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Last update for (4)Shakras : 2013, 05, 13 11:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2654 (4)Shakras 128*128Testbug + Crackling <32.8finalground

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 194 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

another map by dreamteam Testbug+Crackling =)
because its not symmetrical it has some positional variitys like the tight passage at the very down and very up ramp of the middle..
the mains have nice spots for drops (even nice for slow ovi drops) at the place between the lakes around the mains :)

the nats feature a somehow hidden place behind them for some proxyshit or supermegacheeserush or another drop spot :)

this map uses a taucross exp-setup giving you an easy next expansion after you got one in the very near of it (taucross was main>nat>multi>minonly, here it is main>nat>minonly>multi)

minerals: main9, nat7, minonly6, multi7.
the nats take 4 workers for gas.

Comments & suggestions PLZ :O
i like it. photoshop-overstyled so the map fades behind the looks. some cool elements, though like the space behind the nat and the longinus-reminding center. good basic map overall.

nats look uneven and may cause some imbalance...
modified by flothefreak
crackling KNOWS how to make a map look good =D
it looks very good but i THINK that middle will advantage;

and mains might just be too small but i dunno.
personally i think the main favour z but middle disadvantage z

else, very good map damn cool gj

modified by uC.MorroW
Coz i wrote in a thread how to make a gosu picture.
Good map! The horizontal matchup may have a positional imbalance. If say terran is purple and toss is green, OK. But if terran is green and toss is purple then Terran after second gas may just tank-vulture push to the hills overlooking the purple main and obliterate the left half of the base. This can be a fight for that third gas expo there.
modified by Lancet
i like your edits and maybe i'll modify mine to be more like yours.

problem in your version:
-red and teal closer to minonly than blue and purple.
-vertical path is tigher than horizontal.

why did you fucking upload a map i share with you?
NastyMarine and Nighmarjoo have send me unfinished maps, and i don't finish'em with lots of edits and write testbug+some1 in the author.

i really dislike your doodad shit :(
if any admin find this was untolerable, please remove it from the database :(
modified by Testbug
about positional variity i gonna write same as i did at :

On December 09 2007 16:21 Nightmarjoo wrote:

There's a flaw in the proportional symmetry which creates that tight choke for vertical positional movement from green at the bottom and from red at the top; this tight choke doesn't exist for horizontal movement. You could say it doesn't matter and simply adds some positional variety to add to the map, but it can make a big difference in movement/pushing depending on the position and scenario, which is bad positional imbalance.

Its not BAD trust me >.< if you say that everything that isnt 100% symmetrical is BADLY imbalanced than you also would say that close positions on python are imbalanced because they play competly another way than like 12 vs 6; or the random middle of taucross with 1 bridge beeing much wider than the other 2 or longinus with the ramps to the middle beeing closer to some positions than to others >.<

"But if terran is green and toss is purple then Terran after second gas may just tank-vulture push to the hills overlooking the purple main and obliterate the left half of the base. This can be a fight for that third gas expo there."

nah you will be able to hit like 2 gateways and only if they are on the very left of the main...
and if you ever have played reverse lt (or longinus 6 o'clock) you should know that its not really crucial, if a terran is able to contain you that much that you cant kill a single tank outside your main its GG anyways because that means that you cant leave your main etc >.<
Main base room looks awkward for supply depots imo; red's is ok cuz it has the most room along the edge of the map for depots, because of the mineral formation shape or the gas position the others all lack that room along the edge.

The highground expos seem hard to harass/attack cuz they're so tight?

Red/green are closer to their nat than blue/purple, no?
Testbug, I like Crackling's edit =/
I think it's weird that you want your name removed from it when quite a bit of this map is of your making.
Also testbug, anyone can modify/upload maps as far as I'm concerned.

Overall I like the map, but the mains concern me.
teal's and red's mineral lines are way too closer to the cliff compared to the others, not just tanks, any ranged unit will have much fun there.

It's a nice execution, but this map has a '2v2 only' tag on it :)
HOLY FUCKING ajf;wjkfhwafhjhawfhjawff;af;ha

Amaaaaaaazing map. <3
yes, red and teal are tankable from the nat but i think it doesnt matter at all because if he is at your nat CAMPING WITH TANKS and you cant do shit vs him its allready over, i mean he also could just walk down the ramp and kick your ass :O
i dont want to trample you under my foot, just allow me a question.are u receiving some drugs these days? can u tell me who would be able to defend these mains with all these large chokes in the early game against zerg?

a zerg need nothing more than 2 hatches plus speed for lings(optional 2 sunks to defend himself)and the game is over.

large doorways are out of place on a starcraft map.they simply doesnt work.u can do such things on warcraft maps,where u can build slower/fewer units.there u can micro this.

this map is nothing else as a nice playground for zerg
It seems to me that Protoss will be able to beat Terran with early, persistent pressure. The Protoss can even build zealots if he wants.

And I agree about Zerg. The chokes are just too wide.
The map is obviously geared towards FE builds.
Absolutely awesome man. gmcs
pretty cool, but i think theres a spot imba too.. :O other than that, lt clone :D

I am sure you can open up those tight spots... You can just make both ramps at the expands the same size (the smaller one), and you can also move the whole ramp. You should really do that for a smooth vertical game play.
reshaped mains, main to nat ramp changed
lol, how can you name this unstable version as "final" work harder crackie! blue and purple are closer to minonly.
added some GMCs
Crackling, is it possible to copy what testbug did on Shakra to fix the tight vert path issue? Other people here seem to agree with me that it ought to be fixed.
The map needs tested for other issues I think, but overall I think it's pretty good.

Some concerns:
  • blue/purple tankability from the expo behind the main.
  • red/green building space (mostly red)
  • Decoration seems to be mostly lazy blobs of terrain, you can do better lol.

    Testbug, now that you've opted to copy Crakling's changes for the most-part, why don't you delete Shakra and have your named added to this?
    It'd be rediculous to decide on the same map and remove your name just because there are some big changes from the original beta, that's what happens in mapping lol.
  • Crackling
    there are 400 doodads in this map XD

    This unstable version is already taken for PsyStorm League #2 . I told them to slow down and the league will delay a week, so you guys can have some time to finish it.

    P.S. Someone should give me his e-mail to send him the replay pack from PsiStorm League #1 and upload them. It's 5.36 MB.
    w000t XD

    ok Testbuggy go for teamwork again <3
    i just think edit another map is not maping, that's why i mad a new map with your wills :(
    i told you not to upload the map, and i told you to WAIT with capital leters :(
    seriously even 20% of those would be enough... the middle i.e. is only blocking your units with this doodad spam.
    "yes, red and teal are tankable from the nat but i think it doesnt matter at all because if he is at your nat CAMPING WITH TANKS and you cant do shit vs him its allready over, i mean he also could just walk down the ramp and kick your ass :O"
    that's not true, I won so many games where I got tanked in, it doesn't always mean you loss.
    for the middle i jsut dont wanted a wide open place so i had to choose between placing some water there, raised jungle or temple..i decided to spam doodads to reach the same >.<

    as you see i fixed those tankability...

    also, you played vs noobs, sry kk thx
    modified by Crackling
    2 and 8 multies can be harassed, 11 and 5 cannot
    11 gas is unusable
    I don't care for teal/red's layout. Just feels really tight. Look at the rep of me vs testbug (nsf-work pvz gligligli).
    Blue/purple have more edge space than teal/red.
    I want to play those maps with you but fuckin' #op bwmn is always empty... Is someone of you play on Europe? If yes; when?
    when the sun hides and the moon comes out the bmwn members start their social lives, means they connect to wait till midnight or so
    Nb.Crackling ?! You know Nb.h00ligan?
    he is my leader ;_;
    Check out my GMCS, YOU HAVE TO FIX THEM!!! Or else...
    removed the tight path, made reds and teals main a bit bigger, made distance minonly-main more balanced (still red has a disadvatage by the size of a pylon but i think that doesnt matter :D)

    PS: superultramegafeature added: sperm in the middle of the map :O
    modified by Crackling
    lol, center sux now, blue and purple hace a very open choke.
    the 2 ramps are too close.
    3 and 9 multies are too tight.

    i'll GMCS
    all multis are tight, they should be...
    sry but saying LOL is just quite dumb in my oppinion ;_;
    those small variitys doesnt fucking matter, take a look at tau cross or longinus...
    can you even tell me how you could abuse those "very open choke"?
    gonna reset GMCS because what you have marked completly doesnt matter >.<

    testbug i like you but i dont know why you somehow still try to find bad things on shakras... i wasnt offensive towards you in any way but you keep bitching around :(
    modified by Crackling
    nice your reseted the GMCs.
    but if you want your map to be better you should:
    1.- add a mineral field at 3 o'clock multy
    2.- ramdomize minerals, they look too n00b :)
    done xd
    Holy shit the map has changed! Not only that you open the tight paths, and the min only on low ground are all fixed!!! Good job!

    I mean that if you look Testbugs map, a protoss can defend three sides if he put cannons on his min only.

    His min only exp;
    One side of his exp with gas at the high ground;
    His choke ramp after his nat...

    Which makes this expand very powerful!
    what exactly do you want to say? XD

    Sorry, my English is bad, and i am too lazy to try to explain it in other words...

    It's just that P is now not so powerful, it's more balance. So thats most important. GJ.
    ok XD thx
    find some problrems trying to place 12 and 9 minonlies, also 12 and 6 minonlies defends 12 and 6 multy's ramp.
    9 and 3 minonlies are far from the multies so they don't deffend the ramp.
    doodads/deco sux, you want me to edit this map?
    do it xd
    you can do this testbug :D
    okay, here you are!

    modified by Testbug
    lol stop trieng :D
    Check GMCS! I tested in game...

    11 gas is unusable
    ok thanks, fixed :D
    The nat shape kinda sucks balls for p FE. It's just kinda small/tight in general.
    well, yesterday i had a cw vs oSr and 1. map was Un Goro Crater...THIS ONE SUCKED BALLS WITH ITS FUCKING WIDE RAMP AT NAT ;;;A:S;C:XY;:C

    you can kinda wall with pylon,forge and gate here, should work even better than on blue storm
    he menas the nat is too tight and about units movement
    Yeah Crackling Blue Storm and Un'Goro Crater have crappy nats :(
    I think you could probably make these a little better though.
    Blue/Teal have pretty crappy places for ovys on the side of the nat -.- Red/purple are ok as far as I can see though...
    Just because the map won MOTM doesn't mean you should stop working on the map :(
    There's still (4)MOTY, and I want to show Yello.Ant the map to try and get it into iCCup.
    modified by Nightmarjoo
    make gmcs, i gonna fix it <:
    Where the hell are those GMCS?!
    "I want to show Yello.Ant the map to try and get it into iCCup."

    show him "confusion" i think it's better than this ;)
    Added a game of me vs crackling. It's an ok game, but in the end I lost cuz I didn't stop his expos and didn't expo well enough. Part of it is that the expo layout is weird. There's not really any strategic sense to it, because there are so many expos. It's kind of like katrina, except more flank friendly and less harass/drop friendly. I guess that should make it a z map, but I dunno.

    Eh, all I can suggest is decrease mineral block count and/or mineral block values =/

    And look at those ovy spots!
    IMBALANCE;; overlord you all know hide all over map like fagits. they take places when they cant get seen but they see the enemy. anyway at purples first expand an overlord cant fit in on that high temple peice behind the expo, it can on the other players

    ANNOYING;; outside all players there is some temple thing with some trees around (which looks very good), but its too much and in the middle of the path which should be very annoying. there are also rock doodads in middle of paths that would mess up.

    GAS ISSUE;; red,purple,blue first expand. also at 8 o clocks expand. man you can fix them its not hard or creating any problems

    MAIN;; everyones gas in main can be hit by tanks from cliffs but reds. mains are also small better just to remove the water inside it. small mains favour zerg. purples main minerals are bad placed.

    ok thats all i can find and i tried my best to see all the bad sides from the map. i just try to help. if u fix all those this map would be very good 10/10 map^^
    shut up morrow

    -removed blocking rock doodads
    -none of the maingases are tankable
    -fixed ALL tankholes (check it out xD)
    -cut some of the outstanding "place behind the nats"
    -widened some mains as far as i could
    -fixed positional imbalances (ovispots etc)
    -natgas takes 4 workers for each position
    -natgas takes 4 workers for each position

    gas issue at all nats!!! :D
    lol noob problem at teal's nat, there is only 6 mineral fields, one is missing lol
    xd lol
    i wont fix it, lets say its positional variity
    i was 101% sure that you will say that lol
    This map got bumped recently by someone else. Im not sure how because there is no new comments. So it seems to me that it must have been bumped by someone who knows the password to the map, either by being an author, a mod, or a hacker ;)

    Anyway, I decided to post because there is 7 mineral patches at the North East high ground expansion, but the others have 6. I know Crackling and Testbug havent been sighted for many a moon, but in light of the first paragraph, perhaps they are lurking (or indeed smurfing).

    Also, its a good map so I think this minor detail is definately worth fixing.
    Explanation is much simpler: Xelious trollbumped it, then Panschk deleted his troll comments...


    --Nb.Crackling vs Nb.Birz(1on1, 1.15)
    --Nb.Dreamtoss vs Nb.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
    --nSF-WoRK vs gligligli(1on1, 1.15)
    --Lx.Sanguine vs Lx.Lightblue(1on1, 1.15)
    --EasYLosS vs proposal(1on1, 1.15)
    --iM-Nightmarjoo vs iM-Mechengineer(1on1, 1.15)
    --iM-Nightmarjoo vs nB.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
    --aYa.Amethyst vs nb.crackling(1on1, 1.15)
    --aYa.Amethyst vs nb.crackling(1on1, 1.15)

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