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Last update for (2)Arctic Scaffold : 2007, 04, 09 21:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1780 (2)Arctic Scaffold 128*128Antares0.5final

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 30 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

new designing techniques both in graphics and natural layout. well maybe the design looks bad, but hell better in ingame. i know its not perfectly balanced in this low-eco way, i seek what would be the best for now.

modified by Antares
LOL took me a little while to see after I first opened the pic. I like it. Red's main looks smaller than blue's. I am worried about the main size, testing will decide that.
wow, you get the most confusing pic award :D Even worse than that other map... which one was it?^^
btw, the small ice fields around your base are dropspots, and they are not even necessary for anything...
spines: actually i investigated it and you can squeeze a tank only the half of the holes, but i will use my bruteforce techinque to solve this :P

and that map was snowcrash, hehe little hypnotizing design, but its ok in ingame :)

nightmarjoo: since the map is a mirror, red's base cant be so smaller.. i think it is even bigger with the backsidepart
optical suicide^^
i will take a closer look later this day
It looks so messy, cool, but messy.. Maybe make it more... Simple..
very cool actually, only the middle seems quite tight (hard to say from the pic, as it's kinda confusing ;D). and this sidepathcliff with those 2 expos is too easy to close. make it more accessable, to make its expos harder to take/defend. and what i'd really like (and would help accessablity) is a ramp on the spots marked in GMCS.
u have done alot better
that's for sure :)
ehh what do you mean, it doesnt make sense :(
you just cannot see with my eyes!
Free Image Hosting at
yeah that extra ramp, ok thats clear. actually in the first version there WAS a ramp there. hm i could do it.

i believe nasty said smthg, that map isnt my best or i dont know how should i understand.
no, u have done a lot better WITH THIS MAP than with yours before ;)
oh my god dont make it so confusing, now my head hurts =S
i did what flo suggested and also some changes about the main
Oh you updated it? Well I've played some games on the original version and I noticed that the 6 blocks hurts z a lot. zvz is dreadfull, you can't afford 3hatch lings, and hardly 2hatch mutas. zvt you don't get enough money to make more than 1 hatch, and 2hatching on 6 blocks is awful. I recomend you atleast add 1 more block.
well mayb you tried wrong strat :p
ive done it nightmarjoo.. now the mains contain 8 mineralblocks :)
you could squeeze them together. you have enough room for reaverdrops from the sides anyway...but you'd gain a slight advantage for ALL zergs. kinda two-sides-decision.
k got a nice long replay. 50 minute zvt vs scout. The pathing for the mineral onlys is horrid. The main formations are awkward and slow for mining, not good for zerg initially. Deathlink says there are gas imbalances, I think he might mean NW's gas, which may require 4, not sure.

I like the map still. Scout doesn't, big surprise.
5 o'clocks gas is too far away - @11 needs only 3 drones in gas for mining and @5 needs 4

secondly, one mineral block of the min only expansions are misplaced - the drones are therefore so confused that they refuse to start working ;P
modified by LostTampon
ah sry guys i doesnt have the time for even these debugging tests :( thy for playing, it helped me greatly.. and the gas is fixed, i will update the map later when i got home
awkward formations = horrible wandering and dumb worker ai, an easy fix. Just make a better formation. The formation in my Muse works well :)
lol you uploaded the replay XD
update :P
looks better. I'll try and test the gas to make sure they're the same later.
wahh i see the rep. sry for my buggy edition :P if i had got time i would have done it by myself. thanks for doing that.
lol "wahh" :) Yeah that's how I felt playing that game^^
Fine map,no doubt.But i find some issues.

The gas in the south main is bad placed.The cruisin' radius of the workers would be bigger compared with the north dude,and because the main(south)is a little smaller you became a terrain imba effect.Right?You will have a smaller surface for buildings,slow movin' inside the main...

The position of the gas on your nearest to the middle expos is also bad placed.

I like this map & I think it's worth to make her better.


--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs scout(1on1, 1.14p)
--Razgriz3 vs DG)Rogue(1on1, 1.14)

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