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MOTW 21, 200625 of May 2006 03:55 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
Never click on a link when you are writing a post :( Okay, so I start again ^^
Posted by Arden:

Not to be a MOTW hog, but I think it's clear that fort already has it, we're just waiting for the post.

The newspost is finally done, and it was worth the long waiting time: Fortitude by Arden(WoF) is already his fifth MOTW, and he got them all this year, which makes him the most successful mapper in 2006 for now. It is a pretty conventional 4 player jungle map with the lovely little details to catch our attention here and there. The 6 and 12 neutral expos use custom ramps, the bridges in the middle are extended, but the focus is still on gameplay. Actually the map reminds me of Starparty's Satterchasm and Listoric's Temple of Eden, and I'd say this is a good thing;)

Grab the melee version
Go to the map thread

good job.but i don't think there will be people playing this map.It's just nothing new or special.
I just hate being over experimental, this just gives people some options for a semi-standard game. Instead of mass LT games... But I think it has at least some flavor to it.
Your Name
the good map yes, but MOTW is just going over same ground over and over, while maps that go beyond standard game bites the dust.
king of 8 plr maps
grats, great map, i doing a "conversion" of this map for Dawn of war, i'll show it to you as soon as i'm finished.
ps, and panschk, use centered image, i've done it _every_ time you posted a motw by now, but you should really learn if for yourself :P
king of 8 plr maps
past 4 maps been standard maps, just look at ratings, for artist and stuff too many clone chickens are being picked.
ratings are being abused by bots and stuff though. EVERY map that is widely promoted and gets some clicks has horrible ratings. I think I should just get rid of it. Lis, SP and flo told me to do so for half a year now^^
I would do the news now, but I'm at work.

Nice map, it's well done. But, I think that in the future MotW should be more experimental. The only maps that get noticed these days are _extremely_ experimental maps.
King of 8 plr Maps
thank you
This may be too bold but i think arden is dominating motw! great work!
king of 8 plr maps
thats why they should do author spotlights once in while if that author been releasing good maps.

gives more chance for all authors
MOTW is being selected for safe maps clone type maps thats similar to other MOTW

king of 8 plr maps
this map looks really good but wheres the new ideas in this map that differs from other maps
we are all still waiting for u great ideas
King of 8 plr Maps
you guys already used some my ideas from my maps.
Im not gonna start putting my ideas on 4 player maps anytime soon.

Just look dune or allied forces, theres atleast 1 idea there thats not found on a 4 player map.
King of 8 plr Maps
every single map i make there is something there not being used on 2-4 player map, if you can guess what it is ill upload my best 4 player map i made to this site.
Screw: "guess what it is". Show us your "best 4 player map"

I bet I can guess what's not being used on a 2-4 player map that is being used in your 6+ players...

More start locations!

Any questions?
king of 8 plr maps
no not more start locations, that be too easy.
king of 8 plr maps
Clue I talked about it before somewhere on this site
king of 8 plr maps
its in every map i make, exept pro map
Ok, after ~8 years in Starcraft mapmaking, i can't figure out anything that is "not used on 2-4 player map" that you freshly invented - which really makes me and other mappers laugh. I say it again, as i've said it for over a dozen times - There are hundreds of unused ideas out there, and the only reason they are not used is, because they suck!

Ok, but who knows, lets start searching. After you don't refer to the number of startlocations, maybe you refer to the imbalanced gas after you haven't read the gas issue article, extremely short rush ways which only add fun to the rusher, custom ramps which are used ever since, imbalanced tankdistance that is not taken into consideration even after i told you so, etc.

Can't wait to see the 14 ideas you're talking about that were never used in a 4 player map, really.

Go on, we're all listening.

king of 8 plr maps
I wouldnt say never used but, very rarely used in 4 player maps.
theres very few 4 player maps that tinkered with it once in awhile but very rarely.

Think panschk made a map that touched little on this.

ok you have enough clues
king of 8 plr maps
Its 1 common idea threw out all my maps, not 14, but each map has a slight variation.

Tankible map I made on purpuse is allied forces, its a 2vs2vs2vs2 map in map settings
bow to the king, he who has made so much uncommon things never seen before which we cannot grab with our inferior intelligence. but once in a while, there is a great enlightening which boost one map being in _almost_ touch with a slight part of one of his ideas!
king of 8 plr maps
Im in it for the fun, why not this hunt, I left some clues, all you have to do is play one or two of my maps.

All my friends would get this in 1 sec, they play my maps they know what it can do.
these ideas that u put in ur 6 and 8 player maps cant ever be used in 1v1 or 2v2 maps.. for 1, u use team ideas wen u make ur map and u use ums to make it fair in positions.. whereas melee, the positions are random so ur 'ideas' become imba and cant be used.. though i must admit that some of ur ideas are cool, in the end they jus are imba in 1v1 or 2v2..
king of 8 plr maps
Heres another clue

It doesnt effect balance in a game between races, some rare cases has been used on 4 player map.

Nastymarine your heading in wrong direction
king of 8 plr maps
I never play my maps in Use Map Setting, more fun in melee, I leave that in there as an option for more of a competitive game TvB and so on.
what a gr8 map!
Ok, last guess, the higher mineral count you're talking about in the thread you pasted.

Actually, if it is that, no wonder no one thought about it, after this idea is as old as starcraft itself, also almost all agreed not to change the mineral value of a block or gas except it has another purpose like blocking or double gas, but add or remove a mineralblock to the line to make it obvious for players that there actually is more money on the map, that the gaining rate can be faster and the game speed is rising which makes the game more interesting and challanging.

That definitely works in a 6 player map where it is a bit like BGH or Fastest or something, after you don't have to get out of the base that fast.

Still there is something called experience and timing. If you see that your mainbase got 8 blocks, you know what to do, if you see it got 9, you also know what to do, if you see you got 8 with higher value, the timing you learned over hundreds of games goes byebye. Sure it's not _that_ mindblowing, sure, but it also adds nothing on a 2 or 4 player map.

Don't you think so?

If it's something else, i give up on guessing, it's like a freaking kindergarden here with stupidheads coming by, demanding motws, teach us with their extreme game knowledge and actually make the same noob mistakes i did years ago all over again, just to have oagelong discussios about senseless changes to an fully developed game. -_-
thx :)
king of 8 plr maps
Listoric your the closes to getting the idea, you get a condisitional win, theres more to it then what your saying, the key is like a formula, if you dont use the right one on a map, yes the game timing will suffer.

example 8 at main gets 1700, then naturals gets 1500, then next one will get 1000, thats formula i used in one of my maps because there are alot of expos, less expos you need another formula, got many of them these formulas been tested for 3 years and and work for what im going for, its changes on every map and gameplay is slightly differant.

Its like little extra spice into the mix, this not used in 4 player maps that much but theres some that use it and I know what it can do, I tested this like 3 years, casue i like map to play differant each map.
king of 8 plr maps
its like your racing you keep on changing gears. but my maps I always reach full tech, and full enjoyment, becasue the way they are made.
Great, gg, w/e, ok....

Now that he guessed it. Show us your "best 4 player map"
king of 8 plr maps
The object of each map i make is i time all expos, and calculate how many exos, in the end the resources has to reach peak time of 50min mark for map to be perfect resources.

How do i know how long each expo takes to mine, threw playing game timing each resource at thier set amount, I learned the science of each set amount with max miners, its complext formula didnt work right at first but I learned it, I take great care all my maps reach this goal.

Im not better mapper because of this but, I have to do it for propely feeding 8 player on a map, I dont wanna kill a map with bunch of badly placed expos at 1500 all over place to to reach 50 min mark of resources, I want map to be fun and work at peak level of gaming.
king of 8 plr maps
Listoric only said i use more money, had he said various set amounts like a formula, he only got half of it, so mabe i release a 2 player map instead.
king of 8 plr maps
hes like saying all my money are at 1700 which is wrong answer.
Thank you oh merciful King, I will bow down to your superior map making skils. We are all anticipating the release of your godly 2 player map.

This stupid game of chase has gone on long enough. End this by shuting up.
king of 8 plr maps
My goal is to get some interest to other mappers out there to make better 6 player map, I hope i see it, cause im not in this for a compition and make maps for people, I make them for myself and my friends so we can play good 6 player maps.

You guys wanted the awnser to the question.
Yeah, i only thought about the fact that you use more money, no chance i was also thinking about less money which actually would be going into the total opposite direction and thus has nothing to do with the global idea of mineralvalue changes.

Thank god we finally found out your glorious new idea.

Can we go back to normal now?

king of 8 plr maps
Well you got half of it right so Ill release a 2 player map for getting it.

Look for (2)Dead Or Alive

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