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Last update for (4)Ruined Meadows : 2006, 03, 21 18:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
210 (4)Ruined Meadows 128*128Snooky1.6final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 88 points


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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

I don't really know what qualifies a map to be an LT clone but I'd imagine this could come close. Anyway, I think it plays very well the few times I have played it, so comments are welcome.
Well, this map is not a LT clone imo.

It looks quite good and it seems very easy to defend the expansion, which speeks for an interesting game while expanding later. I like it :)
it's really a bit lt like but still it has several feature which are not lt-like
the cliffs behind the expansions in the middle will add an interessting strategic possibility and the placement of the expansions gives a big importance to the controll of the middle
i just fear a little advantage for protoss and zerg towards terran, but i'm not sure
i guess you can flank the middle pretty well
Both island exps, nats, and center mins only are tankable. I don't think this map is hard on terran, if anything, I'd say it was terran biased. But it really helps the balance that you have so few minerals in the nats - it forced terran to expand much earlier than he would normally have to. I'd say this looks like a fun map, but I will need to playtest it to know if it is balanced.
Yes the 8-1 nats favor a lazy playing style where you pretty much pump out of two bases for 10 minutes. It is good to have a change from time to time.

I actually like this map a lot. The gas placement looks odd to me. Having balanced gas is something that should be considered now that everyone knows about it.
What exactly are the 8-1 nats?..

8 oclock & 1 oclock are islands, which aren't nats last I knew.
THink he means 8 minerals 1 gas naturals.. like lt
Ah I understand now, he wasn't even referring to this map.
Wasn't I? At least there is really a unusual low amount of mins at the natural.
I meant what you said being 8-1 wasn't referring to this map. I know your overall idea was over this map.
I like this map, i really do, especially the center. I dont like the bridges though, and i think it cold be super cool if the long bridges and the islands were reconstructed in some artistic way.. it would give a jungle feeling over it then. (i would prefer massive ground that is)
I like the unique look the long bridges give the map. The placement of the expansions makes this map excellent for 2on2, as the natural is pretty easy to defend, but the min only is exposed in the middle.

snooky, make better decription;)
and fix obs map pls...

and fix gas placement in mains :o
Worth to watch the new replay i submit :) TvP 45 minutes. I will comment the map latter now i am doing rematch.
idk how u did it but this is exactly my map.. idk if i played it on and u got from there but this is exactly what mine is.. so plz explain how u have the same map
this is BS this is definently my map.. how u were able to put this on here blows me away.. pretty low if u ask me
nevermind my bad.. my jpg file saved over urs and changed the image.. nice map tho kudos to author!
could someone add the old picture? my sc is fucked up atm.
great. Thats why I say name your map image files correctly :( I hope you learned from it nastymarine :O

I will fix img now.
Something about the bridges seems strange to me. I agree with SP. I'd say make land instead.

Also, I'd remove the water going to the 5' and 11' o'clock expos. That's just me though. It just seems like it would be really hard to move a big force through there to attack that expo.
Sorry, forgot I'm not supposed to use the ' in the comments on GMCS. But those are the waters I'm talking about.
I don't see anything unbalanced about the main's gas placements. They are all the same & fairly proportional distance to chokes. Perhaps you mean that on most maps they are on the opposite side of the choke. I set them on the choke's side on purpose. Do you think this gives Terran too much advantage or something?
read the "gas issue" article

we should get a popup that says "GAS ISSUE" everytime a user visits this site :p
plenty of accepted pro maps don't even follow your "gas issue," why do you care so much? sometimes the 1 worker is not as important as having a gas that is too easy to attack in some positions, or too in the way, and others not.
First off, it's easy to follow the gas issue on every map. no problem with that actually.

and second, the gas issue affects mining EVERY game, while this possible strategy might happen SELDOM.

So, what's more important, to have balance EVERYtime or just on SELDOM used strategies?

Or said in an other way:

A symmetricly well placed gas doesn't help you defending against 2 mutalisks "for free"
I'm still not a big fan of the long bridges. But I think this map could really be nice if those were changed somehow. Preferably some sort of actual terrain, but wide bridges would be okay too I guess.

--ciRith[Fp]; Flacker[Fp] vs Panschk[Fp]; NeX-Snooky(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI vs PlaingRags(1on1, 1.13)

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