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MOTW 4905 of December 2005 11:36 AM
Posted by:LGI


"Give me a C!!!"


"No, you should give me a C first, ok?"


"Give me a C!!!"


"GOD DAMN NO, look, we're spelling it, so, we have to start with the C, GOT IT?"

"Ah... yes, now it's clear :)"

"Give me a C!!!"



Well this week i write the articles, because Listoric, was hit by a Comet :D ! He want it... He get it... But, i think we all want it, right? So here it coomeeesss:

Comet has come from the well known galaxy - trcc, wich is very well known in our community. Yes, trcc has proven with his very high class in map making, and every single map from him, has the touch of a skilled mapper, with a lot of experience, who deserves even better titles!

His new creation, have very original main base structure, wich gives the possibility for new tactics in attacking and defending. The backdoors, are one of the elements, that will help a lot to hold a tank push. The main locations are well balanced. The natural expands, are safe from tank range. And the other part of the map is open enough for great battles, in 1v1 and 2v2 mode. No air expands, just two natural expands in middle wich, will focus the players to get them in all costs, if they want a third gas, and this is making the map even more aggressive.

You can see all his maps here, and download the new Map of the Week from here.

Feel, free to share your games on the map, by uploading a replay here.


Wow, i'm surprised. Nice article, nice map!
Gratz trcc!
Haven't thought that you write the article this time LGI, i'm really surprised, cool thing ^^
His new creation HAS ...
Feel free (without , )

Grats to tronicc and thanks for the newspost to LGI.
congratulations :)
Well i know my english is bad, thats why i didn't write the articles before... So...

Feel free to edit the newspost :)
yay =)
His new creation HAS ...
Feel free (without , )"

If you find something, just edit it.
Gratz, trcc!
hum? where did my post disappear to?
I'm sure I wrote it in here...
ok, it was in the T_T

"yep, still a nice map. though it has lost some of its charme imo, as I already said, but it's nevertheless MOTW-worthy"
Nice, like the way you done the expos but isent it a terran uneaven map?

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