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BWMN site update
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Is someone still in contact with panschk or has access to the backend of BWMN?

I'm looking for a new project as a software developer and might be interested in pimping up the website and bringing it a fresh new look for 2019. There are a number of bugs I've encountered with the site and it might be worth someone going over the code and patching things up. Maybe even add a few new features if you guys have any ideas.

2019, 07, 30 12:10
What stops you from just contacting panschk yourself?
2019, 07, 31 00:13
Haven't seen him active on this site and don't have any contact information. Figured someone here might know how to get in touch.
2019, 07, 31 15:00
Contact info is on…
2019, 08, 01 23:03
I wouldn't mind an update XD
2019, 08, 03 04:29
Hi everyone!

mmmk has gotten in contact with me. I appreciate the initiative, and maybe this is an occasion to clean up some of the mess in the back-end as well ;)

I am currently uploading a copy of the complete site to

This will be for developement, and we switch over the redirect from to when we are ready.

Let's use this thread for discussion of upcoming topics, todos and what was done.

Main To-Dos I see:

- adaptive design (smaller screens)
- prevent spam on replay comments and ratings

What I did:

- copy database and files
- remove spam entries from replay comments and ratings. I might have deleted some real comments as a collateral dammage, sorry :( ;)

I might forget to check this site frequently enough, ping me at panschk at
2019, 08, 03 09:45
Thanks panschk, hope you are doing well.

2019, 08, 03 09:59
First SCMDraft, now even this site might be back development again :D

Some immediate thought as to what could be improved (aside from technical updates and security)

Most needed update in my opinion is support map pack uploads (as compressed archive format like *.zip).
Additionally, or alternatively, upload options would be welcome, for example separate 1.16 optimised or 1.22 compatible map versions are very much required nowadays. A flexible system where uploaders could specify any number of files and denomination (maybe with a standard pre-set melee option for inexperienced users) would probably be best.

Map information should include some additional info like:
  • Upload date (is this already in the database for old maps and just not shown?)
  • Game version compatibility info (1.16/1.22 ; default to 1.16 for old maps)
  • Full support for custom map sizes (just let people specify x and y dimensions)
  • "Alpha" as map type option for uploads of maps in early development
  • An "info" or "description" box, where any additional info about the map could be shown, would also be nice.

Having the option for Korean menus would certainly help make the site more attractive for Korean map makers to share their stuff.
2019, 08, 03 11:52
talking about korean menus, we'd need someone fluent in Korean ;) Do you know anyone?
2019, 08, 03 14:38
Just make a list of all items that need translation, I am sure some one or other on TL can help out.
2019, 08, 03 21:51
I'd even be down to pay somebody for something like that ^

Even though I'm not very active I would love to see BWMN become THE mapmaking page even for korean mapmakers.
2019, 08, 05 01:56
FYI: The "dev" page at no longer works, because we upgraded the PHP version and outdated functions were used in the existing code base. James (mmmk) is working on a new Version which requires the new PHP version, he will upload a first draft in the coming days.

You should see errors like this:
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
2019, 08, 18 07:51
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