like it! Good job.
Oh, sorry, I thought they were buildable. I'll fix that in a minute. And we'll see what I can do about that drop zone. It's pretty small already, so if I divide it into smaller sections, it might as well just disapear.
Fixed those doodads and reduced the size of that drop area.
the dentist
this looks like travin's map
yeah, I just was going to say the same thing^^

But its pretty awesome, all those great maps make me want to play SC again ;)
i had a post and it didnt display, too bad.. I dont know how it was before but this looks pretty good. I really dont see any problems.
^same her, looks awesome

damnit, wanted to rate it and missclicked, now i rated it with a 0 :|
modified by Listoric

There were problems that I was not aware of until recently...

1. Top right and bottom right's backdoor nat was not comsatable - FIXED

2. The min blocks to the backdoor nats were not efficient walls, peons could pass through them - FIXED
the dentist
u know what, i nominate this for motw. it's playable and interesting enough. why not.
random map. Looks interesting, the nats are pretty far from the main though.
how can like this map :O is so awesome so hard to get exp so many hdirt ... i don't like it
Very old map, was relatively better back when it was made ._.

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