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Last update for (4)Emergency : 2006, 01, 17 20:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
908 (4)Emergency 128*128lnept0.1final

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

alright since its now been proved with R point that having 3 gas bases within your base isnt imbalanced, i implimented it in this map :o mass up and duke it out in the middle while your eyes are burning from swirling snow and dirt...what could be better?
also, its been proved that zerg doesnt need to be able to double hatch and block ramp, on r point fyi epidion
See the GMCS... what I did for the bottom right base applies to all of them, I just didn't want to put tons of GMCS elements.

Move the nat closer to the ramp so Zerg can FE. Take those other gas expos and move them so they are vertical against the sides of the maps, and take out the gas. Then put a gas at the expo in the middle and open up those walls a little bit so they aren't so enclosed.

Then I think you've got a nice map.
yea man i read the GMCS , i think i will move the gas to the middle like you said, but im not going to change the other expo as zerg DOES NOT NEED to block ramp, it works on Rpoint ( iplay zerg vs terran specifically so im not being biased) i think it makes it much more balanced because double hatch and being able to block it and get another gas is too much, ive seen too many terran rapes from muta/lurker/zling early in game
updates .. . .

bigger pathways to the middle

gas now at the neutral expos.

mineral expos at sides instead of gas

let's face the scenarios:

-zerg does _not_ fe but chokehatch. terran can expand easily and will soon have 3base, 3gas and thus z will be no match for him
-zerg does FE. and puts sunkens to the FE so it can't be kicked by terran. terran just walks up the ramp and kicks the main.
-zerg does FE. and puts sunkens to the main so terran can't finish the main off without problems. terran just walks to the exposed and unprotected FE and destroys it.
-zerg does FE, and for being able to keep FE _and_ main, z does sunkens in both places. zerg has nnow wasted _so many_ drones and cash for sunkens, zerg is not able to catch up with terran's economy and loses cuz terran has about 3-4 times more units.

don't consider yourself knowing better of balance than the years of experience and years of playing.
who ever told ya R-point was balanced? ZvT would be the last matchup I would like to play on it.
flotothefreak put your glasses on or whatever before you started writing this comment , i wrote that i would get rid of the third gas.

I am 10-5 R point Zvt, so therefore i think it is pretty balanced. you build a sunk outernear to the ramp, then block ramp with zlings so when they try to run up there attack just dies. terran never gets more then there nat when i play them because if they try to expo again, you just kick it easily with ultralisks which i have by that time
considering i am a high C low B gamer i think i know enough that this works.
well, whatever you think. saying "i got ultras by that time" is as striking as the counter-argument "terran will have mass vessels and will have irridiated your ullis long time before".
lol . id like to see you have mass vessels. lets play a zvt on R point . youll see what i mean.

the most vessels some one has ever had by this time was 2-3 so i think it is you that needs more experience.
r-point is proven imbalanced (as far as it can be) by progamer statistics.. if you have 10-5 zvt, youre just playing the wrong people..
yas koreans that went 18-2 and were C- terran before i played them are the wrong people ?
and secondly, the third expo now has no gas on this map so it isnt identical to R point anymore.
Wins Loss Win %
vs 2165 2286 48.6
vs 5502 5435 50.3
vs 3449 2617 56.9 TVZ
vs 5435 5502 49.7 TVP
vs 2617 3449 43.1
vs 2286 2165 51.4

so it shows tvp is balanced but, yes from statistics you can see zvt it is not even . but i am betting most of the losses come from lower level players because it is much easier for a low level terran to run a ramp then a low level zerg to guard it. if zerg stops this initial rush, it turns into a zerg gas fest because every single expo has gas in which you can use to mass ultralisks/lurkers
so yea you might not agree with what i am saying but it is no reason to flame flotothefreak.
i did not flame 8[
my flaming is much more aggressive ;D

well, but I don't agree on your opinion that it's only a gas-fest for _zerg_
it's a gas-fest for terran, too because every single expo has gas in which you can use to mass vessels/tanks/(mb even bc/valk)

OMFG, i will steel your idea for center_decor_terrain_form_ or something... Soon... In one of mine maps... THERE WILL BE HIPNOTIC TERRAIN!

hypnotic terrain rox^^

Well I do not want to question lnepts knowlege of the game. But with my knowledge about map making I can say that positional imbalance is ugly, because unlike on Rpoint, where all distances are pretty long, the two top and the two bottom player have very short distance to each other. This makes any fast expo strategy highly luck-depending, and this sucks.
Also please do not use orange and yellow for players unless you really know how to make a working obs version of it. Just copying triggers will not be enough at least.
er Also please do not use orange and yellow for players unless you really know how to make a working obs version of it. Just copying triggers will not be enough at least. what does this mean ?

how should i fix this short distance ? the best way?
Fix the naturals so zerg can fast expand. Open up those walls that it says to open @ the GMCS
I'd still open up the walls a bit further. Add another hole a bit below where the X is, so you have 2 little segments there instead of one.
decaf i already said im not going to fix that, zerg CAN fast expand. .. how do fix the short distance between 2 bottom players and 2 tops ? i tried mineral blocks but it plays very bad . i cant bring outpost to the end because the dirt just expands further.
it expands out further because you're mixing the wrong terrain elements. if you want a wall to go right up against water, use regular high ground
high ground doesnt work either it still expands out, maybe i will just get rid of water completely and do all outpost?
it still expands? must be just the snow tileset then

if you can build on top of outpost you can use a highground island with broken cliffs around it. if you can't build on outpost, just use highground

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