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MOTW 1 200711 of January 2007 11:24 PM
Posted by:Nastymarine

MOTW number one of the new year has been decided outside of the site, a fairly unanimous decision was made to make the revolutionary map (4)Avatar motw!

The map players like a normal 4 player map for the most-part. A big difference is that the nat, the first expo does not cover the choke, but instead has its own choke blocked by neutral buildings. Past the main choke is a mineral only which players could take first and block the main choke, however it does not cover the choke the way the standard nat does. Outside of the nat with gas is rocky ground so you can't cannon in, sink in, bunker in, or through whatever method blockade the expo with buildings.

Past the beginning expos is a rather open middle, it being blessed with possibly pathing killing neutrals for who knows what strategical value. In the north and south are island expos with plenty of room to build on/land on etc.

Now the revolutionary aspect of the map. Permamently placed, Disruption Webs! If you're a starcraft retard, these spells (called dwebs for short) prevent all ground units inside the spell from attacking. Units can cast spells within and air units can attack above them. Can you imagine the strategical advantage to these? Manage to attack your enemy while they're on the webs and you probably just won that fight. Get unlucky enough to be attacked while yourself being on there and you're fucked. The dwebs at the main choke allow for easy defense if you position defense correctly, enemy units couldn't attack without trying to run through the narrow choke. Also, if you hold a scout in there it is invulnerable to melee units. If you build something there melee units couldn't attack it. There is so much you can do with these dwebs it's amazing. A fairly standard map combined with these dwebs and neutral buildings, LostTampon's Avatar is a map revolutionary, combining the standard with the future of mapping. Endless combinations of strategies can evolve in this map.
Obs here

This map brings a great start to a new year of mapping. Fighting~

Congratulations Lost Tampon!

good stuff LostTampon
LostTampon fighting!
yay bwmn, nice concept <3
to be honest...

... im impressed.
Really, congratulations LostTampon!
if only the xelnaga temples disappear.. (theyre confusing when one uses minimap)
awesome concept, good job!
its funnier every time I see a great map by someone called Lost Tampon.
Sick map. Love it.

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