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BWMN mappack 2 finally released31 of May 2006 02:46 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
It took us much more time than expected, but now I am proud to finally announce the official release of the mappack #2. Some maps may have become "old" in the past weeks, but that does not make them worse.
I want to thank all mappers involved, and especially flothefreak for his incredible effort in making dozens of versions until we could call it "final", and noname for making the map pictures with our sexy BWMN-tag on them.
So here you get your 15 secounds of fame guys:

Included Maps:
Map [Author]
(2)Awoken Demons [flothefreak]
((2)Chimera [epidiOn]
(2)Construction [MillenniumArmy]
(2)Frozen Tundra [NastyMarine]
(2)Gravity [Antares]
(2)Path of Victory [Artanis]
(2)SilverSea2.0 [Mushu]
(2)Sleeping Sun Final [scoutWBF]
(2)Star Gates [Spitfire]
(4)Hocus Peakus [LGI aka InfectedMind]
(4)Home Of The Swarm [panschk + flothefreak]
(4)Old town [noname]
(4)Pallisade [trcc]
(4)Prelude of Light [Arden(WoF)]
(4)Space Lotus [Starparty]

Download BWMN Pack 2


i will make the newspost soon :)
i just wait until the BWMN-otw doublepost drops a bit down :D
For some reason, I cannot open up this rar file. I can download it but it just refuses to let me see what's inside.
Your Name
no problem here
dang this blows. i just noticed every other single active person here got a map in except me :0
because electrical sector will be put into the next mappack ^^
Yay, good job guys. Hope to see some good games on these maps, especially HotS.
i hope HotS doesn't get rejected as funmap :D
Best mappack ever o/
Sure is :)

The only thing I don't like about it is how few 4 player maps there are compared to 2 player ones. But it shouldn't matter that much.

Oh and when are you guys going to make newsposts about this mappack?
i will make newspost soon
i am only waiting for a good point of time so the news doesnt drop too fast

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