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Last update for (2)Forest Eye : 2006, 01, 20 22:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
890 (2)Forest Eye 128*128LaO-Artanis0.1final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

An attempt for me to make a standard map, to improve my general mapping skills as I'm not quite that good yet.
Hmm, first thing I noticed is that the mains look pretty huge. The map looks pretty open and the gas expoes in the center are very exposed. There is a lot of places where you could add something to spice it up. Right now it is just too empty and there's a lot of wasted space.

Starting with standard is good, but it doesn't have to be conceptless. :P
good job, suggestions in gmcs
Hm. I don't agree with most suggestions in the GMCS, though. I think that the lines between the mains are too small to put water on. I guess it does need some anti-tank doodads or such, though. I'll look into that. Also, I don't think high ground at that spot will work, as I couldn't put an expo or ramp there without taking terrain away from the figure. I do agree however with the dirt walls and island expo. I'll try to widen the island expo a bit and add some water.
Looks like you had no plan for this map and just tried to fill in space with random things as you went along. Other than that its not exactly bad, i guess its good for a beginner.
the whole middle part of the map (the middle between top and bottom) is only filled with ruins. there you'll have to add some more tactical elements
and it's true that you just tried to "fill"

and make the bottom natural as close to the choke as the top one, it's not even at the moment. but as it looks on top, it seems to be a very cool layout.

a proposal: those temple-wall-"isles": move them to 3h and 9h of the mapedge, right between the current minonly and the current centerexpo. make sure the space inside cannot be hit from outside with tanks
at the area those templestuff had been before, put the actual minonly, but facing to teh center
I'll make a fast sketch of what I mean

remember, just proposal!
making the 3h/9h unsiegeable was taking too much space away. nevertheless, here's a sketch of my proposal
Free Image Hosting at
decaf: I'm not a complete beginner. I've made some melee maps before, although not that good, but a true beginner? nah. I guess I did try to fill it a bit, since I tried to make it as much standard as possible I kind of forgot about water though :P

flo: I like to keep the center this way. I like the shape of it. I'm going to change the things I've already said to maximum. Could you judge it again after those changes?
the problem is more that there IS no real center ;(

Version 2 is better than this one, so update it again, i deleted the doublepost.
Map updated.
A new version I made. I decided to make the map a little less open. Is this a better or worse version than what I currently have?
modified by flothefreak
and if that doesn't work, it's [url][/url].
Okay, I just made a fool out of myself. I'll just post the link here.
Updated the map a lot now. It's a lot more narrow, and you can build a grand total of 2 turrets in the center. Expanded the ruins area a small bit, and some other minor changes. I consider this my final version now, but feel free to give any advice (I know it's not symmetrical! =[)
By the way, if someone would remove the last 3 posts I made, I'd be grateful.
Just use html code :)
Anyhow, enough about my failed links. Some comments about the update would be helpful.
imo you made it too linear instead... it will make quite monotone games.. try adding flanking routes and such
I've added some flanking room with the bridge leading to the center.
yap, looks much nicer.
I particularly like it that the "direct path" is very good to defend, while the main part is a bit longer but more vulnerable
I think that PvZ will be the most interesting, possibly most balanced MU on this map. P has enough building place in his main, and zerg has to fend off 2 entrances at his nat. However, due to the long distance, P can hardly rush. It'd be great if this map would be balanced PvZ, since not many maps have that.
I think it has progressed a ton since I saw it the first time. Much more intricate now with the water and the bridges.
Updated again. Some small changes, such as making red's main base a bit larger, some more temple walls and a bit more decoration.
Good, you put doodads above blue's base, so now tanks can't shoot into it. GJ.
well I don't think it's necessary, as the mains are so huge that it won't be of any importance...
More comments, please.
remake the expansion layout. the naturals are done well (style & strategically), rest is placed crappily.
-Placed the minonly outside the temple walls and added water.
-Added mineral patches at the islands to prevent CC float.
-Added raised jungle around the neutral expoes facing away from the player closest to it.
-added some more decoration.
change the expansion layout completely imo
Where would I put the expansions, then? I don't really see any room I could place them with this layout without changing the map completely.
change the map completely.

keep the mainbases, the natural, and the bridge, that's all good and nice
but make out of the rest
I kind of like the 'rest' right now, and your idea would be practically making a new map, instead of improving this one. I'd like some tips on how to improve this one, instead :/.
the rest is not good. that's the point. if you want to improve it, change the map in large parts. if you do this before uploading a new map, well, then you don't have to change things completely.
Perhaps in your opinion, but saying "remake the rest" without any GMCS, jpeg or even what exactly you mean by this doesn't help me much.
think of a new structure of everything except mainbases, natural setup (with raised jungle) and the backdoor+bridge to the natural.

--LaO-Artanis vs Varaon(1on1, 1.13)

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