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Last update for (4)Silence : 2008, 01, 18 23:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2762 (4)Silence 128*128FateD0.4experimentalground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hey all :D

This is a map i kinda had fun making, i didnt really deco it much yet, but I dont think ill put too much fo it either so... it should stay close enough to what it is...

btw, a 2v2 map if u didnt notice :P

the mins blocking main r:

450 for 4 of em, 200 for the 1 in middle of em

hope to get comments ty :D
LT clone! :-)))
Without playing it, I'm going to guess pathing is a nightmare on this map.
You might be right there, Nureru.

Kinda imba for terran, dontcha think so?
well tho, for early game pathing, u can either choose to mine the mins that block the way or not to... sorta changing the whole pathing in the end.. Yea, theres a pathing issue, but if you want to reduce it early game, u can just pick the gas that doesnt block the way i spose :o

And also, for u saying T is imba, remember that its a 2v2 map and that for a T, its gonna be pretty impossible to really wall anything, since his opponents nat can lead to his main/his nat

and yes, nats r tankable, but I dont think itll be a problem really since T is likely to have to play rather defensive and that he would have to either use Dship, or pass by 1 of the 2 middle paths to reach it... making it kinda visible n preventable :O (at least by the time he has tanks)
ppl dont wanna play maps like this ^^
i think everyone know deep down their hearts why
bah lol, i love to play weird/hard to play maps... so i cant really understand everyone else :D lol
Aight all, Redone whole map with same name lol


once more, 2v2 map with uncumon stuff into it, :D
Zerg gonna hate this map.
proxy gates ftw!

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