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Last update for (3)Inner Coven 1.05 : 2020, 02, 02 11:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5180 (3)Inner Coven 1.05 128*128𝕱0.2finalhybrid

The map has been rated 22 times and got a total of 5 points


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→ Original map thread.

Updated version for ASL
  • Fixed a bunch of little spots where Zerglings could have stepped out of the Dwebs
  • Removed player-coloured beacoms from the centre as they were deemed redundant on this map
  • Changed deco in centre and in the Dweb corridors (using lots of new ramp tiles)
  • readjusted pathfinding

Note that this version is not patch 1.16 compatible.
modified by Freakling
𝕱 <- what's this? seems cool


It's a Fraktur "F", as in Freakling.
Read this.
Unicode reference
Looks a bit like a Hydralisk.
I've been using it as my signature since forever:

thanks for adding each map's BWMN links on that TL article X)
modified by Freakling
Can we have a 1.16 compatible version for the latest version of this map? Thx
Maybe, although compatibility would probably have to sacrifice some equivalence in attributes such as buildability of certain terrain parts.
Use version 1.03 for now. Differences are aesthetical for the most part.
Seems like the Dweb on position [2324,1400] (top right of centre hub) is producing an error/not being placed in-game. The problem is that I cannot figure out, why 0_o.
Hey Freaky I looked into that DWEB for you.

I replaced it using Ultra Fine grid and moving it ever so slightly (still links with other dwebs) and then put plain dirt under it entirely to rule out a terrain issue. It spawned on the map no problem.

When I put your original terrain back under it, it stops working again.

I'd examine every tile that touches a single pixel of that dweb and see what might be up. On map load in single player it was saying that the unplaceable unit at that location was a Vespene Tank rather than a dweb.

There's that crater doodad to the left of it, and the cliff tile that touches part of the dweb. One of those tiles is definitely the problem.

Hope it helps.

modified by Excalibur
Update to Version 1.05 (to be used in the upcoming ASL):

  • increased number of neutral bases on the outer ring to 6 (6x1000m, 3000g)
  • added base to the centre (8x1500m, 5000g)
  • number of island bases reduced to 3 (7x 1500m, 5000g)
  • moved egg walls forward towards neutral bases
  • expanded disruption-webbed corrifors to centre to 3 disruption webs width
  • added neutral Installation turrets to neutral ring bases that only allow Zerg to place a Hatchery on spot (Protoss and Terran need to get detection or splash damage first to kill the turret)
  • readjusted pathfinding and redecorated
Woah Freaky these changes are HUGE. Can you talk us through some of the decisions?
Pro players wanted more focus on the middle, closer naturals and some more help for Zerg.
Update: Some bugfixes
  • Fixed minerals in central expo accidentally being stacked twice.
  • Fixed inadvertent deletion of some of the coral purple space foam magic mushrooms, know what? just call them whatever you think they are, edges during decoration of the bottom left island base.

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