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Last update for (2)Boys2Men_beta : 2006, 01, 18 09:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
876 (2)Boys2Men_beta 64*64hilo0.3beta

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i dont kno why but i love this map.. kudos to the iddy biddy map!!! hahaha so tiny jus wanna squeeze the shit outta it.. but on another note! that name has got to go!!! haha nice small map.. i dont think its that playable tho.. and its balanced!!!
So far i think it's the best map for this size i've ever seen. I like that hilo, tought about the unbuiadble terrain at mains at this spot, because terran could be very strong in late games. Nice work!
I agree with LGI, best map for this size ever seen.

This is a really good map, I see that it is opened for very interesting gameplay.

Good Job!
The only negative about this map is its name. I hate it sorry.
and that it might be terran favouring in mid to late game
well thanks (blush)

the name is a beta, too. can´t think of anything better right now.

the map is intended as a fast, aggressive piece... but with some variety... it is not Bloodbath number 2, although BB was certainly the inspiration. The exe layout is from Lost Temple.

Bash away!!!

well, obviously terran favouring is a concern often heard.

- the middle is pretty wide for a 64 map

- T can be flanked from opponent´s choke, out of the minonly and from the cliff...

- one or two tanks are barely able to hit one or two minblocks in opponent´s natural from the main cliff. they should NOT be able to hit the CC/hatch/nexus (otherwise its a bug and can be easily remedied)

- the unbuildable terrain is of course to take the turretability away for T (tanks there are very strong) (and no, before any1 asks, no cannons for ya either)

- one tank can hit opponent´s choke (the spot between the natural and the middle) but it can´t cover all of it. And that tank is really exposed, and has unbuildable terrain behind it.

- Below the mains cliff facing the other natural, there is a ledge for dropping. This ledge should be only reachable by dropping, otherwise it´s a bug and has to be fixed. This is a dangerous position because the CC can be hit... counter: Reaver, goons, cannon, lurker, muta... gotta fight for that expo!

- Behind the nat minerals is ample space for dropping ... but no building there, pal...

- Behind the min-only mins is also a small pocket for dropping, in case opponent CAN snatch it... just load a reaver and move it an inch... or an archon... down the cliff.... pop goes the hatchery...

a question: are the chokes big enough (the spots leading from the nat/ramp area to the middle) ?

as you can hopefully see, I paid some attention to the choke areas... the entries to the ledges overlooking the magma are blocked (I hope)...

should the ramps themselves be a little wider? I can do it

an early version had unbuildable terrain on the cliff parts between the min-only and the ramp area (the "triangular" cliff parts that form the choke) ... that was to prevent T from bunkering/towering and P from cannon-ing there. I removed it because, really, people should have the right to defend themselves... on a small map... i mean you can even bunker on bloodbath...

and I am taking suggestions for a name... it should obviously fit, something with coal or Sarah in it? I thought of "From Sarah with love" ... because it´s Char and it´s an aggressive map.

And there is a UMS version that pits you as Raynor/Zeratul against two Zergs (one Hard campaign, one custom). The custom one will even try to take the min-only (hehe). It´s not ready for being showed, though.

you want an Obs version? I could possibly do that too.

can you do some playtesting, it would be icing on the cake if there was a replay...

thank you! hf!
concerning maneuvering: in a game against the AI, he was able to move 6 goons and 12 zealots up and down the ramps without problems... something that often ends up messy. It was astonishing how fast the goons entered my ramp (I let it happen because I wanted to see how big the mess was). so perhaps they are wide enough...

also about PvT, a containment should be do-able, no? Another means to delay the tank-push.

and D-web is a nice tool in this map. especially PvZ.

and Z has a nice cliff overlooking T´s natural, as well as a fast gas exe that can defend the choke (with sunkens) so... not too imba? I hope. Poor Z!
Wow, this really is the best 64x64 map i've seen ever.

If you really just want to play a quick game, this is the best map to choose. Good work ^^
excelent use to terrain and doodads. The ramps are good the way they are, when its that small terran will have a hard enought time getting started.
Getting there...

- pulled some doodads that were hindering movement
- rearranged nat minerals (cliffing and dropping)
- corrected inaccurately placed gas at bottom nat
- rearranged unbuildable terrain in the middle to provide better orientation
- eliminated barely possible tank cheese at top nat
- placed 2 more critters
- decided against lava and pro broken rock.
- still no better name, but I´ll get there.

I think that´s it. As you can see, the nat mins have a little gap. Scarabs no longer have to travel around the mins. Also, the paths through and above the nat minerals can now be blocked with one zealot to encourage dropping even more.
The UMS version has been properly split off into a separate file. The terrain is unlikely to change anymore.

Some quick tests against the AI confirmed that he (it?) builds properly and uses the cliffs and ledges. He (it?) also happily drops and exes.

To do´s:

- try just slightly broader ramps for testing
- test walling thoroughly
- find a name
You can use this name "Pog-o-Matic Pogуmen 3000000" :P
- Mainbases also should have that mineralgap.

- the AI almost can't do nothing wrong on a small map like that ^^, but nice that you tested it.

- delete unbuildable decoration near minerals/ramp and try to use buildable dcoration instead. if there is no buildable, don't use doodads in main then. building space already runs short.

- nice map.

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