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Last update for (4)Maelstrom : 2008, 05, 20 12:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2761 (4)Maelstrom 128*128Testbug+Cracky xD1.8betaground

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 109 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

a new map by me, no doodads/deco yet...
fine tuning coming soon :D

no path issue :P
some bad blends, gonna also fix them xD
...just noticed that some ramps are completly wrong, gonan fix them tomorrow haha :D
modified by Crackling
"no path issue :P"

I don't believe you.
lol cark, i tried to comment earlier, but my internet died on me O_o

so here it is!

The map looks pretty, but i think its kinda too tight around, pvt for exemple would be hella hard for a P

other than that, that min thingy might could be replaced by a neutral, or at leats i think :o
and at last... <3 the name :D :D :D

7,5/10, but easily could be 8,5 or 9 if u would make paths a lil less tight :D :D

hm that is below your standard
the map is way to tight (everywhere) and only your pic editing skills make it look not ugly
What if you get rif of those holes around the central plateau and maybe even the ones at 3 and 9, that would make the map less tight although it may not be what you wanted anymore. Despite the "tightness" that nat is wide open plus there is the ramp, it may be difficult for terran to defend that specially in the vertical matchups.
path issue, u good 1v1 player?, i am ;P
it would be better if u removed all "water" at sides and middle, then ok map imo

abit gay name :P
modified by uC.MorroW
updated with some fixes, deco, not photoshopped pic, widened some parts, removed lava holes and placed doodads to close those parts

uC.MorroW, sry but you are not a good 1v1 player.
stop theorycrafting without having enough knowledge plz.
its deffinetly NOT T>P>Z because the 3. (minonly) is hard to get, its like python..

removed 2. ramp with minblock because of path issue haha xd
Maps and race statistics
Map Used Zerg Protoss Terran Total
| iCCup | Luna the Final 17 (41%) 0-0 (0%) 8-9 (47%) 0-0 (0%) 8-9 (47%)
| iCCup | Tau Cross 22 (54%) 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%) 10-10 (50%) 11-11 (50%)
| iCCup | Reverse Temple 2 (5%) 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%) 0-2 (0%) 0-2 (0%)
Total 3 maps 0-0 (0%) 8-9 (47%) 10-12 (45%) 19-22 (46%)

from your iccup account... you are DEFFINETLY not a good player :)
My biggest worry is in pvt where you have a vertical matchup. That entire route is so narrow tanks can just mosey along and I imagine it would be really difficult to stop. I know you can do something better with 3 and 9.
what about a tighter path between the magmaholes so only "small" units can pass :D

i wanted to have very short rush distances depending on positions...
The route appears narrow but don't forget that nasty wide ramp leading down to the nat. That's not terran friendly.
hmm, i think i got the best solution ever!

**creates trigger: Kill tanks in location "anywhere"
preserve trigger
write text message: Ah Ah Ah no tanks for J0000!!!!!1!


:D :D lol
ok, removed those things in the middle, mroe place now...

made the vertical main-main path so only small units can pass there, this should remove the TANK PROBLEM :D

no UMS stuff pls :<
p4ever noob <:
i was talking to fated little boy <:
modified by ProTosS4EveR
i know, still <:

comment my map plx :(
modified by Crackling
lol i was just jk :(

u guys r no fun :( :( lol
Crackling there are unbuildable doodads (shrub-like things) in the mains.
i'm currently updating this map, gonna also change the middle
the name is kinda homosexual, u also was complaining earlier everyone did high middle :D

can any unit pass those dirt passages at the side? (3, 9)

blues minerals look ugly in main

anyway the way u put the terrain i think u made it look good even tho its ash

its so tight so i think its terran > protoss
also who the hell would wanna move a 200 limit army at this map :SS, every unit getting stuck at every ramp possible
ah nevermind about those 3,9 holes

tanks could pass at both left sides and none of the right sides, not even vultures could pass on the right side, please fix this ;;
the ramps are pretty ugly ;o
fuck there arent any nice blends :( :(

i need better blends!
Ash ain't easy.

ok, i carklinged it with doodads xd
12 and 6, those "hole" doodads will creat a big pathing issue

there are many unwalkable dirt doodads at pretty much everywhere that will be so annoying. im not sure but might be scmdraft2 that displays it wrong

drop holes at 12 behind gas, 6 doesnt have drop holes

the mineral formaitions in mains are just so very imbalanced
thx, fixed minerals and drop holes

hm those doodads are walkable :o
k good :), i think middle would look cooler without that cross :O
shitttttttt what are all these doodads? u.u
lol tecnaL you mean requiem because of the cross.
this looks nothing like requiem xD
I know it looks nothing like requien gubtset, by "requienesque" I meant "requien-like" but there is a question mark at the end. The only thing is the cross.
nice map, gj
seems to have good gameplay
thank you lost tampon, this is your 1st comment on this map. it's glad to have you back again.

12 and 6 expos are too tigh beause of doodads u.u
nvm, map with badass name = win
Map is ok. I'm sick and tired so I couldn't play very well, = short bad games and nothing epic, but I didn't notice anything bad. Except that top/bottom minerals sucks T_T

And it's hard to drop their main if they have the 3 expos by their main, this makes p strong lategame zvp ._.

scratch that, wtf requiem clone
That ramp leading down to the nat is terrible for terran against toss.
Don't think so, since t gets his expo for free. What you're talking about I think is just present on maps like reverse temple and requiem, where they can't get their nat first. Once t gets his nat he can easily just siege tanks after placing mines, things you normally do in your nat in normal maps already.

so boring
Inept you have said this already several times, can you please tell us here about say 4 or 5 maps that you consider to be not "boring" and why, thanks.

Nightmarjoo, an open nat is bad for terran against toss and it is even worse if it is at the bottom of a large ramp, although yes Requiem and Reversed Temple are even more extreme.
what about blue storm :O
Low ground main & nat with one exit ramp from the nat is considered to be P>T but this is just in general terms. In Blue Storm there is a small extra exit on the side next to the ramp. You had such an exit in Burning Love before you turned it into a Burning Penis.
if i need to explain why its boring then you dont deserve to be told
hm crackling the choke is a pylon wider than python's, perhaps shrink the ramp by a pylon's size? Then lancet can't whine.

The map is boring, so? More people are likely to play a "boring" map than an "exciting" map. Look at the most played maps currently: python, bluestorm, longinus, with python being by far the most played, and by far the most boring of all of those maps.
I disagree. Lost Temple is the most boring (yet influential) map I've ever seen.
lancet has completly NO understanding of this game, i dont care if he whines.
I was not whining, it was just a comment, Crackling can do what he pleases and I won't give a damn. I only wish he would support his comments with arguments; probably has to do with his inability to write sentences instead of phrases.

Python is not boring, the Gaia-style base arrangement is among the most exciting there is. In Python you can place tanks on the hill next to and covering part of the choke entrance, that is not the case here...and then there is the ramp of course.
modified by Lancet
i didnt say anything about python, tell me sth to explain to you and i will do so.

nvm your comment about the "hill" on python where you can "cover part of the choke entrance" is useless, it doesnt make ANY sence.
Have you ever seen someone doing it?
ok so it should be TvX on close positions, right?
because if its not closed position you would have to place your whole army (beein mostly useless) somewhere far away from your main, putting only "some tanks" there would result in those tanks beeing killed.

Ok fine you are Terran vs Terran on closed positions and you sieged a part of his nat entrance so he cant use it ALL.
he might siege 2 tanks there and neutralize any atempt of pushing from your side. you would most likely have to make a siegeline along the wide ramp. this would give your opponent the possibility of taking MOST of the map.
a long TvT results in both players taking half of the map, this means you would take in 12(u) vs 9 the 3 base while your opponent the 6 ones.
Anyways having some part of your army sieged somewhere on the map covering just one expo isnt good in tvt because you mostly want to have your forces to be mobile and beeing loaded up in dropships.

TvP again, we have closed positions and you want to cover those small piece of your opponents choke with tanks. you would most likely to have to wait wait untill you got enough units to push into his main (he would just flank you otherwise when you leave your nat) or to slowpush towards those point. this means you would have to cover ALL the long ramp and still have enough defence to make a counter not viable, the p rarely counters a terrans main because the terran mostly goes for a push into his nat/main but here you just go for some place in his nat lol?
ok you have a fucking long line to defend and you gain only 1 expo?
with those units you could also split the map in 2 halves like you want to do vs a p.
again, -> no sence.

TvZ, first i dont know what kind of build order you want to do to lol.
if you are able to get a strong siege position why dont you go for his nat?
especially on closed position, when you got your 1. vessel after FEing you will have 4 tanks, this first push is maybe the most dangerous for a Z.

enough arguments? i could do this every time lancet but most of the things you say are just so dumb like this one, any more or less good bw player could tell you that it wont work that way -.-

shall i write an explaination why the ramp at the nat DOESNT put t behind in PvT?
Lancet, maybe you can clarify your position on when you think the timing of when t would be in trouble is?

Python is very boring for people who actually play on it. Such monotonous gameplay. The fact that it's boring though helps it be so balanced. I guess its expo layout is unique, but it works with essentially the gameplay and expo taking on every other currently played map.
OK Crackling, that's an improvement but I only talked about TvP and also I don't understand you. I never talked about terran covering the opponent's choke with tanks or pushing into toss's main, I am just talking about terran's choke here. I know about tank pushes and I don't mean leaving a tank permanently devoted to covering one position, I meant that as a provisional strategy while you gain strength.

Now, I don't see what the problem is here. The value of a tank on high ground is self evident and the value of being able to cover the access ramp to your nat with a tank from high ground should also be self evident, and you mostly can't do that in this map. Also the value of having an army on high ground next to a ramp that your opponent is trying to climb is also obvious as well as the fact that toss has an early advantage over terran. I just put these all together (also you can't wall in, right?). Plus the two TvP replays you have were bad for terran, a combination of zeals, DTs and goons did them in.

Now I have not said that in your map P>T, what I meant to say is that that wide ramp leading down to the nat will prove difficult for terran in TvP, that's all.

But I will suggest an edit to your map to put this matter to rest. You could extend the main's high ground a little in the direction of the nat ramp (see GMCS, I did it only for one of the mains but the edit would be to all of them). That would allow tanks to cover more of the ramp.

That's not fair, we both suck ass tvp and wtfpwn pvt. Put Idra vs Draco on the map and see what happens ._.
this map looks great, but the name suck..
guess-me are you a complete noob? the name is the best part wtf
fuck yea new name :O
good, the name pretty much made me dislike the map, but now its different :P
i dont know what a maelstorm is.perhaps maelström?
lol crackling it's not Maelstorm! it is maeslSTROM
i either dont know what it is but who cares anyways :)
Maelstrom is a legitimate English spelling (check your dictionary). It is 1) a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius or 2) something resembling a maelstrom in turbulence.

This name is much better but I liked the map better before the edits when it was Burning Love.
yeah, maelstrom is the correct word!
lol i can imagin crackling spalling MAEL STORM since he sytarted playing statCeaft believing that it was the correc way to name the dark archon ability
Well, I suppose that's a common mistake many people make. Similar to those people that don't know how DS works or that ensnare works differently on the different unit types, or that Archons are ranged or whatever.

It doesn't matter if you call it maelstrom or maelstorm or maelstream or mealstorm or ugly-stuff-that-stops-my-poor-zergies, As long as you use it as godly as Grrrr....
yeah but remember that GiYoM's opponent was ZergLeee xD
and how does Ensrane works different based on unit types? :S
ensnare slows different unit's attacks at a different rate
ensrane slowers units cooldown????
Someone once tested the effects of ensnare on all the different unit types. I don't think I have the table, though :(

I suppose that the different effects of ensnare are caused by frames-per-attack stuff. The unit I remeber the most is the golitah: If I remember correctly, it was almost completely unharmed by ensnare.

Btw, it's ensnare, not ensrane ;)

--aYa.Amethyst vs Nb.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
--aYa.Amethyst vs Nb.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
--aYa.Amethyst vs nB.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
--aYa.Amethyst vs Nb.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
--aYa.Amethyst vs nB.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)

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