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Artic Cityscape

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 01, 01 (Year, month, day)
23rd of December is the duedate.

I made this competition first and foremost to encourage competetive mapping, and I think that always results in nice maps being made. Let's see your best maps here.

Ok, the requirements:
  • Must be snow
  • well decorated (terrain and doodads)
  • Have 2,3 or 4 players
  • The maps can be 128x96, 128x128, or 96x128
  • The maps must have a nice balance of open and tight areas, ie: not Vampire
  • The maps may incorporate a neutral city; doodads and buildings can be used, as well as civillians. This could be a way to tighten an open middle to help that balance. This part is not required, but would be interesting to have. If doing this, make sure units don't act retarded around the city. The city is intended to be destroyable.
  • Obs versions are required if it's a 2 player map. Obs versions would be nice to have with the other maps too
  • For the overall feel, think snowy cityscape. This means use compound. For example, you could have a fairly tight neutral city in the middle with compound walls dividing the middle from the not so middle, with more open sides for expos and moving.
  • Maps with the gas issue will be removed from the competition immediately. Such maps can reenter once the issue is fixed.
  • I would apreciate it if you worried about wandering (see Antrax edge for what wandering is), but this is not required.
  • The maps must have nice mineral formations for the mains where a split is easy, and workers don't go around minerals and do stupid things like that.
  • Pay attention that the nat is not in the way of the main. Make sure there is enough room in the mains for building. I don't want small main/huge nat concept here.
  • Be concientious to all races. I would rather you allowed an early expo which defended the main too, but this is not a requirement.

    Good luck and have fun. There is plenty of time to make these maps. I will be making the final decision, but I will consider the vote's winner too. I encourage people to vote on the maps after the 23rd, because it shows what your fellow mappers think of your maps. For making a map, if you have any concepts you would like to use for the map which either violates the requirements, or you are unsure about the requirements, please leave a comment here or pm me.

  • NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
    (4)HappyguardiandayEffectHypnotizeMelee Picture1
    (2)WinterheartUrzaTronMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)Surtica1.1PsychoTEMPlar (Chef@USWestMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)ShevlineffecthypnotizeMelee Picture1
    (4)The Metal AgeAntaresMelee Picture6
    (3)SneezedLostTamponMelee Picture0
    (2)Northrend ShoresNastyMarineMelee Picture0
    The competition is closed!

    well maybe I'll submit one
    For a birthday party WE NEED BEER!
    I have idea. Map who win receive beer pack!
    oh can it be an island map? now i have no ideas for a ground map on ice with the stuff and deco as you written.
    ...that you have written
    What's wrong whit the island map? You have to be a gosu to balance Z on an air map.
    Island is fine. Just make sure you balance it for all three races. Just because it's an island map doesn't mean the races don't need room to flank. Bare in mind that giving zerg a bunch of free gas won't balance it because zerg air is pretty strong once they get hive tech. Muta/devour > terran air, and ovys aren't hard to bring to stop cloak. Muta/devour/scourge > sairs and carriers most of the time, especially if p can't use storm or paralysis. Mutas are usually used against terran using gols in ground maps, in an air map with less room for ground units I'm sure it's still the same. See boxer vs yell0w in the super fight vod on neo jungle story. Mass mutas > mass gols, even when the gol user is boxer =/
    or see nada vs chojja on bifrost, gols > lings + mutas :P
    lol bifrost anti zerg -.-
    no, chojja just sucks :P
    You're saying that because of diffrent maps gols suddenly own mutas? Why are you giving an example using Jungle Story then? :P
    lol true. In fact in the vod you can see Yell0w spamming "Terran Map Terran Map Terran Map" in the loby :)
    will no one make a map for this? Are you guys making one or do you just not care?
    im making :)
    lol well no hurries, ima push the deadline sometime soon, and take out the birthday thing since it seems to be bothering people. You can still incorporate happy birthday if you want though ;)
    easter egg :)
    tomorrow i will submit IT. beware my map will own you :P
    oh noes in soviet russia I pwn your map!!
    oh noes it is tomorow and I do not see your map! :O
    oh noes it's tomorow's tomorow ><
    yeah but im seriously doubting now, i need to revise my map so deep..
    lol you have what, 12 days left?
    hmm at the moment I'm leaning towards happyguardianday for some reason...^^
    antares i neeeed your help ^^

    how did you make sure the starts on montsegur were balanced? i cant get the distances because i dont understand how to use the coordinates, it never comes out even..
    lol wrong place to be asking, he's more likely to see it in a forum post =/
    hehe i see it here very well:

    so i planned it so deeply.. at first i 'cliffed' the center of each mainbases by tile. one tile is two square high and 4 square width. then i created the island and i compared its distances from the mainbases by counting tiles. lot of time. then i created the diagonal to be perpendicular to these distances. i mirrored a lot, by diagonal, but its very hard. randomly made things could work with less time and less stress :). i also used that a lot. but one important rule: beware of judging by sights. it could easily be false.

    yea i really wish they made it the same top to bottom and left vs right ffs T_T i have a lot of ideas for maps but i can never start them, so i always compromise and end up with shitty maps.
    lol you guys should make some maps for this competition. There is no limit to the amount of maps one person can submit, so long as they follow the guidelines.
    10 days til the deadline. Is this a 2map competition? I had hoped to see some maps from Nasty, LGI, and some of the other senior members of bwm. Not even 5pool or spines made something. I expected lnept or Scout to try something too. You guys can't make maps anymore? You guys letting the newcomers defeat you?^^
    It's all about MotW!I'm not gonna make maps for fun competitions without one win! XD
    i just cant start the fucking map ....those montsegnur start positions are so hardd to balance im not good enough rofl
    lol then don't make a montseguresue map :O
    yea my map gives a name to a maptype :)
    hehe i have discovered a new issue and now im trying to find the suitable correction for that :P
    well i promised to submit my map a long time ago, tomorrow i will do it even if i get hell criticzing comments :) now i havent got time for deep play testing, so its a bit randomly balanced. tomorrow: debugging and uploading
    that's fine. If you upload it before super testing then we can help edit it. You don't have to submit a perfect map^^ that's why it's called beta heh
    when does this contest end? and can we submit more than one map?
    yeah, nightmarjoo have already written this somewhere above, it ends 21st of november so 3 days left
    hmm hypnotize shevlin is a good map, the only thing it's missing for this competition is the city aspect. Add some neutral buildings, or make a doodad town somewhere prominent, something like that.
    Hmm should I push the deadline farther? Nasty is working on two maps, and who knows if anyone else is. I would be fine with this; every map made for this is very good imo, and I'd like to see more great maps.
    i will update it today, but yeah probably need if you want more maps submitted (who wouldnt want?):)
    deadline pushed to the following tuesday.
    nightmarjoo ill do that.
    guys i have a question about all the wierd links in a few of the forums. such as pimp my map section. wtf are all those links?
    spam from spambots. I hope they are all gone now...
    any more maps??
    nasty's will come, wont they?
    when is deadline again? 25th?
    It says at the very top...

    "deadline to enter maps: 2006, 11, 28 (Year, month, day)"
    u think i would scroll all the way up just to see the deadline for a contest that i am in? jeez.

    thanks, ill look next time.
    Nasty is being slow, but he has 2 maps he's making for the comp =/

    Millenium Army uo like making snow maps, make one for this comp :)
    i cant seem to make any nuetral city work for shevlin, is this ok?
    yeah no problem. You could post something in the forum about how to get it to work, I know a few here know how. If you can't get it to work it's no problem. The compound covers the theme I spose.
    ill do some more stuff with the compound i guess, just dont want to compromise playability with looks ><.
    yeah heh
    is it over?
    No it's not over, pushing deadline. Waiting for nasty... And I think Sneezed was for this too, wouldn't want to leave out maps considering how few there are at the moment.
    The deadline will be the 25th of Kislev, the last night of Hannukah, which happens to be the 23rd of December (for those who go by the Gregorian Solar Calended).
    >< Calender*
    yea we need like 5 or 6 more at least..
    Nasty guarantees one more, I might make one for this, and lnept said he might make a space winter on twilight >< There's 3 more, anyone can submit as many as possble maps as long as they work with the comp. I'm not sure how lnept's if he makes it will follow the rules, but I'll have to see^^
    damn i better make another map then
    *confused* how does Metal Age have a vote already?
    the deadline for voting had expired and Artanis voted before I pushed the deadline for entering maps.
    Happy birtday?

    Whats a birt? O_o
    yeah.. "happy birtday" roff :D
    shevlin or sneezed. hard. i guess i pick shevlin for now and this is hypnotize's far best map ive ever seen. ohh argonne and tengu are hard competitors. well i admit that i could change my vote later (according to tests and gameplay-wise)
    metal age seems to be a nice map
    lol who added argonne? And who added Tengu? I guess Tengu fits the theme :)

    I guess nasty will never make his map =/

    where is birtday coming from??
    well, when will the decision be made?
    me & nightmar tested shevlin & only things I could really spot was the distances, just seem really far to me for a 2 player map. I guess the rest was alright. & nightmar raped me on it with 7 hatches OH NOES!!!!
    hey guys reps would be appreciated, I'm busy as fuck and haven't been able to test these maps; and I want to get a few reps on all of them before I make a decision. So far I've played Shevlin twice, I like it; the mains mine pretty slowly for some reason and as tk said the distances are fairly long.
    well i cant play, i have exams hard as hell. lot to learn. so two weeks and i am free.
    I added Northrend shores even if it's late -_-
    well only just the votes are missing..
    make a newspost Nitemjoo!
    well half of the 'experts' didnt vote yet :)
    ok now all the experts voted.

    lol jk
    will this close ever? perhaps making a newspost to make people vote, but whatever.
    thanks scout :)
    spines* ><
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    Antares voted (2)Shevlin
    LaO-Artanis voted (4)The Metal Age
    lnept voted (4)The Metal Age
    LostTampon voted (4)The Metal Age
    NastyMarine voted (4)The Metal Age
    ProTosS4EveR voted (4)The Metal Age
    RaDiX voted (4)The Metal Age
    SAURUS voted (4)Happyguardianday
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