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Last update for (2)Chimera : 2007, 10, 08 06:30
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
906 (2)Chimera 128*128epidiOn0.6final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 37 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is my first time using mainly Raised Jungle/Ruins/Temple combination.

The name 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' means 'Tommorow May Never Come' in Hindi. I thought that was sort of cool ;).

Any suggestions though?
it looks nice, but you could do a better design in the middle >_>

the mains are really big. I don't know why they need to be, but I don't know what you'd do with the extra space anyway so whatever

you have those nostalgia paths on the sides but they look pretty uninspired to me because you can just go around them. kinda dumb

I think this map has potential but it needs something to set it apart from the rest of the pack
The nostalgia paths give you an advantage because of you being higher than the enemy`s units.
for sieging the expo, true. that's about it though I guess
they were my idea. withjout them it is way too easy securing 2 expos
Nice name :)

I agree with boongee for the center look. Btw, i think the top choke is wider then the bottom, but i am not sure, i haven't tested. And i promise i will keep my dirty hands from tank testing :)

Nice map :)
Fixed the chokes, you were right LGI. I had changed the bottom one without noticing.

Also re-made the middle.
Do you think I should put jungle instead of temple for those Nostalgia paths?
unless you want to change all the temple that is randomly all over the place into jungle...not really needed,
--v mOsQ
looks not bad
looks cool, for sure.
the raised-jungle/temple-wall style is very popular right now :D

one thing I would propose:
this nostalgia-temple-path. on the _left_ side, pull the lower ramp a bit more to the middle.
so you would balance the tightness of the expansion, the possibility of harassing from above and the accessibility of the ramp _without_ having to pass the expansion (on right side, when coming from the front side, you can enter it even if there are defensive buildings. on left side, you would get shot from those buildings.

the map is nice structured, it has a good flow

the only big thing I criticize is that all expos are very far away from the enemy. there won't be much emphasis on expansion fights and I dunno how the gameplay will fell like. maybe you could make the 12h/6h expo more attractive to the player next to it, for example making only a very small raised-jungle line instead of this whole "pile"

if it was more attractive, you'd have a quite common expo which lies more in the blow direction of your enemy.

I hope you get what I mean, it's hard to describe that in written form

as it is now, if you take expo by expo (in the standard way), then you just move along vertically, but not towards your enemy's threat.
so I think there won't be expo fights but more often macro battles...but for those you don't have enough space on oyur map. you are just not really forced to combat when taking expos...

but I really like that map, it has a fluent style which is executed perfectly. really impressive job
Thanks... I understand what you're saying. None of the expos are really in a spot where there could be a battle over them. I'll try to work that out, thanks. And I don't really understand what you mean about the Nostalgia paths... could you GMCS?
well I speak of those temple-pathes
where you have two templte stairs. I only referred to them as "nostalgia-path" cuz bongee called it that way and I thought the term would be clear

look GMCS now
Okay yeah that's what I thought you were saying. I get it, you have to walk through that expo to get to those stairs, and you don't on the other side, I'll fix it later today.
Alright... I moved that temple ramp a bit more towards the middle, and added a min only more towards the middle... but I'm not sure if this really helps with what you were saying about neutral expos. I'm not really sure where else I'd put them. But anyways, updated.

Any idea how to fix that?
this is just a mindfuck, so if you end to do it, wait for others to judge on the idea. I will show you in a sec what i came onto
Yeah... I think the two min only expos so close to each other doesn't seem right...

I don't know what to do to fix that though...

Put up another update, forgot to re-doodad that area.
Free Image Hosting at

that's my idea.
the light blue thing shall be a mineral line. the green lines next to it shall indicate that the minonly shall _close_ this path completely. so you can attack effectively by using the nostalgia path or dropping this backdoor.
you would gain an expo closer to the enemy and a nice tactical content in it. from lurks to vults taking the nostalgia path to kick some eco, from tanks to HTs dropped behind the mineral line to do the same. plus, the nostalgia path would get _real_ potential and not be almost unnecessary how it is now.

(min-expos that should be deleted are covered with green paint, too)
Nice one.

You should seriously thing about removing at least once expo per player, it is too much in my opinion.
Thanks flo, you're a genius. I love that idea. Updated again, is that what you were thinking?
Wow, very nice idea. Fits perfect into the map.

I've still got problems with the center. it looks good, but it is a bit tight in my eyes. the raised jungle seems so space-robbing (<-?!). Maybe oben it up a bit. Also the center is somehow shifted a bit to the left atm, YOu just have more space on the right half of the center then on the left. should be adjusted somehow.

Also the position of the 2 expansions between the isles and the mainbases horizontally feel not right somehow. not sure what to do there, maybe reduce it to one and put that in the middle between where they are now? No idea. maybe just fuck around with that idea in the editor.

But the map itself really is interesting now. GJ.
I got rid of some of the raised jungle in the middle and widened the center a bit.

Moved those two expos around a bit as well. Put that gas expo a bit off the bottom and top edge of the map with some raised jungle, and moved the min only sideways and a bit closer to the stairs.
yap, that was what I meant

look at GMCS, got a proposal what to do with expos.
erase the gasexpo @ 12h/6h, and the minonly, too.
and add a new gasexpo at the spot marked in GMCS.

same goies for this, just an idea

think that will cause some conflicts around that expo, esp. for drops cause it's actually close to the enemy's natural. but make sure tanks can't hit it from there.
but you'll have to think of something for the (now) free space where the gasexpo was before, dunno what to do there
Really nice!

As i am looking at this, and not only this, other maps too, i see something like "BWMN MMT - Map Making Team" :D
The "new" location you marked flo is actually the old one + gas, which was a good decision to move/delete because i really don't like that spot.

I draw something that i had in mind. just as a sugguestion.
Free Image Hosting at

_maybe_ something like this. you would reduce the amount of expos, as said, add a fighting place after it's a gas expansion, and also add a cliff, which you just don't have by now, as a tactical element.

Just a thought.
I see airunits very strong here btw, a lot of unwalkable place, nice airroutes. if the P gets to Carriers, you ass is burnin' ^^
that's true lis. every base and expo is up against some sort of cliff, too, damn

but it looks a lot better now, great job
Aright, that's a good idea. I guess I don't really need as many expansions as I have. I'll try to do that later tonight.
Updated those expos like you suggested and shifted the middle to the right like you said before.
It get's better and better and it has an total jungle feeling to it imo.
This map becomes really intresting! GREAT!
Thanks... I think I'm pretty much finished with it now, unless anyone has something to add. I think it turned out really nicely and has a cool concept thanks to flothefreak. I'd say this is my best map now :D.

Thanks to the BWM-MMT.
"BWM-MMT" - Nice :P
LT clone.
this, an LT clone? what the hell? obviously this is a killing fields clone, child -.-
what!! your both wrong its a chaotic pilgrim clone!!
Snitch! clone!

Plagy mapers...
Hahaha! Funny thing is, I had a few maps I got some ideas from, and you guys haven't named them yet.
nostalgia, luna, LT, challenger, gorky island.

no this is obviously citadel of adun inspired.

and remake the center. T is at a huge disadvantage already by not having a good choke and has huge main bases. the center should eb all buildable
Why does huge main bases hurt T? And what's wrong with the choke?

An all buildable center? That seems a bit too much for me, but that might be because I'm a P player. I'll try to re-design the center with more buildable space though.
I re-did the middle a little bit. I didn't do a whole lot, but I added more jungle areas where turrets could be built.

Free Image Hosting at
I didn't upload it to the actual site yet, but that's what it would look like.
Okay, just put a bit more buildable ground in the middle, that's really the only update. Nothing big.

The obs version is still version IV. Apparently all my obs maps crash anyways, so I'm not going to upload a map that will crash. I need to fix my obs maps.
Well, the temple on the right min only expo seems a bit tighter than the other.
they are basicially the same. maybe if max removes a tree doodad or 2 to free up space. but other than that this is a very sexy map
Chimera, previously known as Kal Ho Naa Ho V. Nobody remembered the name, so I had to re-name it.

Closed the choke a bit (hard to defend in PvZ) and added some raised jungle near the nat so Z can defend more easily.

Also added a replay.

EDIT: thinking about adding another mineral block in main, it seems to mine a bit slow right now.
modified by epidiOn

why do you have to steal this name from me 8[
haha, i made sure to search bwm for any maps named chimera first :P.
i got a .txt-file with future mapnames in it ;D
so i never get out of mapnames...chimaera was on this list^^
Ooooh yeah... I stole that list from you.
you broke into my computer, Grrr....
i will cast a mighty curse on you! All your future maps will have ugly mineral placement, Grrr...

--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs prOxi.fiNaL(1on1, 1.13)
--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs Last.Epic(1on1, 1.13)
--DG)ScaremongeR vs CJW729(1on1, 1.15)
--BHolder vs kia(1on1, 1.15)

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