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Last update for (4)Concord : 2020, 05, 21 21:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5052 (4)Concord 128*128Excalibur / NastyMarine0.1betaground

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 5 points

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God damn it Rose. D:
This seems super excellent.
Why haven't I seen this before? Looks pretty good. Only the naturals seem to be a bit hard to wall. Taking 4 bases seems easier for the bottom left and top right positions. I would try to more open up everything towards the middle. I'd also reduce that hole in the centre, as it causes close position paths to be rather tight and linear everywhere.
Thx Freakly, glad you like it. c: I was trying to make Lexington work-able, cause I think its a really good map that just needs some work. I haven't touched this since I uploaded it, and I'm not sure if I will.
Update 1.1:
-Made center hole smaller.
-Easier to wall nats.

Any further feedback much appreciated.
There's still the problem that the small ramp to the third is easier to defend at the top/bottom spots than at the left/right ones.

Another major problem I fond is that you have some heavy cover bug on your ramps. But that's just a matter of switching out the unwalkable sand and high dirt tiles. Check the provides cover overlay in ScmDraft.

You should also change the main gas positions to all be right on top.

I can also see some mining issues, mostly workers migrating behind mineral lines.
Distance of natural expansion of each players(case of horizontal staring locations) looks so close. I guess, about 25 sec needed to move from one inlet ramp to another.

For the ordinary, standard map (like FS, CB etc) about 30 sec is acceptable and good for balance, if any particular mechanism is not existed.

Also, starting location unbalance is problem. eg. 7 O'clock player can easy attack 5 O'clock player natural expansion at 1st floor by siege tank, but 5 is hard to attack 7's natural expansion by same way because position is too far from 5 base.
modified by Zeppelin
Wow, cool! A remake of Lexington! Someone actually did it! Good job @Excalibur
Thanks man! I feel like it could be better but I'm no freakling ;)
Its everything my map should have been! Very cool that you use the Desert tileset as well!
1 of my 4 possible submissions to STPL map competition. Would love feedback from anyone on things to improve before sending it in.
I don't think you should use these new ramps here. Kinda breaks the aesthetic unity of the map. And they are wider than the custom diagonal ones right now. And I'd generally not mix diagonal and perpendicular ramps, as unit movement and collision boxes tend to interact kinda differently on them.

Have you checked the terrain flags for the ramps? No random cover providing shenanigans going on there?

Have you checked tank ranges between low ground expos and naturals? I can see lots of awkward angles there.

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