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Last update for (2)Hillfire : 2008, 01, 28 21:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2760 (2)Hillfire 96*128JustGuess1.5betaground

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 80 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

damn whoever made this, he just took out any chances i had to get a motw lol XD

great map :P
the temple choke should be wider

very nice map
oooh.. sexy.
some notes:

a bit of space behind the nat minerals would be nice.

what's the point of that ramp on the minonly mineral line?
You didn't guess who the author is :)
lol idk who it is, but i doupt its u since u said that :P lol
Holy shit. @_@
Lol Fated :D
all i can say is sexy, sexy and sexy again
Bad mains
there could be some pathing problems with that neutral temple. the main/nat-hill setup looks interesting and i think it can make for very aggressive games, but you'll need to test if it works out. this natural hill seems to be a very strong keypoint, though. but i think you intended that, regarding the mapname ;d
also, you can improve center hill ruin deco.
thx all!
are there any things i can improve?
Without playing it the only thing i see that you can change is to delete the center expo. You just don't need them... 4 expos + 1 (their main) is enough for a 2 players map. Just check out some of the pro maps.

(2)New Peaks of Baekdu, (2)Blus Storm, (2)Blitz X (+1 air expand for who getz it first:) ), (2)Ride of Valkiryes (+1 for who ever getz it) and so on...
okay i will delete them if you say so, because i love you and you're such a great mapper. your word in mapping judgement is like an order to me =)
oh, and start mapping again, LGI!

oh noes, i revealed myself! :O
modified by justguess
Your design also reveal you ;)

Anyway, looks one of your best maps :) .
modified by LGI
"the temple choke should be wider"
ye i agree, watch gmc :>
why should it be wider? standard ramp size
This is the sexiest map I've seen since Silver Flush!
can the mysterious author explain the point of having a second ramp on the mineral line of the hill? Minerals block it for awhile, but later it opens up to... nowhere, as the hole in the wall to the fourth expo is not passable even by the smallest units.
Is it for hm, harassment or something? Like, you drop your units bellow the ramp, climb up, shoot some workers and get back in the shuttle/dropship or whatever?

It's just something that bothers me a lot :)
i think that is the intention. this spot is a dropzone obviously, which leads behind two expansions at once, but it becomes a normal backdoor to the outer expo when the hillminonly is mined (which will mostly be of use i guess when your zerg enemy took it or such).
hmm, looking closer to it a lil, u have 2 stacked doodads (1 destroyed by a smaller 1) at 10 min only.. :O

and u also have 2 peices of what seem to be a cliff at the lil path top middle that happend to be unwalkable and totally in the way :P :D

also, the bottom left (droppable ramp) they have been debating has a gap in the wall the makes it closed, and zlings can pass in that gap, so prolly rines too :o

<3 the map still lol
modified by FateD
testbug -.-
It's me !!! :D

dont listen to me.

Crackling need to pimp this image.
I was going to make a gif of an image of this map without editting, and your image... and then I saw that the map on your melee download is missing about 60 or so doodads, including a bridge from the top right... what the fuck. Please upload latest version of your map ;P

People who edit pictures are fucking gay.
modified by PsychoTemplar
i'm sure its Radix?? :)
is it trcc??????
(doesn't look like a trcc's map, but last trcc's 64x128 dessert map doesn't look like a trcc's map)

"When armies clash, hills are set on fire...

map by flothefreak"
shittt fucking High Drit doodad #7 INSIDE orange MAIN :S

also, at 9 minonly, read what FateD sayd.

and at 12, pick up a zergling and you'll find some unwalkable tiles :(

i find the 9 and 3 protoss temples usless, and also the ramp at the highground minonlies.
666 ???????????
Great map flo, welcome back!
it looks like a radixxx/arden map.
It looks more to inept map.
it is my map of course. i just wanted to see if my maps get a well-known-author-bonus and how they're judged when someone else's name is on top.

fated: doodad and unwalkable tile + zergling hole fixed

testbug: the doodads in mains are on purpose, it didnt want that uh-very-clean-mainbase-stuff again. it feels much more natural with those.
666minerals, because it's not supposed to be a long lasting turtle expansion.

the ramp will stay, it may be of some worth in a few games. if not, it doesnt disturb anything (and you can still drop the minonly more easily because you're closer to the minline). dunno about the temples. i think they're okay to make the bridges the 1st option.
Don't wanna change the author name ?
some time, maybe.
lol thanks, I hope it was me :D
flo is cheating! I made this map!
no it was me, i wanted to confuse everyone with a crappy pic :O
RaDix welcome back, i guess you are not 12 years old anymore, and yes. i though ths was radix's
I played vs Crackling on this map, I really don't like it. I played badly/played the map wrong, but I'm still fairly certain about a couple bad things The expos feel turtly, I don't like how easy it is for p to get a 3rd base, you get way too many minerals really fast, there's no flank room after 12 minutes, seems really hard for z to get a gas outside of the nat. The mains are bad. The center expos are too close imo.
The backdoor min only thing is really annoying in general.
MAINS;; in corners of mains make it more high dirt there and remove all unbuildable doodads

PVZ;; will be imbalanced (as far as i know), the way that p can take a third base that easy. like Nightmarjoo said. if i were u i would place a Xel naga temple or some other neutral building in the way.

i love this map<3
Who even try to mine those center minerals?
I'm 14
Oddly enough, morrow's first suggestion is good; the mains should have that corner filled in.

--flothefreak vs thx4)GG(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmarjoo vs nB.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)

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