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Last update for (2)Montsegur : 2007, 04, 09 21:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1714 (2)Montsegur 128*128Antares1.2final

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 87 points


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Comments:   GMCS (7 elements)

the accent on the é is causing trouble T_T. re-upload pls :D
ive been working on this map for avery long time.. at first i wanted to make it even more experimental then i decided it should be playable

in the recent stage, the map should create an other motive of gameplay, but might be imbalanced in TvZ, so i want to ask you what do you suggest me to do to make it more balanced, but keep the general idea as it is now

panschk what do you mean? you see a cube besides é or what? an edit could fix this or should i delete?
modified by Antares
rename it
awesome, great style! i love the maps that are poured out recently by several people :)

VERY cool structure, original, fresh and appealing. hard to describe my pleasure :D

ZvT has to be balanced, though. but as i am no TvZ expert, those tweaking should be proposed by others, mainly Z/T players
again, where exactly is the ramp? I'd guess it is from temple-wall to temple-wall, from bottom left to top right.

If anyone would expect something else or I am wrong, you should make it clearer.

And I second flo in about every aspect ;)
TvZ might be a severe issue, indeed...
modified by spinesheath
i marked where the highround starts in the gmcs.. i think i marked almost perfectly with those ruins

should i move the gasnatural closer? but it also helps terran expanding, so im a bit scared, i have some ideas, but let a zerg complain before :)
easy way out: make mains 6-7 minerals. that way it starts out micro and ends on macro!

im a genius! :o

other suggestion is just whisper to zergs to 1 hatch lurk on this map everyttime :D
Looks amazing! I love it, absolutely love it!

Okay, so how about this... with your island, make it so you can walk to it from the mains but you have to mine out a patch of 80 minerals first, so it will take a while to mine out. Then take down some of the walls guarding the gas expo so it isn't too easy to take and turtle. Also, reduce the number of mins on that 'island' to 6.

I'll try to do it on the GMCS.
without being able to FE zerg will get fucked 6 ways till sunday. there is no way to block both ways with a hatch... GG Z
modified by effecthypnotize
a possible change to consider is to have a gas only expansion where you have all the crushed rock outside the mains.

i like not having a natural expansion though
amg there goes my chance of motw x_x
NOTE: There is a vespene gas node near the main ramps for a ramp hatch to get some gas.

@Antares: On your islands, the min blocks are 16 each... please please please make them 8 and space them out a bit more. Currently, you have to drop 4 workers there to be able to make a Nexus. Make it so you only have to drop one. Make it so if you mine out one you can build your Nex in the right spot, and the other min block can be farther away just to make sure Terran can't land a CC anywhere on the island.

Hmmm... actually, I did some investigating. On the top right island, you have to mine out the min block on the left, and on the bottom left, you have to mine out the min block on the top. Please make those more obvious/closer to the ideal spot and move the other blocks out towards the edge of the island.
SO fucking sexxxy man. Great job with the layout and decoration.. absolutley brilliant.

Possible solution for your tvz problem:

although u do have extra gas in main, I think it would be a decent idea to just connect those islands to the mains.. u mite want to lower the amount of minerals u have at that in-base expo tho too if u do choose to try that.

Putting a nat where it would usually be standard wouldnt be a bad choice also.. although u were going for something grand and original, i think it wouldnt hurt. Perhaps even experiment with the mineral count at the nat with 5 or 6 mins?

Or just adding dual gas to the start loc as in Azure Pasture wouldnt be a bad idea either.. so a t or p dont hafta make another cc/nexus for maximum harvesting.

no matter what u choose, i cant see any of it screwing up the map.. it looks great.. i cant wait to game on it.
yeah maps like this make me proud of BWMN. very stylish.
yea thx all

i see the issue of those patches on the island, i will reorganize it soon.. same goes for the natural placement
dont touch it too much! it is too cool and stylish as ruining it would be an option. besides, it kinda reminds me of Xexe :)
heh flo ^^

i thought make the island semi-island either with mineralblocks or stasis cells, but i dont know which would be the best.. also the semi-island could have an alternate entrance from the gasnat, and that would be blocked by somehow. what do you suggest then?
Oh, yeah. I was waiting for maps like this. Very stylish indeed. I will defently try so games on it. I don't even know how it would play :) . Thats why i will not give any ideas for now about TvZ balance, because i really don't know how it plays, even if i am a zerg user.
I love it.
Another Iron Maiden mapname and another good map behind them.To be honest in relation with the last 6,7 MOTW are both much better.

Maybe other will miss the nat expo but I don't because not evry good map must have such kind of standards so long the ressources are clever shared.And they are.

Evry zerg player have to think about the strategy in this situation.And this is good so.
No, please don't make a normal natural on this. It's great as it is. Just block that island with a min block or two and reduce the amount of mins.

Please please please don't make a normal nat, this map has such style!
i definitely wont do it epidion, no FE thats sure :)
most zerg players whom i showed disliked it, thats right ^^
7 min main + island blocked by 80min, but approachable on land in a tight corridor
Great, it's time to test. Antares you are online. Would you like some games on it?
vah i left my browser on this page for half of the day while i was not home :)
okok weird suggestion

by the main ramp put a GAS-ONLY NAT~

then take the gas off of the nearby expansion
There is a gas only nat on the main ramp.

And Antares, yay, you used my idea!
oh wow I didn't see that gas

you MIGHT want to move it down below the ramp though because then zerg can sunken things better. maybe not though, not sure
yeah epidion, with the 80 amount :)
i tried with 96, but it would last too long

hmm i dont want to move that gas if its possible.. now i dont see so many possibilities, just zerg will have harder time to defend it, what do you think?
well i consider my map almost finished so i give a comment about the name - Montségur

As fry mentioned above, it is the title of an iron maiden song (which i really like :P), but the origin of the mapname was a bit different. I like medieval and i learned a lot about its life. In the 12th century in south-france (provence, languedoc, gascogne) a new catholic neologism appeared. They want to purify the church and return to the basics of christianity. They were the katars. As this neologism spread fast in the mediterraneum in 1208 AD the pope designated this heresy and start a crusade on them. The then French kings were trying to get a real power in france, because they lack of it. Philippe Agosta (oh idk international name) and the other French kings used this situation to crush the power of the south and claim the heretics' lands. And this is exactly what happened. So the katars were destroyed, the neologism was banned and abandoned. Their last castle was Montségur, which was under siege for a whole year. There was no surrender, they didnt give up their belief. When the katars finally fell, all of them were executed in a brutal way. So Montségur became the symbol of devotion and insistence.
thx for the history lesson, I'd never heard of them before. Map is great. Can't think of anything wrong with it. So what if z can't FE, people 3hatch for no reason all the time anyway.
i made some changes:

- mineral amount in blocks reduced to 56 to make expanding easier
- some cheesetank possibilities are gone
- the geyser next to the ramp has now 2500 gas
- changed maptype to beta, as it is not finished totally
modified by Antares
fix blue's ramp.. its ugly and doesnt mirror red's
done, its final i guess..
also make sure that the chokes can be walled off properly. To do this make sure the unbuildable ground at the top of the chokes is like the standard ramps.
is that center expo on highground?
nasty i tested it out and its ok, but you shouldnt place the unbuildable tiles in a normal way, because you must build the rax elsewhere to get a full block, so i worked on it and you can do it with a BSS

nightmarjoo: as you can see in the gmcs, its highground :) (ive already posted in motw newpost)
modified by Antares
cool map wit the the minerals set out close 2 perfect n the gas at all the rite spots. well done...
gas at upper position has a small bug with harvesting (a scv gets stuck behind gas)
plz mark on the gmcs which node did you refer to..


--MetroLizard vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--Dea[Light] vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--Madness vs DG)Rogue(1on1, 1.14)
--DG)Rogue vs razvan(1on1, 1.14)

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