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Last update for (4)The Metal Age : 2007, 04, 12 15:23
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1819 (4)The Metal Age 128*128Antares0.3final

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

that would be my map for the arctic competition. i know its like mirage, but i have planned it for ages.. it also has less expansions, bad timing for an upload, but the deadline is coming :D

i didnt play tested it yet. give your thoughts to me. i am not an island expert, there are also few reps available from a real air map. so might be imbalanced i dk.
modified by Antares
How comes that every single word of the name of this map was used in my most known maps and my clan name?

See you in court! :3

By the way the map is much better than mirage gj XD
because every single word of the name is so often used word? :P

but you are right i am watching you!
FFA/2v2 on this map looks pimp
Nicely done and the middle expo payout looks slick. have you thought about connecting the middle areas or do you want it a complete island map? i think that zerg would be at a disadvantage if it is a complete island map.
Wow, I like it a lot. imo this > mirage, but there are some things about mirage I prefer.
I like the mains, since they are larger there is for one, more room, and two, it's harder to turtle on, more space to cover, so terran can't mass gols as successfully.

I agree with hypnotize, the map will be very hard for a zerg trying for ground superiority at all. This means that it might be hard for zerg to take any of the center expos, mirage has a lot more room for troop movement. If you wanted to connect this or to do so just to see if you like it, you could change the center expos so that their backs are to the mains, and connect the two islands through the sides there. Or you could cut through the center thing and reduce the outside of it for more room. Or you could just cut away a little from the center for more room.

One thing I don't like is that terran can still lift to any expo. You could place mineral blocks (I like using blocks worth 0 minerals, easy to remove and they serve their purpose, and if you use more than one, one worker can get them all, otherwise it's a hassle cuz then you have to drop more than one at a time, and as zerg I prefer dropping one drone and leaving). You could even place illegal 0 mineral mineral blocks next to the mains too so they can't lift to those. imo it is more important on island maps that t can't lift to expos, because in island maps the strategies tend to be slower, and you cannot scout as easily (air units are costly and not expendable for the most part unlike small land units); this means a terran could easily lift off 5 ccs and lift to the map and they could be hidden (lol depends on the map, and I don't recomend sending 5 at once).

I like the map, replay time!
yeah i was waiting for a comment like this. i forgot to say that this map is very beta, so i am not sure yet about the central area. i have an alternative that would connect all the six expos, removing the structure ring at 6h an 12h, moving the gas expansion closer to the sides and erase the structure at the center.

i imagined adding neutral buildings to prevent the expansion massing, and the neutral buildings helps 'metal age feeling' and they fit in the 'cityscape' requirement. as a terran i cannot see cc lifting to very far away. i enlarged the water parts exactly to prevent it. its possible of course, but most of the zerg players have mutas in time and they could discover it and eliminate it. but what if Z goes for hydras? those big 'ringed areas' at 3,6,9,12 that could seem to be useless are for hidden drops that counter this easy-going expanding.

what are your thoughts?
modified by Antares
If a Terran lifts a cc to an expo it wont do much of anything because he wont be able to get miners to it, thus making it not worth the effort. th CC lifting is therefor not a big issue. putting mineral blocks will just piss off all 3 races for no reason.
I like the idea.Islands as mains?Why not.

It's just a suggestion but I like the idea if the players can reach the middle of the map from the top and the bottom islands,over bridges.This would give the game more tempo on the other hand will avoid a drop intensive game;a other possibility to avoid a drop inferno is a air strike,of course.But in this case nada fun.

Either way the map is worthy to be played...
modified by Fry
I must confess that I fall in love with this map.I see here so much potential and of course alot of fun.I really admire your care and attention to detail and symmetry.

And because I had a liitle more time than usualy I open her with the editor,and change some things(just for fun)and finnaly I reached a possible final version.If you want I can download her or send here to you via e-mail.

hmm i am willing to edit myself if you dont mind :P
but i will surely look that map, maybe upload an image? or - but it blocks sometimes for unknown reasons
I send the map to you like you wanted,via e-mail.

Don't get me wrong;I don't wanna steal your work.I also know you are able to finish this map whitout my help.

But if I saw how this modified version looks I tought it was not a bad idea to give you a other perspective.

Don't you feel obligated to use what I done...
modified by Fry
update: connected inner island + more of a metal age feeling. maybe i take out the neutral buildings but lets see how you react ^^
I like this a lot, looks a lot better. Good job. Is this based on Fry's version?
yeah halfly
the map is great :)

I find very much in common in the design part :)
(not judging just notice :)
so you revealed that you copied xD

--DG)Rogue vs movieman(1on1, 1.14)
--DG)Rogue vs Hermit AEF & others(1on1, 1.14)
--DG)UltoR vs venenvernichter(1on1, 1.14)

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