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MOTW 22, 200631 of May 2006 02:20 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

It was again a close fight between two maps, but at least both are from the same author, which makes it a bit easier to make the hard decision in the end for me. It became clear in the middle of the voting process that this would be JK)Valkyrion-week. Omega as well as Raptor got much love from our community, but only one of them can become MOTW this week. I counted the votes in the thread, and if I am not mistaken, it is (4)Omega which took the win, 6 votes to 5.

The Space map has a very open natural expansion, but offers zerg players a pretty big number of expansions to make up for it. The double gas expos at 3 and 9 add something special to the map. Congratulations to JK)Valkyrion.

Goto Map thread
MOTW 21, 200625 of May 2006 03:55 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
Never click on a link when you are writing a post :( Okay, so I start again ^^
Posted by Arden:

Not to be a MOTW hog, but I think it's clear that fort already has it, we're just waiting for the post.

The newspost is finally done, and it was worth the long waiting time: Fortitude by Arden(WoF) is already his fifth MOTW, and he got them all this year, which makes him the most successful mapper in 2006 for now. It is a pretty conventional 4 player jungle map with the lovely little details to catch our attention here and there. The 6 and 12 neutral expos use custom ramps, the bridges in the middle are extended, but the focus is still on gameplay. Actually the map reminds me of Starparty's Satterchasm and Listoric's Temple of Eden, and I'd say this is a good thing;)

Grab the melee version
Go to the map thread
SCCL Mapcontest18 of May 2006 08:50 PM
Posted by:Listoric

The Starcraft Clan League, a League where Starcraft Clans like ToT play for glory and victory, is looking for a new map in their upcoming mappack for their next season. Ofcourse BWMN is the best place to look for new and fresh maps, and so we have a new mission... or let's say, YOU have a new mission!

Your job is to grab your mouse and create a new and fresh map for the mapcontest, or be boring and "just" submit your best work so far.

That's the deal:

• create a 2,3 or 4 player map
• balance > looks
• maximum of 3 maps per mapper
• only submit your own work
2 week time to submit, so make a good choice

Submit your maps in our competition forum here

MOTW 20.200617 of May 2006 04:34 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Nastymarine finally has a map of the week on this site. It is the Four Player Jungle Map Beloved Land, that pushes the "tileset-ramp"-technique even more. The starting locations are set pretty standard, but it is the middle that offers new design, while the gameplay should be not too experimental.

To the mapthread
Download melee

MotW [19]08 of May 2006 10:55 AM
Posted by:flothefreak

The map of the week 19.2006 is a remake of an older map created by Shamant aka Syndrome (shamant - syndrome)

Shamant Garden by noname

The great and interesting concept was created by Shamant/Syndrome and was called Planet Genosis, but it obviously lacked a good execution and also positional balance due to the ramps. Having the opportunity of inverted ramps, noname picked this map and turned it into a jewel: filled to the brim with tactical possibilities, it really demands skill to take the full potential of it. That is why the great concept is now executed very well and deserves to be MotW 19.2006.

Shamant Garden Mapthread

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