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Last update for (5)Quintessence : 2019, 12, 28 18:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4683 (5)Quintessence 128*128Freakling0.6finalground

The map has been rated 101 times and got a total of 64 points


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is this your map?
No, this is Freakling's
OK, I may be able to work on it over the weekend.
Moved stuff around a bit, to equalize main sizes.
Now working on deco.
compare Teal's and Blue's base to the other players... They may be slightly smaller? if the small area behind their minerals are to compensate for it, it may backfire as those seem to be convenient places for drops.
You mean the edge in teal's main that extends towards the NE corner?
Well... I did my best to give all mains as equal distances, macro space and drop space without wasting any space unnecessarily.
Some differences in shape have to be put up with, if one wants to fit something not quadrangular into a square frame, of course, and by their size and locations the mains are just the most convenient places to assign them to. I guess I could put teal's minerals more towards the edge, with the geyser on the left, to open up that corner a bit.

EDIT: Like this.
modified by Freakling
looks better to me now. But orange base is a square ;p
This is done now, pending final mineral balancing.
version 1.00

bugfix to all resources done.
another update:
- equalized cliffs behind nats as much as possible to balance harassment opportunuities
- all mains can be rax-2depot walled against zealots now
- fixed some gas bug for 10 main.
fixed two bugs, discovered while testing with Crystal.
UPDATE to version 1.01

- Moved the ramp at the W nat back a bit to make more room for the nat and unit movement.
Minor Update

- Fixed a mineral patch in SE main

- optimized some minerals (comsat issue)
- added observer version (compressed & fog free)
Version 1.04

- edited some mineral onlies so all of them they are not tankable from adjacent main
- changed a cliff tile at 10 o'clock's main ramp to facilitate rax + 2 depots wall with safe marine spawn as for the other spawns.

Only melee version updated so far...
Please check version numbers in map description to make sure you use this newest version!
Excellent! Love maps that get updates, great map btw, really solid symmetry
EDIT: Sorry, I think I uploaded the wrong file at first;
now the update is online...
Updated obs version...
Update: Version 1.05 (preliminary)
  • Fixed terrain levels on ramps. Main ramps and back ramps to mineral onlies are now the tighter custom ramps from my Desert ramp palette
  • Some cleanup.
  • Hopefully fixed all pathing.

Update: Version 1.06
  • Final pathing bugfixes

No updated obs version yet …
modified by Freakling
A copy of what I've posted on about a week ago but Hatchet doesn't seem to have seen and communicated:

I've only played about 8 games and obsed 2, all were PvZ.
What I noticed were the different positions of the minerals + nexus in different mains. Especially that some mineral lines seem to be much easier to harass with mutas (TvZ comes to mind) than others.
Another thing that I noticed was that I wasn't able to pylon jump over the power generators' minerals at all locations. I haven't tried all the positions, but the bottom left (7 o'clock main) one doesn't allow a pylon to be built between the two mineral patches. Top one (12 o'clock main) does allow it.

The feeling from my own games are that some positions can be way easier to attack by air. Like 7 o'clock can basically just fly into the mineral line of the main adjacent to its mineral only base.

Other positions have the possibility for siege tanks at the mineral only to have range to attack stuff in certain main bases (for example the 12 o'clock main can definitely be sieged. So building tech anywhere too far below your nexus can get it killed).
After a quick test: 2 out of 5 positions are able to build a pylon between the two mineral fields in front of the power generators.
Will check & fix.

EDIT: Sorry LML, seems like what you meant is not what I understood. So I have no idea what you are talking about :( Do you mean that you can build staked on top of the Minerals / Generators after mining out one patch? Can you specify / add screenshots of what you mean.

EDIT2: Oh, okay, now I get it. It's the Power Generators getting in the way, I think I placed them off-grid or something. It's been a while since I made this map. I guess I'll have to reposition them somewhat…
modified by Freakling
Update: Version 1.07
  • Can build Pylon/whatever building between depleted mineral stacks on all five backdoor locations now.
  • Also put unbuildable terrain below all mineral stacks to ensure players cannot stack buildings on them.

I did not want to move the Generators around, as their current position is perfectly set up to align up with the mineral patches as well as creating a Scarab gap on both edges of the ramp. Part of the problem is that the Generator's collision box is weirdly off-centre of the building space. So I came up with a neat workaround instead: I added a hallucinated depleted mineral patch in the location where you would want to build a Pylon (or other building) to glitch workers over. When it decays after 2:30 (?) game minutes it clears the building space. Since I did not want to give players any "unfair" positional advantages if, for some freak reason, they decided to drill a worker through the backdoor earlier than that, I also added hallucinated minerals at the locations that would not have needed them :P

Not decided about variances in main resources vulnerability yet. I tried to make them as equal as possible within the limitations of gas balance and symmetry. I guess the bottom main (5:30 o'clock or something) is in deed special in that it has both minerals exposed to the back of the base and an exposed geyser. So I guess I could move some of the mineral patches to the bottom, or even have them curve around the bottom right corner of the SL and put the geyser to the left instead.
modified by Freakling
oh what a clever solution you've came up with
Grand (Post-)Christmas Update of 2019: :P
Version 1.08
  • Various small tweaks, changes, fixes etc.


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