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MOTW 2.200702 of February 2007 03:38 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Ok, a light turnout in the motw thread. The votes were fairly unanimous, with Space in Hell by RaDiX and Nasty's Elevated Hate getting some of the love too.

Salazar Slyherine bagged another MOTW with his map Antarctic Diary!
A decievingly simple looking map, Antarctic Diary uses a few nice concepts to liven up a standard map. Nothing too radical, so there's no worry about having to adjust to a crazy map. Antarctic Diary uses cut in half tree doodads (I think that's what they are) to influence the miner ai. I'm sure you get annoyed when your scv decides to walk in a stupid path instead of going straight to the cc, well these doodads (although if you're not careful could get in your way) get in the way of the miners, so that they take a different path, which happens to be a much faster, straighter path. Don't worry, your favourite mannerpylon strat still works, the doodads don't interfere with building placement at all.

The nat is overlooked by an unuseable cliff, so don't fret that tanks will camp you :) The nat has plenty of room behind it for unit movement or turret/cannon placement.
The mineral only features a backdoor entrance, you can expo behind the mineral only. This might protect you from melee units, but ranged units will have easy pickings on your miners^^
The map has a fairly simple layout with just nat and mineral only expos besides the mains. The middle is fairly open, with some tighter areas, forming that nice balance and allowing for nice gameplay.

Spam the thread here
download melee here, and obs here

Congratulations again to Salazar Slytherine :) Send our regards to mapdori hah^^

Congratz Salazar! *although you prolly wont see this* -______-
lol that's true ><
"The mineral only features a backdoor entrance, you can expo behind the mineral only. This might protect you from melee units, but ranged units will have easy pickings on your miners^^"

Actually you can't, it's bugged, AND I said this in the map's thread. You have to mine on the side of the mineral only closest to the middle, or the miners get confused and won't go to the CC.
...Which is probably because when you maynard peons, they take the way nearest the middle.
templar you're wrong, I've played it. Look at the thread, there's atleast 1 rep of mine there and my comment -.-
Did you check 6 and 9 positions? Cause that's where BOTH ME AND MY OPPONENT HAD THE PROBLEM. If only those positions are affect, that means that it's also positionally imbalanced.
I've used and seen N/S/W with no problems, haven't played as E.
So I guess me and Lost Tampon are just retarded? =P Your tests must be flawed. We played it in game as real players would.
Or your testing is flawed, my reps have been uploaded
Mine wasn't testing. Mine was just a game (THE BEST KIND OF TEST LAWL).
I still don't see your reps noob

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