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Last update for (4)The Shield : 2007, 02, 10 11:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
907 (4)The Shield 128*128JK)Valkyrion0.4final

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 19 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

too tight, too many stright lines, bad concept.
terran is overpowered.

as said _several_ times before:
don't upload new maps BUT stick to a few (2-3) and keep improving them until they're done/almost done.
_then_ you can go on
--v mOsQ
stop it
try to make real good map, not symmetric (4)-clones
Itself but if done not help to improve me them that I should do? lol mosq u think this is a clone lol u stupid..... for u all map are a clone....
the other maps that I posted are ended almost in second page therefore means that to no interests to improve them, here because I put of it of news
it's quite obvious that the more maps you upload, the less comments you get on each map.
and the more you upload, the more does it annoy which results in even fewer comments.

plus, this may sound harsh, but most of your maps can't be improved to a standard/good level because they lack a deliberated concept.
try to make a structure of a map in your head first, then bring it to paper and think about if it is imbalanced, if it offers a good gameplay, etc.

just making maps without deliberation does result in bad maps that will never be good
why this map is not good? there is more space to the center for move massive forces, 3 exp in the main base like blade storm. what exatcly is not good in this map?
do this on space terrain, and get rid of the ramps to the structure and make the structures in the middle smaller and it would be a better middle because then terran would need a dropship to take advantage of it. 3 expos inside 1 choke is never really a good idea, which is why a lot of people hate azalea. move the mineral expo out of choke or make the back door one mineral only and put a gas expo outside.
If I were to sum it up, it's the fact that Terran can wall in, take 3 exps (nat, min only, exp), get a massive amount of tanks and place it on the structure and camp. There is no decoration, minerals are poorly placed, and there is no concept. As people have previously posted, try to get an idea in your head of what you want to make before making maps.
Well, it's like exactly that. This ma is not suited for competitive gaming. You don't have to fight for expansions, because you got 2 expansions for free.

Also, you seem not to read the comments, after i wrote that you should stick to your actually uploaded maps and improve them. These maps are YOUR maps and YOU have to improve them, understand?

I repeat myself now, but it seems that i have to:

- maps on natural tilesets like Badlands, Jungle, Twilight, Snow, Ashworld should look natural. No straight lines, except on manmade structures like Temple Walls or similar.
- maps on manmade tilesets like Space and Installation should look manmade. With straight lines, hard edges, like an architect has created

so, your maps, as they are now, should all be created in Space Tileset, as you are always using straight lines, which just does not look good in any way. Bladestorm is one of the ugliest maps ever created, if it would be on space tileset, it would look good.

- you need something to fight for in a melee map. The only reason why you left your base is to build another expansion or kick the enemys ass. But if you have 2 expansions for free. I wouldn't attack the enemy early. I would just defend myself, builkt a hgue army and then walk to the enemy. Which ends in one big battle, and the game is over -> totally boring.

- what are those cliffs in the center good for? The path below them is very tight when walking with a big army, as well as it is clear to you that Terran is the race, which has the most advantage of cliffs on a map. YOu may think now "hey, but you can put lurker and high templers on the cliff", well, true, you can even build a supply depot at some cliffs, who cares. If a map has no cliffs, it's considered as a "disatvantage for terran" or, said differently, a Protoss and a Zerg don't complain if a map has no cliffs, a Terran does, why? Because he has the biggest advantage with cliffs. TO come to the point, these cliffs are only annoying for movement and the high number of cliffs is only good for terran, as well as tight paths, which makes the center good for terran.

- Also T can easily defend his 2 expansions, which means, this map isn't balanced. Just to give everyone the same amount of resources does not mean to balance a map.

--> so, your map totally lacks of a good concept. You should change the position of the expansions, the whole center, the whole shape of the map.

+ the mineral placement itself is flawless, really.

So, try to check your maps you already uploaded, look through them and search your best 2 maps out of your pool. Then try to fix them with the things i said in mind, also read yourself thorugh the articles section.

I know, everyone who is on this page thinks, not just you, that he already is a good mapmaker and does not have to read a mapmaking tutorial. Well, i should have read it as i started here also. Now, with the standards in mind and a whole lot of experience in mapmaking i know, what's important and what a map really should look like, to be competitive. So, don't be shy and read the "how to decorate a map" from flothefreak and "Guide to map-making" posted by panschk, to see what it takes to create a good map.

I and others will definitely help you improve a lot, as long as you stick to your work, improve it by yourself also, and read thorugh the guides, try to understand them, and try to work with that in mind. You will learn ad create better maps a lot faster, believe me :)

keep on mapping

terran dominance 3 free bases prolly the free'est you can get... enough said

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