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MOTW 46-200620 of November 2006 05:53 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
This (actually last) week MOTW is an island-map by flothefreak that uses an interesting mainbase layout to improve zerg-balancing on island maps and offer fresh new gameplay.
While I can't be sure about balancing, this is definitely a map I'd like to play if I'd play at all :D

Ok I'm lacking inspiration right now, just enjoy the map and have a good week ;]

Go to the map thread

lol never-the-less, congratz flo

This is by far one of the worst air maps ever.
i dont think that, well i also like some other motws more, but this also pretty good.
panschk has really enlightened me to why we need to start doing the MotM asap.

what is this joke? i will 9 hatch 9 pool 9 gas 2 hatch muta everytime and even if it doesnt win the game, it will definetly put them in a place of turtle. i really doubt games 1v1 will get very far on this map. on the other hand, i think this map could be good for 2v2, but are we really looking for solely 2v2 maps on a MOTW?
we are looking for any extrodinary map that provides good balance or good innovative design/originality, and good execution.

and for the most part, we have gotten that in all the motws
This map is neither extraordinary nor it provides good balance or innovative design.

You can even see how crappy the creator is by the fact of placing unbuildable doodas in the corners of each main...and everbody builds in or to the corners.
It is more "extraordinary" than 95% of the maps here. And flothefreak at least did some tests, unlike on other maps that are in contention for motw regulary.

I dont know about balancing, I prefer to give a map a chance at motw that tourns out to be imbalanced after more testing than just settling for standard-maps every single week.
Besides that it got most votes, so the is no admin abuse or anything here...
you left out the part where flo sucks and so does the people he play with. hardly qualified as tests

"You can even see how crappy the creator is by the fact of placing unbuildable doodas in the corners of each main...and everbody builds in or to the corners."

that's cool. i will soon come up with a solution to all people which

a) complain about doodads in the middle of the mains that annoy while building
b) compain about doodads at the edges of the mains that ALSO annoy while building and
c) complain about a lack of decoration, esp. in the mains due to not enough doodads
or how about stop worrying so much about fuckin decoration and worry about how it plays...
omgzorz lnept maps which look pretty are better than maps that play well. Don't be such a noob concerned with playability -.-
yes of course, how silly of me.

its also pointless giving comments on gameplay these days as well, because people just want to make it look better from now i will just say playable or unplayable map, retaking the role of mosq.
actually you played along with him all the time...
Yay, I miss mosq.
Curse your words!

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