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There are currently 3663 maps in the database.
There were 52319 comments posted and 3267 replays uploaded.
The average rating for all maps is -165,062.4 .
5 newest maps:
(4)wild force 1.65 (no_o
(4)Centre Point 0.03
(4)Reflect 1.0
5 newest replays:
NaeGongT vs WiCo`ge3salja on (3)Turbine 1.01
NaeGongT vs WiCo`ge3salja on (3)Turbine 1.01
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
iRk-Dewalt vs SouL)Z(Sziky on (2)Blindside 0.9
MOTW 47 200611 of December 2006 10:07 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Okay this MOTW is almost a month late, but the majority of the users wants MOTW to go on even though it is not as active as it once was. Due to the delay, MOTW 48, 49 and 50 will be left out. Next MOTW competition will be MOTW 51.
We will have two weeks for this one, one week for submitting and testing, one for discussion, even more testing and votes. Thanks to GRC-Deathlink for this proposal on how to improve the quality.

Now let's talk about the current MOTW:
In a week one could name "twilight week" and that was really more like three weeks actually, it became a dogfight between noname's panda0.3 and trcc's Trouble Instinct. With 4 votes to 3, Trouble Instinct wins this epic battle for the incredibly important forty-seventh map of the week title this year. While the fact that it has no observer-version is somewhat disappointing to me, it surely is a beautiful map with a lot of resources on it. Yeah, a lot. Satterchasm-like. So the perfect map for huge macro-battles I suppose.

Trouble Instinct

What a week that was ;-)
United Tournament 0308 of December 2006 05:51 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
United Tournament 03, Hosted by Nightmarjoo

Channel op bwmn
Place Europe Server
Time 2:30 PM EST, 20:30 CET Sunday the 10th

Rubi by Summersky
Echo II by Epidion
Xenomorph by LGI
Velocity by Arden(WOF) (using version of Nightmarjoo).

All glitches are allowed, please do abuse the maps so we can see problems with them. Please do not abuse the same thing over and over, that would serve no purpose.

Save all replays (pp is fine) and email the pack of your replays to (that's me) and indicate 1. who you are 2. who you played 3. which round and map each rep is on, especially if that is not indicated in the rep name.

Players: All are invited, however no more than 16 (unless there are 32 players total). Do not leave if you arrive and the channel is full, fill-ins are allowed if a player leaves and doesn't return for a while, and many register, show up, and leave before the games, replacements can be made anytime during the tourny.

bo3 double elimination, final is bo5. The map for the round will be used for every game, no loser picks thing. the bo5 will use as many of the maps as necessary, not just one.

Please arrive closer to 20:00 CET for registration purposes, so we can start at 20:30. I want this to be finished asap, because I do my homework on sundays -.-
United Tournament 02 FINISHED!30 of November 2006 08:59 AM
Posted by:LGI
General info:

Date: 03.12.2006

Start: 20:00 CET

Place: Europe, channel UNTour

Type: Dubble elimination (there will be loser brackets) Best of three, loser picks from the map pack. The picks can't be the same if a map is played already.

Max players: 64 (might be more)

Prize: First - 3 points, Second - 2 points, Third - 1 point :)

Rules: Just be mannerd and don't use gay tricks/bugs which we all know from the rules of other tournaments. If someone get disconnected an admin will check the replay to say who might win or if both players are agreed for a re-match no replay would be needed. Don't forget we play for fun, not for gaynest...

Link for register, brackets - Click

Confirm phase: 30 minutes before the tournament.


First round by - (4)Fortitude by Arden(WoF)
Second round - (2)Montsegur by Antares
Third round - (4)Mirage by flothefreak
Forth round - (2)shamant garden0.1 by noname


1. DeA[LighT] aka GRC-DeathKnight - 3 pts
2. LostTampon - 2 pts
3. Maxsimal[S.A] - 1 pt

After really intresting Lose Brackets fianl and a grand final this was the result...

LostTampon played one game vs Maxsimal[S.A] and Maxsimal give him the second game a free win, then LostTampon go to the Grand Final where he lost 1 game vs DeA[LighT] and give the second game a free win to DeA :/ ...
United Torunament 01 FINISHED!22 of November 2006 07:58 AM
Posted by:LGI
This is the first tournament based on testing the best BWMN maps. It will also help you to advance your skills in playing new and diferent type of maps. For now BWMN mappers and gamers + S.A Team are willing to take part in this tournament, and i hope that in future more people would like to take a part in it. It will be based on four BWMN maps. We will make it round 1 - first map, round 2 - second map - etc, etc, etc. If there is round 5 - frist map again and so on. Best of three it is :) . I think Best of one always makes some players to go cheese, which doesn't show what the map is giving to us.

Our goal is to find and show the best BWMN maps out there and World Domination of course :) . So every game that you play on a BWMN map should be saved. We need every single replay there is, so don't forget to save!

General info:

Date: 26.11.2006

Start: 20:30 CET

Place: Europe, channel UNTour

Type: Best of three, loser picks from the map pack. The picks can't be the same if a map is played already.

Max players: 32 (For now :) )

Prize: First - 3 points, Second - two points, Third - one point :)

Rules: Just be mannerd and don't use gay tricks/bugs which we all know from the rules of other tournaments.

Confirm phase: One hour before the tournament.


Round 1: (2)Cunning Stunts by Spitfire

Round 2: (4)Sacred Grounds 2.1 by MillenniumArmy

Round 3: (2)Trench Warfare by flothefreak

Round 4: (4)Beloved Land by Nastymarine


1. Inept from USA - 3 pts
2. Chus[S.A] from Bulgaria - 2 pts
3. from Bulgaria - 1 pt

The number of the players wasn't really good. 12 players played on the tournament. We were 14 but two friends of Inept were really BM and they leave the tournament. The other reason that S.A Team didn't come in full package was that they had a Nation War, and then Clan War, so only three of them showed up + me four. I hope next time is better. Even whit the small nomber everyone have to admit that we all have a great time :) . And it was fun!

Here is a list of the players who took part in the tournament:

1. Jonoman92
2. from Bulgaria
3. Ukio_bg from Bulgaria
4. ScoutWBF from Germany (whit Korean flag in the site, so everyone can laugh at him)
6. dna]zwing[
7. Slabaka[S.A] from Bulgaria
8. Inept from USA
9. QcK[S.A] from Bulgaria
10. nK)TaRrY
11. Chus[S.A] from Bulgaria
12. LGI from Bulgaria

And here are the brackets.

All replays that i've gather are on every map threat. I will try to find some more.

See you next week :)
MOTW 46-200620 of November 2006 05:53 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
This (actually last) week MOTW is an island-map by flothefreak that uses an interesting mainbase layout to improve zerg-balancing on island maps and offer fresh new gameplay.
While I can't be sure about balancing, this is definitely a map I'd like to play if I'd play at all :D

Ok I'm lacking inspiration right now, just enjoy the map and have a good week ;]

Go to the map thread

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