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Arctic Cityscape Winner (Finally!)01 of February 2007 01:10 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Nightmarjoo's competition, with the theme Arctic Cityscape has gone on forever, it's time it be closed down!

Honestly, all the maps posted here are pretty good, I'll say something about each one.

  • Urzatron's Winterheart, a nice map, and the first one made for the competition. I would say it's his best map for sure. The map started the competition with a great usage of compound/neutral buildings to really illustrate the theme I had in mind. The map features a nat which zerg can't take with one hatch and defend the main with it, but it includes a backdoor mineral only with a mineral wall exit; sure to encourage some interesting gameplay :) Nice job, Urzatron.

  • EffectiveHypnotize's HappyGuardianDay, the second great map the competition. It uses a nice blend of a city-like compound area and a natural looking snowy area, again nicely illustrates the theme. The neutrals used all create a nice maze of paths to maneuver through, making the map not too tight at all. This map also was the (excuse me if I overlooked something) only one which mentioned Happy Birthday, one of the original themes of the competition^^ Nice job, Hypnotize.
  • Hypnotize made another map for the competition, Shevlin. This map probably illustrates the theme the poorest, but is still a nice map :) The map features a unique alternative path layout.

  • Next was PsychoTemplar's Surtica. It used compound quite a bit, and used a nice neutral city for clutter; this makes an interesting map for if you need a more open battleground you have to blast it open yourself :D The map also uses a backdoor, blocked by a neutral. The nats have two entrances, lazy macro players will have to watch out here^^ Nice job templar.

  • LostTampon made the map, achu!, er I mean Sneezed :) The map uses the theme in the form of compound forts used for alternate paths. The map has tight alternate paths with an open middle, and fairly vulnerable expos, sure to have nice gameplay, nice job LostTampon.

  • The latest map ever for a competition, NastyMarine's Northrend Shores. This blinding map uses neutrals for both decoration, and expo blocking, a grigesque method of blocking expos and their gas with neutral terran buildings. The map is divided in half by a river, the only crossing point at the far north; the map has a two-lane setup you could say. This map is probably an expo grabbing fest with players staying on both sides, but of course the need to harass in such games will make the gameplay very harassing :) Nice job Nasty, even if the map was months late :)

  • The winner of the competition is Antares' Metal Age! An interesting island map which places the main islands around a mainland divided by neutral walls. This map surely portrays the theme, with compound and neutrals all over the mainland^^ The map is not unique in its use of a nat in the island main, but is unique in its relatively standard approach. Players can choose either island tactics or land tactics using the mainland, and can opt for early pressure or to macro it out with the easily obtainable nat. Any mapper's dream, Metal Age blends both attractivity with gameplay. Congradulations Antares!

    Download the winner here, spam the thread, and view all of the maps in the competition here

    All the maps submitted here are good, I reccomend for everyone to take a look at the maps if you haven't seen them before, nice job mappers, and congratulations Antares for another bwm win ;)
  • Comments:

    congratz antares!
    thx nasty

    but really all the maps submitted are cool, impressive and worth for playing :)

    oho i won a competition. i hope you will enjoy playing my map ^^
    grats antares, well made map :)
    Joel pwnd my ass on this map :D

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