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Last update for (4)Fortitude : 2009, 06, 10 21:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1305 (4)Fortitude 128*128Arden(WoF)1.0final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 60 points


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Something I had laying around for too long...

I just need help with something. I need to use tileramps to connect those two middle "islands" to the middle area, but I have no idea how to make tileramps efficiently. If someone could help me with that, that would be cool.

--Still needs deco/doodads
modified by Arden(WoF)
the layout is nice .. its def lacking terrain decoration. ill help ya out with those tile ramps if u like

for being in its beta stages.. its nice good work
Yeah, once I add doodads, etc. I'm gonna get rid of that mud and work out something better.
you could take them from Temple of Eden.

Except that really nice map, maybe a bit to big mains, but, except that, just cool.

Edit: btw, check the tankrange from these middle islands. it looks like on bottom they could hit 4 minerals, on top only 2, and decide if you want to balance that or leave it as positional imbalance.

I made a map with quite the same layout once, wonder where it is O_o
modified by Listoric
I think theres room to fix that, I'll get to it eventually.
Hm... those ramps pasted nicely into the map, thanks ^^. Although I'm s little concerned about the size of each ramp. I think the top is bigger than the other in terms of walling

All edits and fixes will be made on Monday
modified by Arden(WoF)
the ramps? or the bridges?
The ramps that Listoric suggested I use. I didn't upload the version with the ramps yet, but it looks good.
the dentist
i like the "islands", the high ground ones would make fac port interesting again while not too strong.
but imo this map is still too standard , the only things a little fresh are the cliff in the up/down middle.
If you have specific problems with the map, now's the time to mention them. I'm editing the map today, and I don't know if I'll be near a comp over the next few days.
how much is the 3h/9h mineralblock?
Each block is normal 1500, but I was thinking about making those min blocks a lesser value and upping the value of the ones around it.

Maybe each min block could = 500. And I could maybe add a couple more mins to make up for that.
modified by Arden(WoF)
Hm... In-game the bases are actually comfortably big, not obnoxiously big. But they still are definetly beyond standard.

I'll update some things in a little while
--Triple post gg

Ok, I changed a few things here. First, I added four more mins to the side islands, and I changed the min blocks on those islands to a value of 500. If you add them all up, it's equal to 9 1/3 mins. I got rid of a little building space in the mains, just so they are not too too big, and in doing so I created a small ridge over your second nat - big deal =/ (but still kinda cool). The most important edit - I added ramps to those middle expos finally (Thank you Listoric for making Temple of Eden ^^). The ramps seemed imba, but they are actually pretty even. I got rid of that mud and added something a little nicer and I fixed some tiny deco things (not really noticable). Other than that, the map stays roughly the same.

--Still need to add doodads and misc deco--
(another day)


I might want to remove those min blocks (the ones in the center of the islands, not the ones blocking the bridges) because I got rid of the part of your base that would allow Terran the easy expand.


By the way, before, when I said the min blocks have a value of 1500, I meant the bridge min blocks, the anti-terran min blocks have always had a value of zero.
modified by Arden(WoF)
looks amazing, and i would love to play on it. I gotta get back into playing... maybe over summer =D
Added: Doodads, Obs version, moved to final. I also cleaned up those ramps a lot more.
modified by Arden(WoF)
awesome map!
Test games would be pretty cool... Then upload the reps if you think they're worth it.
I played a few games with my other noob friends on this map ;). Obvious that won't determine any amount of balance, but it flows nicely and it's very comfortable. It brings me back to LT comfort, but without the classic feel.
Btw, remove the blocking mineral at 3 and 9 O_o No sense to forbid a terran float to an expansion with 2 entrances imo O_o
T doesn't even need a dropship, just workerhop
When the bases were bigger, the island was closer... I forgot to remove it once I edited it.
what is the point of those bridges at top and bottom near expos with those little landspots?
however i think that those island in the middle, in close position(example red position= Terran and blue position = Protoss), terran take advantage.
the dentist
this looks fun...
@ Arden

it's still beta but already heavily played on, and i said, i'll show it to you. My Dawn of War interpretation of Fortitude (Temple of eden :P hihihi :P )...

Free Image Hosting at

Hope you like the conversion. It's a 2on2 map, whcih means 1/2 vs 3/4 (always). To explain what you see in Starcraft terms:

Blue dot's are standard expansions, the pink dot is a expansion only for gas, and a massive amount, like 4 geysirs at once compared to starcraft. yellow dots are same as blue, just harder to take, and orange dots are important points on the map. if you take 2 of them for 5 minutes, you win.

Map is a lot of fun to play in DoW as well in SCBW. Thx for the nice concept, hope you don't mind me converting it. Not many maps have a convertable layout.

Keep up the good work.
modified by Listoric
modified by Listoric
Well, I don't know much about DoW (never even heard of it) but this looks pretty sick!
Just check out and see what it's all about.
Ok' just to keep you up to date, i finished the conversion, here are some screens:

Free Image Hosting at
Does this look familiar to you? ;)

Free Image Hosting at
Some details.

And some ingame shots:
#1 #2 #3 #4
modified by Listoric
Great map! I really liked the way it plays. Soon i will post reps.
imo way too standard. Was boring to watch and play.
How can you blame this map? The most of you have much to learn from this map.This is a giant under dwarfs.Still one of the best tenth 4pl jungle maps ever.

Just 2 things could be fixed here:

-high ground instead of low for the islands;because they are hard to defend vs tanks

-the pos of the min lines in those expo whitout gas could be better

-and just for the high level;better mains terrain deco

Nevertheless this map remains a cornerstone in map makin'.Put that in your pipe & smoke it...
word to what nightmar said
I was pwnd by T on this map cuz of that gay ciff thing inbetween 7 & 5 he blocked that gay ramp thing & put a bunch of gay tanks in there & but a bunch of turrets on it so I couldn't do shit about it
@fry: i blame for boring and standard playability. has nothing special and imo too many expos that are hard to get unless you have map control. not fun to play at all.
You might wanna see the (T)MaxSiMal[S.A] vs (Z)LGI(1on1, 1.14) replay. It's intresting and you might see how bad i played and the result.
nice map. cool gameplay 2v2. i really like the spots behind the naturals :D


--panschk[FP] vs Danny[FP](1on1, 1.13)
--gosuInDaHouse vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--gosuInDaHouse vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--MertoLizard vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--Dea[Light] vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--MaxSiMal[S.A] vs LGI(1on1, 1.14)
--wut)flow vs nightmarjoo[ba](1on1, 1.14)
--LGI, PlaZma vs rattrap, the_svagor(2on2, 1.14)
--LGI, PlaZma vs rattrap, great_warrior(2on2, 1.14)
--LGI, PlaZma vs FearoN, balachor(2on2, 1.14)
--or3176 & jj318 vs BHolder(1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs yuty(1on1, 1.14)
--DG)Rogue vs Sciol(1on1, 1.14)
--Dr_Jim vs DG)ScaremongeR(1on1, 1.14)
--QEd)RE vs Back2basic(1on1, 1.16)
--Qed_Bisu vs Leeluck(1on1, 1.16)

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