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Last update for (2)Northrend Shores : 2007, 01, 03 20:53
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1913 (2)Northrend Shores 96*128NastyMarine0.2beta

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 14 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

Name is after WC3 world/land: Northrend. It was supposed to be for Nitemjoo's competition but i been busy and stuff. But nevertheless it is finished, comments etc is appreciated.
o about the special things amoung the map:

There are numerous buildings and units around..

there is one marine at each main choke ramp.
There is a bunker at each min only.
there is a vulture at both 10 and 2
there is a missile turret at 12
there is a cc and refinery at both nats.
also i placed those buildings in the center to go along with nitemjoo's requirements.
Map looks good... but Idk, im a toss player, I don't think i'd like playing this with Z... expo is 1st: too far
2nd: anti FE
idk if its balanced really..
otherwise looks neat
lol it looks pretty good, I got a few suggestions. lol first of all, that snow is blinding as fuck, especially in the mains, I suggest making more dirt or even some grass.

The distances are really long from main to main unless I'm missing something; maybe make another path to cross the water or something; maybe make it like those gay paths in baekdu, where only 1 small unit can pass through, to speed up scouting and allow for additional movement; maybe you could make 1 or 2 of these paths and maybe block them off with a neutral building if you wanted.

zomg gas issue -.- why not just make SE's gas on the left; that way it won't be in the wat of his comsat too.

I like the map, but it seems fairly unflankable, and the expos aren't really setup to be fought over; looks like a macro map where p has to try and max out before t to stand a chance; I can see lnept's 2base carrier strat working here lol

Looks nice overall :)
looks like FateD beat me =/
Well FateD I think the neutrals at the bases are supposed to slow zerg and make zvp more 'fair' for noob tosses who can't play pvz. If I'm not mistaken, the distance from main to nat is about the same as the distances from main to nat in the eastern bases of luna, if anything shorter =/
Also the tightness of the map makes it hard for zerg to do any flanking, any protoss army is stronger than it normally would be in a map with flank room; I think the mineral only is fine -_- p will mass cannons like a nob anyway =/
the difference in gas mining from a gas on the left of a start loc and right of start loc are pretty close. if u want to get really technical, a map should never have a geyser to the left, right, or below a start loc because they are all significantly different than mining from above. I think theres only like a 30 gas worth difference between left and right.. unlike the difference between left and above is like 50 or so difference.
actually Nasty I believe with 3 miners left geyser is the fastest, top being 2nd fastest.
too linear...slow push would be hell , and yea id go reaver harass into 2 stargate carrier every game.

i dont see how zerg stands a chance either unless they have insane muta micro and can rape the nat line. or are very good with drop style
you also got the CC-virus nasty? xD
why didnt you make this map for the "last glacier" competition? it would have been teh roxx
wow that comp was so long ago lol
oops that rep is for elevated hate...

panschk can u delete that?

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