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Last update for (2)Aztec Templing : 2010, 08, 14 18:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4168 (2)Aztec Templing 96*128SiaBBo0.9betaground

The map has been rated 108 times and got a total of 95 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Trololol, new map again! Double gasses are 2500 both. Comments and suggestions are highly welcome!
azzzztec something? no it's not my map :)
i agree it but so litle space to build and put more jungle ;0
-Mains are now bigger.
modified by SiaBBo
my dog is pregnant

Actually, not enough space to build on.. like everyone said ^^

I suggest doing something with the middle expos, thatll do it i think.

Looks like you have enough space to build..
modified by SiaBBo
That's more space then needed even, i personally love small tight bases :)
No Terran would line up his Facs like this ^^ but anyways, i'm not referring to the mains..
Ofcourse he would, if he would have to. ^^
I dont like this one, nat 2 nat seems way to close
Can't agree with that. It's actually kinda fine. And some promaps have similiar distance too.
If you'd only put some path blockers in the middle.. :]
I really don't understand whine "nat to nat way too close". Really? What about Ride of Valkyries? There were no problems with that.
It's weird ._.

See if you can remove the broken cliff, particularly behind the nat, I feel it's wasting space.
The big ridge by the corner is imo too large, and is a sign of awkward space management. Shrinking it won't really help, and pulling the expo towards the center will just leave wasted space. No suggestions on how to fix this. It would probably require remaking the map anyway. Likewise I feel the min only has too much space. Er, and it probably should have gas. This would make it too close to the corner expo, which points out another problem. That part of the map is a mess =/ Again, no suggestions, sorry.

Nat cliff is too spacious. Most of that is useless, you only need a little bit of room for tanks to shoot the workers and stay out of range. The distance between the cliff and minerals makes lurker and storm drops from there somewhat less effective than it ought to be. You could shrink it by pulling the nat towards the top/bottom of map, which would alleviate any problems caused by the nats being "too close".

I like the main/nat/3rd/side-path, but everything else seems kind of messy.

I don't think I like the double gas.

Decoration could be better ._.
Kinda lol'd when someone is trolling with rating.

Ride of Valkyries was structured in another way so the short distances didn't matter. People would take the long route (up on the high basillica) to get better army positioning. A-moving from nat to nat on RoV is dumb.
Early games you just move units nat to nat in RoV. Lategames you, yes, stay on basilica. And in this map you stay on your ramp.

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